Open Thread

Bit of festive poetry for you:

“I bought a magic goose from a jolly farmer.
This goose laid Barack Obama.”

(From Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s Twelve Days of Christmas, commissioned by the Radio Times. Critique from Oliver Mare here.)

Like the first seven windows on your advent calendar, this thread is open. (Bumped).

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  1. james caine says:

    There’s an article in the Spectator by Rod Liddle regarding BBC’s bias over the Swiss vote on Minarets, or whatever they’re called.


  2. ibjc says:

    Public sector fatcats to be named and shamed as Brown targets cuts

    Read more:
    I’m speechless!


  3. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Barack Obama had sexual intercourse with a farm animal? What a sick f*ck.


  4. deegee says:

    Now where is the elephant in the room? Chicago man accused of involvement in Mumbai attacks After four paragraphs we read Mr Headley, who changed his name from Daood Gilani in 2006 BTW when does the BBC drop the honorific Mister?

    Here’s what is missing David Headley, is the son of a former Pakistani diplomat. I think that should be relevant.


  5. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    The hypocrisy of the First Church of Environmentologists is so massive it can bend spacetime.


  6. George R says:

    Don’t mention ‘the Jihad’:

    BBC’s ‘militants’ in action again in Lahore:


  7. Marky says:

    “Marr was ridiculous in a very British right on way this morning.   Andrew Marr (old boy of Loretto, the very posh Scottish boarding school) asked Alastair Darling (another old boy of the £24,000-a-year school) whether it really matters that David Cameron went to a very posh English boarding school?”


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mark Mardell is once again blogging Democrat talking points, and pretending that it’s something else.  Mardell has been totally dishonest and inaccurate about Warmism in US politics, and his latest is no exception.  Rather than talk about his beloved Obamessiah’s chickensh!t postponing of His arrival from the first to the last day of the Copenhagen Warmist Synod, Mardell instead goes for the Saul Alinsky tactic.

    Obama’s big stick

    No, Martin, it’s not what you think.  You see, Mardell wants The Obamessiah to use the EPA’s announcement that carbon emissions are a public health hazard to rule by fiat, and avoid any potential failure by Congress to pass draconian Warmist laws and taxes.  Typical Beeboid elitist that he is, he’d prefer our betters to be able to just do what they wish, ‘cos it’s for our own good, don’t you know.

    What’s really going on is Harry Reid, Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate, has just compared those trying to block this Warmist agenda with supporters of slavery.  Classic Saul Alinsky tacits, and Mark Mardell dutifully picks up the ball and blogs with it.  But Mardell can’t say it like that, because even he knows that would be too obvious.  So instead he refers to an article from a Socialist Europhile who doesn’t like US-style democracy.  Both Mardell and the Europhile suggest that the Senate should be reformed because it’s blocking something they don’t like.  The US writer has history with wanting to reform US politics to smooth the way for his favorite policies, but Mardell can pretend he has no opinion by doing his usual dodge:  “What do you think?”

    Don’t like what some Senators are doing?  Compare them to racists.  Criticise the action itself, and stifle debate about the reasons behind the action.  Bias from Mark Mardell in order to denegrate the other viewpoint.  Commenter #9 on his blog points out how Mardell is dishonest and inaccurate, as usual.


  9. Martin says:

    I’m sure this has been covered here but has anyone found a BBC report about the one eyed idiot being snubbed by injured soldiers? I did a search on the BBC website but didn’t get any hits.

    I’m sure if dAvid Cameron had been snubbed by injured soldiers the BBC would have managed to make it the top story with toenails telling how bad it is for Cameron.


  10. Millie Tant says:

    I like a bit of festive poetry myself but after reading that, all I can say is, “Come back Betjeman: all is forgiven.”


  11. John Horne Tooke says:

    Freedom, as every schoolboy knows,
    Once shrieked as Kosciusko fell;
    On every wind, indeed, that blows
         I hear her yell.

    She screams whenever monarchs meet,
    And parliaments as well,
    To bind the chains about her feet
         And toll her knell.

    And when the sovereign people cast
    The votes they cannot spell,
    Upon the lung-impested blast
         Her clamors swell.

    For all to whom the power’s given
    To sway or to compel,
    Among themselves apportion heaven
         And give her hell.

