I was watching a debate on Newsnight concerning the Pre Budget Report. Kirsty Wark said to Liam Byrne “You run the economy….”. Erm, no, he doesn’t. We don’t live in a full on totalitarian State, yet. But an interesting insight into BBC think. Maybe she meant to say “You ruin the economy….”?

Paul Mason and Michael Crick were also on to try and suggest that all three main political parties have a similar agenda on dealing with the deficit. Again, nonsense.
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20 Responses to "YOU RUN THE ECONOMY…."

  1. Enzo says:

    So here we go again, another round of tax rises to pay off the greedy banks debt, to start off we have an increase in National Insurance payment for anyone earning over £20000 a year – that’ll be popular. I earn over £20k but am not left with that much to live on after being alleviated of nearly £400 in tax.


    It will be interesting to see how much is in the small print and we also have the VAT rate going back up in the new year. Government admits some £11 Billion extra was spent in the economy so now we have proof that cutting tax would not cut tax revenues it would probably increase it or at worst level out.


    • Anonymous says:

      Enzo, you’ve fallen for TUC propaganda. Net costs of the financial crisis will be £10bn for 2009/10 &2010/11 (with hopes of getting the rest of the money back once we sell the RBS & Lloyds shares, get money from Iceland, flog off Northern Rock, income from running off Bradford & Bingley/Dunfermline/London Scottish mortgage book – this is what the £131bn was spent on, the even more outrageous £850bn cited in the media is effectively insurance).

      The government deficit for 2009/10 &2010/11 is estimated at £351bn. Bankers are not the cause of our current problems! The problem is that Gordon Brown really believed his “end to boom and bust” rhetoric, public spending expanded even more quickly than the financial and property bubble. Rather than “fixing the roof when the sun was shining”, Brown thought the sun would always shine and government spendingkeeps on increasing long after the revenue from the bubble went pop.


  2. moorlandhunter says:

    Liam Bryan is just another failed Labour mouthpiece who shares in the shame of ruining the country.
    Banks have not destroyed the country, Brown has, ever since he took over the economy in 97.
    Far from being the money brain of Labour he just spent everything, sold off gold and assents and allowed the FSA to help ruin the country.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s just look at this:

    Byrne: Labour, of course, although his credentials here look weaker than the BBC team, namely:

    Wark: Well known lefty and good friend of Labour MSP McConnell
    Mason: Well known Trotskyist.  Honestly!
    Crick: Well known left-winger who tried to hound Duncan-Smith out of office with entirely false allegations.

    Great balance, as ever, BBC.


  4. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    They don’t yet, Kirsty. Not entirely. I know this because although the economy is ruined (thanks to your ideological fellow-travellers), it’s not yet totally destroyed.
    Good example of the statist mindset of the typical BBC employee though. Scabrous wretches.


  5. Martin says:

    Radio 5 right on message. Nicki Campbell “the bankers got us into this mess”

    What and the endless wasteful spending by the Government and the deregulation of the banks by the one eyed idiot had nothing to do  with it?


    • MarkE says:


      Just one, minor, disagreement; the banks weren’t deregulated.  They were subject to regulation by the Bank of England, the Treasury and the FSA.  When these three failed to communicate (too busy fighting turf wars) the resulting incompetent regulation was twisted and siezed upon by the statists to pretend the problem was a result of lack of regulation as opposed to lack of competence, and thus justify more regulation.  Tragically it seems to have worked wiith all the blame being laid at the banks’doors while Brown is still in office (heaven help us).


      • Martin says:

        Mark. Well I call it deregulation because in the past the BOE stopped excessive lending, when I bought my house I couldn’t get a 100% mortgage never mind anything higher than that. I had to show proof of earnings etc. That was in 1995.

        You are right though, the banks are to blame but so is the Scottish one eyed idiot, the BBC just don’t mention that now.


        • MarkE says:

          I think monitoring lending policies was moved from the BOE to the FSA and terms like “prudent” and “sustainable” were included in their remit, but I’m not sure, and nor it seems were they.


  6. Martin says:

    Take a listen to the Radio 5 phone in this morning. It was for the most part a torrent of anti Tory bile (I keep forgetting they’ve been running the economy for the last 12 years!).

    Better still scroll through to 49 minutes in and listen to the last email the bint reads out. It talks about “Tories breeding with bankers” and how Liebour is trying to keep people in jobs (well I hgues sLiebour voters in jobs, don’t see too many private sector jobs being saved)

    The fact they allowed this pieve of hate mail to be read out says it all.



  7. Grant says:

    Speaking of bankers, in every sense of the word, I was surprised that the BBC website has given prominence to the expense claims of the repulsive Labour minister Quentin Davies, until I remembered once a Tory always a Tory.


    • Martin says:

      Yes I posted in another thread on this. Go through the beeboids website and see that the BBC don’t mention his defection in other articles (post defection) yet got it in the top of this story. Why? What revevance is this to his expenses camp beeboids?


  8. John Anderson says:

    It really is down to Martin’s Scot loon.

    He wrecked the economy by saddling it with debt to support an ever-expanding public sector out of proper managerial control.  (In spite of lots of “managers”.

    And Brown was responsible for splitting the regulation of banks between the Bank of England,  the FSA and the Treasury.  Letting everyone wait for everyone else before intervening.  Previously the BofE was in sole control.


  9. MarkE says:

    “You run the economy….”.

    I think it was Brezhnev who once asked “who runs capitalism?  The statist mindset simply can’t cope with the concept that there are things, that work at least adequately without having a political appointee “running” them.

    Capitalism may not be perfect, as we are seeing at the moment, but no one has yet devised anything better, or even as good, at creating the most wealth for the most people.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Like you, I heard this charade of an interview last night. A gushing Kirsty Wark allows some smoothie chops like Liam Byrne to answer just what he liked-as if he and his shower had not been in power these last few years and had no responsibility for the catastrophe that is the British economy.
    She then lays into some empty suit called Philip Hammond as if it had been him that had presided over the shambles-and tries the rentaquote hostage to fortune ploy that the liberal elite spend their interviews in trying to get. The sainted Vince Cable is indulged because he`ll be no threat-indeed he`s part of the wet dream of the political class that would be a hung Parliament. Imagine all that gossip,tittle tattle that could replace news-and that`s where we`re going!
    Warks expenses surely need a look-another privileged Scottie dog that yaps to no effect. Nips only Tory ankles and loves to be groomed and tickled by the Scottish Raj that run this country these days!More fool us for paying for them all!


  11. George R says:

    “BBC Poll shows Tories are trusted on economy”



  12. Llew says:

    Now that the chancellor’s claim that the state pension will rise by 2.5% has been exposed as not quite true (because the SERPS and other bits are being frozen), the BBC spins it not as “false claims, pensions won’t rise by the 2.5% as claimed” but as “the pension rises will save the Government money”.

    So even when another Labour lie is exposed, the BBC make it sound like the Government is doing something good.