Richard Black, reporting self-indulgently and with puffed-up arrogance about his earth-saving role at Copenhagen, notes:

Most of the real deals are done behind closed doors guarded by security guys with stern faces and impressive pectorals.That’s where the important countries and blocs reveal more of their real demands, where trades are bartered between national delegations. Reporting it is a nightmare.

So that’s how the new world government that Richard wants to much will operate? Thugs barring entry to lesser mortals while the “important” shadowy blocs impose their lunatic will on the rest of us? Yet our intrepid Richard seems only to be breathless with admiration, and proudly tells us how he procures the crumbs from their dictatorial tables. And meanwhile, he and the rest of his 35 cronies at Copenhagen continue to spew out their lying propaganda.

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  1. Martin says:

    Typical male beeboid. He’s more interested in looking at male bodyguards.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Typical male beeboid. He’s more interested in looking at male bodyguards.

      ho ho ho… 

      security guys with stern faces and impressive pectorals

      Why look for closeted homo-eroticism when it’s brazenly upfront!


  2. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Don’t bodyguards at these sorts of things tend to wear suits? In other words, how does this cocksmoker know that their pectorals are impressive? He must’ve been stalking them or spied on them whilst they were taking a shower or something. 
    In any case, he sounds like some low-level commie apparatchik. Dutifully reporting the bollocks he can’t even begin to understand, but doing so all the time with a big, shit-eating grin on his face, just glad to be part of the team. What a dork. I hope one of these bodyguards catches him with his face pressed up against the window as they’re getting changed and curbstomps the wretched little turd.


  3. woodentop says:

    It’s not only the Beeb pushing this crap. I’ve just watched a climate wankfest on C4 News which involved a panel of “ordinary members of the public” putting questions to Ed Miliband.

    Jon Snow introduced the segment with a mention of climategate but from there on in that was completely ignored, the horrendous state of the planet in 40 years was taken as a given and the panel were apparently all up for a strong government telling people what to do, because (according to one “student”) the public don’t care enough and should be forced to behave in the correct way.

    The irony of Milibore heading off to catch his plane to Copenhagen was apparently missed by the green loonies in the studio.


  4. cassandra king says:

    Why on earth is he not outraged that such important things with such massive and lasting ramifications are being done in secret behind closed doors?
    It becomes clear that the new world order way of doing things has nothing to do with democracy and openess, secret shady deals and stitch ups, quid pro quo back scratching and mutaul masturbation behind closed doors, no proles needed or required in the room.
    The ordinary scum on the street proles are supposed to lick it all up and pay the price? We are supposed to wait with baited breath until the ‘white smoke’ appears and all the commissar Bishops of the new world order address the little people?
    Is this what the post democratic society has come to? A tiny cabal of the new overlords deciding the future of billions behind closed doors proteted by thugs? and the snivelling beeboid toady dog waits for the crumbs?

    There is the beast and those that serve the beast, there are those that will never yield or surrender to the beast and would spit in the face of the beast even as they take their last breath and there are those who would betray others to the beast in the vain hope that the beast will eat them last, each of us will be faced with the choice of who we are and what we will do when the beast comes, I would rather live a day free than a lifetime on the leash.


    • Mailman says:

      Bear in mind that Black was the same goon yahooing about the EPA bypassing congress to force change upon America through regulation.

      BUT again, the question has to be asked…why isnt al beeb swinging from the rafters about such a blatant attempt to undermine democracy?



  5. Umbongo says:

    Sometimes – rarely – the BBC gets it right.  I’ve just finished listening to “The Report” on BBC Radio 4.  The 30 minute programme discussed climategate.  I only caught the last 20 minutes or so and one of the contributors was Bishop Hill who can be found at the address below:

    The programme – although not perfect – was pretty even-handed.  Of course, the participants were mostly genuine scientists and Harrabin, Black (whose appearance in the climategate emails was not mentioned) and Shukman were noticeably absent.  So it is possible for the BBC to arrange a civilised analysis/discussion programme.  However, the fact that this type of analysis and comment is almost unique points up the BBC’s general and all-consuming bias evident in the rest of its product range.

    Maybe the strength of The Report was due to its being hosted by Simon Cox who, unlike the three “journalists” mentioned above, is not completely in thrall to the new religion – as shown by his report on wind energy here


  6. Bob says:

    This is how political deals have always been made – whether international or national, you know that


  7. Martin says:

    What gets me is that nothing will come out of Copenhagen, nothing ever has. Kyoto was a joke, BUT the politicians will hike up taxes but actually do nothing to reduce CO2 anyway.

    It always has been a scam, I’m betting the BBC hope they get a cut mind or at least help their Socialist masters to get re-elected.


  8. Enzo says:

    Hoaxenhagen a few of the conspirators

    Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.* (RBF)
    Mr. Thomas Kruse  New York  USA

    Rockefeller Foundation
    Ms. Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio  New York  USA

    Rotary International (RI)
    Ms. Christine Sanders  Evanston, IL  USA

    The Royal Society
    Mr. Andrew Parker  London  UK

    International Institute for Strategic Studies* (IISS)
    Mr. Andrew Holland  London  UK

    International Carbon Investors and Services (INCIS)
    Ms. Kate Hampton  Amsterdam Netherlands

    Council on Foreign Relations* (CFR)
    Mr. Michael Levi  New York  USA 
    Brookings Institution*
    Ms. Lea Ann Rosenbohm  Washington  USA

    Business Roundtable
    Ms. Marian Elaine Hopkins  Washington  USA

    Canadian Bar Association*
    M. André Turmel  Ottawa  Canada

    Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)
    Mr. Colin Hunt  Ottawa  Canada 

    The Carbon Trust Mr. Peter Mallaburn  London  UK 

    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace* (CEIP)
    Mr. William Upton Chandler  Washington  USA 

    Carnegie Institution for Washington*
    Mr. Christopher Bower Field  Washington  USA 

    Catholic Institute for International Relations* (CIIR)
    Ms. Petra Elinor Kjell  London  UK


  9. Grant says:

    Sounds a bit like the way the BBC does its dirty business.


  10. ibjc says:

    Never mind. Some encouraging news from down under.

    Climate talks teetering           🙂