    Ambrose Bierce


  12. Grant says:

    A little late but the R4  “Now Show”  had a long and deeply unfunny sketch about Jesus Christ on Saturday.
    So I assumed, in the interests of impartiality, it would be followed by a sketch taking the mickey out of the Prophet Mohammed.  
    I waited and waited….
    Maybe they will do it on this week’s show.


  13. Martin says:

    I’m not even going ot look at the BBC website to see if they’ve got this story.

    Oh the joy of a multi cultural society.

    Oh and STILL no mention of McTwat being snubbed by injured soldiers.


  14. Grant says:

    Martin 23:10
    The Sunday Times had the story of the soldiers snubbing dirty Brown as front page news.
    One of them was quoted as saying that he would speak to Brown as
     ” although he is a moron, I want to tell him to his face ”  ( or words to that effect ). 


  15. George R says:

    Re-write of a BBC headline needed:

    from –

    “Phillipine Muslims restart peace talks in Malaysia”

    to –

    ‘Dhimmi Phillipine govt negotiates with Islamic jihadists’


  16. George R says:

     Liverpool  court case involving Christianity and Islam.

    Report 1.) from Christian Institute:

    “Trial begins of Christians who criticised Islam”

    Report 2.) from BBC:

    “Christian hotelier ‘abused’ Muslim guest”


  17. Jack Bauer says:

    el Presidente Papa Doc Obamier (from Constitutional to Banana Republic in 11 months) has just announced his intent to destroy capitalism. 

    I bet the BBC doesn’t report it though.


  18. deegee says:

    One question. Why is this news?
    Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law is released from hospital Big Deal!

    There should be an award for the least newsworthy news article on the BBC. I nominate this one.


  19. Pounce says:

    The bBC , see not all asylum seekers are bad and half the story:

    Refugee pays UK student bursaries 
    An Iraqi refugee who sought asylum in Britain is to fund one of the biggest scholarship schemes to have been launched for UK university students. Property developer Naim Dangoor, who left Iraq for the UK in the 1960s, says he wants the £3m donation to be a way of expressing his gratitude.

    And here is what the bbC doesn’t tell you about British citizen Naim Dangoor. (Taken from the guardian)

    Mr Dangoor’s grandfather was Iraq’s chief rabbi; his father was reputedly the world’s largest printer of books in Arabic.

    During the second world war, Naim Dangoor turned Baghdad into a trading hub … [but] suddenly, it all fell apart. With the birth of Israel in 1948, anti-Jewish riots swept the Arab world. In Iraq, regulations modelled on Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg laws restricted the role of Jews in commerce. By 1952, most Iraqi Jews were in Israel …

    Naim Dangoor stayed in Baghdad until 1964. While visiting London that year, he got word he should return immediately or have his property confiscated as a “denationalised Jew”. Fearing an even worse fate awaited him, he chose exile in England, where he prospered buying distressed real estate.

     Strange how  while keeping the news that more immigrants have moved to the UK than ever before the bBC tries to put a gloss on the story by promoting a nice Iraqi refugee story. Thing is he didn’t leave Iraq because of Bush/blair/Saddam he left because Islam is an evil mindset and isn’t the religion of peace the bBC keeps trying to shove down my neck. Problem for the bBC, I was born into a Islamic family and understand only too well how f-ing evil it is.


    • deegee says:

      The BBC missed these important point because of:
      🙁  Lazy incompetence,
      🙁  It damages the narrative that everything was great in Iraq before Bush Snr. stuck his nose in,
      🙁  They want people to think the refugee was a Muslim.


  20. Roland Deschain says:

    Anyone else catch Robin Peston’s breathless announcement of the Chancellor’s plans to tax banker’s bonuses on Today at around 8:10? (Come to that, all of his announcements are breathless.) Where did he get this information, which should have been disclosed to Parliament first?

    He seems to have very good contacts at No. 11. Bet he’d hate to upset them.


  21. Pounce says:

    The bbC has had no problem pushing the story of the poor Muslim convert subjected to verbal abuse as a victim.

    But has anybody heard the story of how 2 Muslim women were attacked by a 15 strong crowd in public. Not only that but the clip of their attack can be found on you tube. But for some reason the bbC hasn’t bothered its arse reporting the story. I wonder why?


  22. George R says:

    Labour’s ‘multiculturalism’ (supported by BBC) involves continuing mass immigration into the UK from countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somalia, etc.:


    “French to reopen Calais migrant centre”


  23. George R says:

    Another BBC headline re-write needed;

    to this:

    “UK: Muslim guilty of plotting deadly jihad attack”

    -from this:

    “Briton guilty of plotting deadly terror attack”



  24. George R says:

    As an alternative to BBC report of Liverpool court case, suggest see report at end, below.

