Coming up on Monday, the next film to be screened as part of BBC 4’s Storyville documentary slot is “Age of Stupid“, climate catastrophe porn for the green cultists. Even the Observer’s Philip French called the film “a hectoring lecture”, which makes it perfectly in keeping with the rest of the BBC’s Copenhagen-related coverage.

And don’t forget, still to come on Storyville – “By the People”, described by the Washington Post’s Hank Steuver as “a stultifyingly naive, please-drink-a-little-more-Kool-Aid paean to the historical highlights of President Obama’s campaign and election…a very long commercial for Obama.”

Update 3pm. Today’s Afternoon Play on Radio 4 (h/t to John Anderson in the comments):

Getting to Four Degrees
What if we can’t limit global warming to two degrees? What if it reaches four degrees – or more? Three real-life climate change experts spin one average family into the future, to look at life on a warmer planet.
With Professor Kevin Anderson, Mark Lynas and Dr Emma Tompkins.

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26 Responses to Biasville

  1. Bob says:

    ‘Drama-documentary-animation hybrid starring Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, watching archive footage from 2008 and asking why climate change wasn’t stopped before it was too late.’

    groan – wonder if they’d let me make a film about a 2030 where nothing had happened and it’d all been quietly forgotten, taking all my taxes with it


    • Marky says:

      How about the chance that a script like this would be passed by the BBC?
      Drama-documentary-animation hybrid starring Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as a man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching archive footage from 2008 and asking why George Orwell’s warnings were not heeded before it was too late. He looks back as he holds a gun to his temple on the age of stupid and all that has been lost – democracy replaced with a climate of fear presided over by those who wanted a political climate change for their own ideological reasons.


    • David Morris says:

      More like Peter freezing his butt off in a cave because none of us could afford to heat our houses when the predicted global warming turned into a mini ice age.


  2. Anonymous says:

    A new low for horizon last night. Neo-Malthusian crankery with no factual counterpoint, just random and often misleading statistics.

    The Economist often covers and debunks the issue, last time in October:

    spiked-online are currently leading a campaign against the nonsense:

    The BBC are so desperate for COP15 content  they’ve given an hour long programme on a hypothesis that has been convincingly debunked over the past two centuries. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous: Malthus’ work was used as an ‘intellectual’ base for the eugenics movement.


  3. Martin says:

    I see Barry is getting his Nobel peace prize today.

    So let’s see how Barry is doing.

    1. North Korea is giving him the middle finger and carrying on with it’s nuclear weapons project – SUCCESS there then.

    2. Iran is continuing with its nuclear weapon programme, giving Barry the middle finger. SUCCESS there then

    3. Israel/Palestinian peace talks, well Barry f****d that up when he demanded that Israel stop building settlements before the talks could start (never been required before). Now they can’t even get the talks started. SUCCESS there then

    4. Iraq, Barry has ignored Iraq and it’s slipping back into a bit of a shithole. SUCCESS there then

    5. Afghanistan. An utter mess and utter shithole of a mess. SUCCESS there then

    So all in all he’s been a great success and deserves the Nobel peace prize.

    At least Fox News are taking the piss.


    • Umbongo says:

      OTOH Barry is getting his own back: he’s given the finger to the King of Norway by (unprecedentedly for a Nobel Laureate) refusing to have lunch with the King on the day of his award.  Of course, being a graduate of the Chicago political machine, any courtesy is reserved for those who might be useful.  As far as Barry’s concerned, the King of Norway (and by implication the people of Norway) can get stuffed.  Mind you, Barry is very happy to suck the bottom (presumably on behalf of the citizens of the US) of every dictator going.


      • deegee says:

        I wondered how the Beeb would cover the snub.

        This is it. Obama defends war at Nobel ceremony
        But there has been criticism because he did not have lunch with the king and queen, and is staying in Norway only one day, even though Nobel ceremonies are usually held over three.

        Nothing to see, move along folks. 😉


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Not to worry, the BBC dutifully got the editor of the big Norwegian daily newspaper – the one that printed that negative editorial – to explain in His defense that it’s because of internal political pressure:

          “I think Norwegians also feel let down,” he added. “There is the impression that the cancellation is somewhat because of policy in the US – he doesn’t want to be that much exposed to those who think he shouldn’t have won it, and accuse him of not concentrating enough on internal politics.”

          So you see, not His fault at all.


  4. Grant says:

    Umbongo 12:51
    Barry has been given a peace prize so he can’t have lunch with these warmongering Vikings  !


    • deegee says:

      But can he spend his prize?

      Each laureate receives a diploma, a medal and 10m Krona ($1.4m; £865,000), which is shared by joint winners.

      Isn’t Obama as a Government employee precluded from accepting personal gifts resulting from his employment?

      It will be interesting to track where the money goes.


      • MarkE says:

        I haven’t checked (I’m just not interested enough) but I think he said he was going to give the cash element to charity.  If there was any chance of finding which “charity” he gave $1.4m to I would start looking.


      • Martin says:

        Acorn, did you hear about the Acorn shaped cakes at the White House party? Taking the piss or what!


  5. John Anderson says:

    Radio 4 right now is running a ridiculous “play” about climate warming – scary scenarios of 2, 4, 6 degrees rise in temperature.

    Half-way through – we have the family having to go by boat from London to get to Norfolk.  Sirens starting now.   Panic panic p0anic !