    BBC report:

    “Christian hoteliers cleared in Muslim woman abuse row”

    Or, more succinctly, BBC:

    ‘Court dismisses Muslim woman’s claims.’

    The BBC report edits out some ‘choice’ language heard in the case; the following report doesn’t:


  25. John Anderson says:

    We want more Marcus !

    We want more Marcus !

    We want more Marcus !


  26. Pounce says:

    Just how good are the bBCs defence experts.

    My first post on bBBC was over an article from Afghanistan from a bBC defence expert and how the vehicle he was travelling in (A Canadian RG-31 Nyala) had over a foot of solid metal as protection. It hasn’t . Which is why i felt the need to write in. So I wasn’t surprised to read this glowing article over the delivery of the latest Pakistani AWAC.

    Pakistan gets first Awacs plane
    The Pakistani air force says it has acquired the first of four Awacs surveillance aircraft from Sweden to boost its air defences…. Our correspondent says the Awacs planes and advanced F-16 fighter-bombers soon to arrive from the US will provide a qualitative edge to the Pakistan air force against its numerically superior adversary.


  27. Pounce says:

    The there’s the qualitive edge as provided by the purchase of those F16s, well seen as they are Type C block models as built in 1983 they are not as effective as the Su 30MKI which didn’t fly until 2002 of which India currently has 190 of out of a total of 280.
    Pakistan currently has 45 F16s of which 40 were supplied in 1983.On its books it has an order for 18 block F.  Now I’m not saying the Pakistani pilots are crap but every time they have come up against the IAF they have lost.

    Now while this may come across as boring, It grates me deeply to see so called bBC defence experts talking crap. I mean their so called security expert only went and got himself shot because he didn’t have a clue about the security in a certain part of Saudi Arabia.
    But still the bBC continues to use the services of people who haven’t a clue (I only have to look at Abu Bowen as their head of the Hamas branch of the bBC) as so called experts.


  28. Martin says:

    Anyone else notice that on the BBC News website in regards to Quentin Davies and his claim for his bell tower the BBC just has to get in in the first paragraph that he defected from the Tories.

    Yet if you look through the BBC news website where Davies is included in stories post his defection (many attacking the Tories) the BBC makes no mention of his defection.

    Would a camp male beeboid like to explain WHAT his defection has to do with his claiming dodgy expenses?

    Or could it simply be yet another bad news story for Liebour that the BBC is going to take one up the arse for for Gordon Brown?


  29. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC’s coverage of The Obammessiah’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize is very amusing.  They are obviously bending over backwards to appear serious and impartial, and avoid overt celebration. The primary objection at BBC editorial meetings appears right in the headline, which is nice.  So they have to work hard to make up for that in the report itself.

    They mention criticisms about giving Him the prize, but are very careful not to explain the criticisms and editorialize like they usually do.  Paul Reynolds does explain one criticism in that “Analysis” inset, but of course it’s a criticism of past US sins, and not about Him at all.

    It’s amusing that they cut the video clip so that all one sees is His humility (nobody dares suggest that it’s a false humility, and a true act of humility would have been to respectfully decline the award in the first place). The actual words about war and all that nasty stuff are not shown, and it’s left to the BBC News Online people to gently explain His defense to you.  Where are the videos of the anti-war protesters?  The BBC is usually keen to show that, but it’s strangely absent here.

    The criticisms they show scattered throughout the praises in the “World reaction” video clip are about the award being premature.  No complaints about the award going to someone currently running two wars the BBC doesn’t like.  That’s actually an even stronger strike against this award than the issue of it being premature, yet the BBC couldn’t find anyone to say it on camera.  The only other criticism was from a Palestinian who said that He didn’t deserve the award because He didn’t support the Palestinians enough, which is a partisan objection and nothing really to do with the main issue.

    There’s also one thing the BBC forgot to tell you:

    The Obamessiah blew off the King of Norway.  I guess that’s more of that smart diplomacy the BBC analysts keep telling us about.  Yeah, it’s a great way to represent the US abroad. I’m sure He’s doing wonders for our image, just like Matt Frei promised me He would.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      My mistake, apparently they did mention His declining lunch with the King, but the wording was so tortured it didn’t read that way at first.  Naturally the BBC dutifully includes His defense.  Plus this telling detail:

      In the evening, Mr Obama is due to wave to a torchlight procession from his hotel balcony and attend a banquet

      I’m sure most of the Beeboids sent to Oslo to cover the story will be there to catch a glimpse of Him waving to the masses, just like any royalty.


      • Martin says:

        I wonder if Richard Bacon and Anita Annand will be in the crowd? They can blow kisses to Barry.


  30. Millie Tant says:

    Typical BBC in the names they selected as exemplars of prize winners:

    “Mr Obama’s elevation to the rank of fellow laureates such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, before he has even spent a year in office, has sparked fierce debate.”

    I wonder why the One thought it acceptable to decline lunch with the King or why he “couldn’t” stay for longer than one day. Don’t tell me he was suddenly overtaken by a fit of embarrassment at receiving an award which he clearly didn’t merit.

     Surely the BBC with its gaggle of North American “editors”, correspondants and assorted gabblers and scribblers could have found out and communicated this to their eager readers and listeners, avid for all and any news of the glory of The One.


  31. Millie Tant says:

    Oops! Spelling. Sorry: I meant correspendents


  32. George R says:

    Oh dear, the BBC of the future:

    “Saudi TV presenters break new ground by wearing niqab”

    – report on BBC news website is by BBC Arabic Service, which is part of BBC World Service, which, in turn,  is financed by British taxpayers.


  33. Enzo says:

    Glenn Beck takes us through the next American Revolution on The War Room.

    God, the BBC needs someone like him. Not that useless Amrillywollawollawolla.


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      I don’t know. Matthew Amroliwala was a be stuttering simpleton who it’s painful to watch most of the time, but Glenn Beck is slightly (ever so slightly, mind) unhinged.


  34. Pounce says:

    Ah look the bBC favorite victims bring you their version of ‘Watch with Mother’

    Watch with Allah.


  35. George R says:

    Not something for ‘multiculturalist’ BBC to report, lest ‘ban the burkha’ is encouraged more in Britain:

    “Muslim men who force their wives to wear the burkha are not welcome in France, says justice minister”

    Read more:


  36. Pounce says:

    The bBC its ingrained hatred hatred of the US and those so called military experts.

    New military Airbus A400-M takes inaugural flight

    Clicking on the above links brings you a bBC video on the new-ish transport plane from airbus. At 45 secs the narrator explains that European airforces   have ordered the A400M in which to replace aging american carriers. really?


    • Pounce says:

      Here are the those European countries and the majority transport aircraft they use;

      Germany = 83 Transall C-160 

      France     = 58 Transall C-160

      Spain      = 90 CASA C.212 Aviocar

                    = 20 CASA CN-235

                    = 13 CASA C-295

      UK          = 44 C130

                    = 6 C17

      Belgium   = 11 C130


      So out of all those European countries who have to replace their aging transport aircraft it appears only 2 countries use American Aircraft , the rest use indigenous aircraft. 

      But hey why should the bbC tell the truth when it comes to the US.

      So called military experts. 


  37. George R says:

    Does the BBC have a ‘soft’ spot for Tiger Woods?

    Is the BBC not interested in the ‘freedom of speech’ aspects of this case?

    BBC report only offers this:

    “UK injunction granted over golfer Tiger Woods”

    Channel 4 News has this:


    “That information is widely available in the US and across the internet, but is now no longer reportable here.

    “The legal manoeuvre is an attempt to stifle the increasingly lurid claims and rumours about most famous golfer on the planet. It comes amid questions of whether “Brand Tiger” itself can now endure?”


  38. NotaSheep says:

    Typical BBC news piece about identifying goods produced on Israeli “occupied land” in the West Bank etc. A major news story, no but in the BBC mind a huge story. I must admit that many expletives were sprayed around the NotaSheep sitting room during this piece.  The BBC really are in full propaganda mode at moment – fight climate change, abuse Israel and deflect attention from the fact that Gordon Brown and his cabal have lead this country to the brink of financial ruin.


  39. D CLUCAS says:

    Climate change killing poor egyptian mans’ fish on newsnight.


  40. Teddy Bear says:

    It’s not just Ross and Brand who don’t seem to know the bounds of good taste in their so called humour, but Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles also appears to have a problem. What in the eyes of the BBC hierarchy can make this moron worth an estimated £630k pa is completely beyond me. Moyel is what Jews call somebody who does circumcisions, but this Moyle is just a bit of a prick.