    And we are forced to PAY for this crap.


  6. John Anderson says:

    No running water,  river running through the house every few months….yada yada yada.

    With some “authoritative” real-life climate alarmists doing a voice-over

    Rainforests nearly all gone,  islands submerged  yada yada yada


  7. John Anderson says:

    Orange groves in the Midlands,  being harvested by immigrants from the Maldives.   Part of the time we’ll have Moroccan temperatures,  lots of heatstroke sufferers,  old people dying,  – up to 40 degrees – but we also get floods as well as droughts,  famines galore.   “Chaotic”

    And this is just at 4 degrees global rise.



    • MarkE says:

      old people dying”

      But never a mention of those who die from the cold in winter now.

      famines galore”

      I know AGW is claimed to make areas that are currently under cultivation barren, but surely (it is was true) it will also make other areas (the Canadian and Siberian tundra for example) productive?


  8. John Anderson says:

    Even thri 2 degree scenario – 1.3 degrees h5gher than n6w – they are wittering on about no polar bears,  no snow on mountains, cuckkos in winter.

    Pure GARBAGE


    • Martin says:

      Funny that human beings have lived in hot climates for tens of thousands of years and have adapted quite easily.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        True.  And, shockingly, there have been famines for millenia, long before the Industrial Revolution or any nasty Capitalist socities existed. 

        No word from archaeologists who specialize in Iron and Bronze Age settlements on why Greenland or Vineland got their names.


  9. D B says:

    Swine flu ‘less lethal than was feared’

    Scientists overstating the risks? Surely not!


  10. cassandra king says:

    The BBC has to ramp up its fear machine as the REAL public opinion turns against the man made global warming lies and propaganda.

    The faked BBC poll is a sure sign the BBC is worried, when they feel threatened they fall back on the old globescan fake poll routine, works like a charm every time(so far).
    The BBC is ramping up the propaganda to hysterical levels because thats really all they have left, the less people that listen the louder they scream and the more they scream the less people listen.
    As the pseudo science cover becomes more shabby and unconvincing the more hysterical trash they must peddle, its coming out like a tidal wave of manure, badly made and badly put together BUT with no critical response or balance it is supposed to drown the mind of the vulnerable/trusting/thick.
    The key is the lack of balance, any propaganda message relies on the need to crush the truth out of existence, to crush dissent and sceptisism, once the way is clear for the lies the lies prevail, for a while at least.
    The BBC knows full well what its game is, what the rules are and what the reality is, they know how evil and criminal their tactics are and yet they happily continue to use them, the ends justify the means they believe.
    People may well roll their eyes when I call the BBC evil, there are probably very nice people working at the BBC BUT there were probably some very nice people working for the USSR/nazis too, the BBC is the essence of evil because they believe that whatever they do now regardless of how evil it is becomes acceptable because the ends are thought to be worth it.
    Invading and perverting the minds of innocent children filling their heads with fear and hatred of the very society that made their comfortable lives possibe, turning happy enquiring playful minds that should be filled with hope and joy into fearful uhappy places filled with induced dark nightmares of a future of death,starvation and destruction.
    If that is not evil then frankly I dont what is. Those at the BBC who fail to see where their tactics are leading, where they have always lead in the past are beyond redemption, how long before the BBC feels it acceptabe to air the equivolent of ‘the eternal Jew’? Where will the slippery slope lead those good people who serve the beast now?


  11. ibjc says:

    I see the neutral Met Office has tried to push scientists into backing the AGW mantra to try to bolster some support.
    How can they believe that people will just accept this kind of crap in the light of what has been happening in the last couple of weeks.

    Julia Sin-go strikes again.


    • cassandra king says:

      If you are a scientist and want work contracts from comrade Slingos gang then you had better toe the line and sign up OR ELSE, Its quite possibe they are checking who signed and who didnt, who gets the contracts and whose names are put in the little blacklist book!
      When the met office scumbags decide who gets work they look in the blacklist book, just like the good old days of Stalins USSR or Hitlers third reich.
      What a bunch of grubby bastards eh?


  12. cassandra king says:

    The met office has been infiltrated and corrupted, they are a fake institution run by fanatics with a political agenda, they are bullies and frauds no better qualified to pontificate about the ‘science’ behind global warming than me or you, they are supposed to predict weather patterns, trying to give a fair prediction of a chaotic system to make our lives a little easier and giving us all a heads up as best they can about our imediate weather future, in the old days they did just that and were the envy of the world and became world leaders and then the corrupting dead hand of newlabour arrived and poisoned everything it touched.
    Nowadays the met office is just another propaganda department of the central state regime machine, they have lavish HQs/lavish funding/political influence and yet they have become rubbish at their core job, they are the epitomy of a corrupted state organ.
    The hard won reputation made over decades destroyed in less than a decade by politisised fraudsters and rent seeking fakers.


  13. Enzo says:

    I’ve been thinking about this Obama peace prize thing at Nobel.

    I think this is only to see just how much the people will take, ya know, giving a “peace” medal to a war-promoter….. I think it has a lot to do with what people allow into their acceptance. Some people just can’t for the life of them see the possibility that “The President” is NOT keeping the best interest of “The People” at heart. And some people, even when presented evidence supporting such a notion, deny it because “It is his JOB to protect us and carry out every last duty of his post to the best of his ability, he wouldn’t Screw US!?!?!?”……