    Chris Moyles’ jibes reduce Sarah Kennedy to tears at event to celebrate Sir Terry Wogan’s career


  41. Enzo says:

    Re: Obama and the peace prize

    Why is the focus on Obama himself ?
    Correct me if I`m wrong please.
    Isn`t he a controlled puppet?
    His speeches and policies are not his but perceived to be his but are really created by his puppeteers.
    He knows history and knows he will be disposed of if he doesn`t carry out orders.


  42. Guest says:

    Guest reviewer (Simon Fanshaw) on BBC Breakfast chooses Telegraph (independent news medium) piece to critique as ‘they are obsessed with trashing anything Labour does’.

    As opposed to the BBC (uniquely funded news medium) ‘inviting’ on anyone they think will do the exact opposite… to complement the corporation narrative?


  43. George R says:

    BBC ‘Newsnight’ last night: on Labour’s scandal of uncontrolled mass immigration to London via foreign ‘student’ visas.

    Who did BBC ‘Newsnight’ get to discuss its report on this?:-

    Labour MP VAZ.

    No one else, just VAZ.

    He put the case for the immigrants, and for Labour.


    The BBC, of course, doesn’t want the indigenous people of Britain to have the chance of a fair discussion of their concerns about Labour’s (and BBC’s)  continuing commitment to mass immigration into Britain.

    For confirmation of the the scale of Labour’s scandal, and for BBC ‘Newsnight’s Tory-free zone, UK viewers can go to BBC iPlayer (see first 12 minutes):

    Another, all-too-common, BBC Tory-free zone.


  44. NotaSheep says:

    Tory’s are only allowed on Newsnight to be sneered at by Paxman, jeered at by Crick or otherwise attacked as evil, nasty or contemptible. Labour spokesmanare allowed on to respond to allegations and given time to put everything in perspective – the BBC/Labour perspective.  LibDems are allowed on so long as they are either attacking theConservatives as much or more than Labour, are opining about unjust wars or are Saint Vince Cable.


  45. deegee says:

    Alan Johnston is back in the West Bank but clearly has learnt nothing, least of all about the differences between Hamas and Fatah.

    Divided loyalties in Nablus
    Essentially the piece can be condensed to ‘no matter how Fatah and Hamas do really nasty things to each other for the Palastinians family ties are most important’. However, a one line paragraph really illustrates how little he understands about the struggle he has spent almost a thousand words describing.

    The great difference between the two parties that the brothers have joined is how best to confront the occupation. What BS!

    The struggle between Islamic Nationalists and Arab Nationalists, most of whom would now be better described as Nation State Nationalists is fundamental to every Arab state and even every Muslim state. Hamas wants to recreate the Caliphate and run it according to strict Sharia Law. Israel is taboo, not because of the occupation of Nablus but because any part of the Dar al-Islam (lands once conquered by Muslims) remains part of the Islamic Wakf for ever and because no Jew (or Christian) can ever be in a superior position to a Muslim. Fatah is more concerned with state building (although historically it would have wanted to be part of the greater Arab nation), will run its affairs to what it sees as its advantage and will quietly and pragmatically adopt any norms from the West that suit it. It objects to Jews in Israel not specifically because they are not Muslims (although Islamic racism has never been abandoned) but because they are not Arabs. Both groups see Israel as occupied territory but Hamas clearly, consistently and openly calls for the slaughter of the Jews while Fatah talks with the US of two states while talking privately of slaughter. It is the attitude to Islam which is the great difference and the ‘I’ word never appears.   


    • Teddy Bear says:

      Great post deegee.
      It’s because he expresses the view that he does, that he never expected to be kidnapped. After all, he’s much more useful to their propaganda free and only too willing to spread their lies.


  46. vincentshand says:

    Last Night (Fri 12th Dec) there was a climate change report on the Nile Delta. The claims that the Delta was threatened by rising sea levels was backed up by the problems caused by the Aswan High Dam. It seems local land levels are falling and fertility of the soil reducing, because there is no longer the annual flooding that has supported Egyptian civilisation for thousands of years. The wrong conclusion has been bolted onto a report about the failure of a grandiose development project.

    I have a partial transcript and fuller details at


  47. kayjays says:

    The BBC report to today on non dom peers, specifically Tory peers.

    Funny that they don’t mention that well known Brown/Labour Peer, Lord Paul, also a nom dom and a Privy Councillor to boot.