Matt Frei – Sneering Pompous Arse

Leftie bigot Matt Frei’s contempt for Middle America is on full display in his latest shamelessly biased diary article in which he argues that the way to get those dumb rednecks to accept without question the new cult of MMGW is to target them through their current religion. The Telegraph’s Damian Thompson has already blogged a response which is well worth reading, although he put his views more succinctly on Twitter, offering this advice to Americans:

Wise words, I think you’ll agree.

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14 Responses to Matt Frei – Sneering Pompous Arse

  1. Martin says:

    Frei is a turd a beeboid turd as well. For starters no one takes Al fat boy’s crappy powerpoint film seriously, it’s central link the Hockey Stick graph was a fraud and fatty’s film has been pulled part in a UK Court as well.

    Also Frei really does show his lack of intelligence when he talks about the ‘padding’ of the evidence. Not Frei you turd boy they lied and distorted the facts, in science that is the biggest crime of all.

    And why is the BBC wasting MY tax money on polls in America?

    To Matt Frei, I also say “FUCK OFF”


  2. Martin says:

    I see the drug addicts and rent boy users finally got their act together, I’m waiting for this to be announced on the BBC TV news.


  3. dave s says:

    Frei, in common with European elitists, has a real problem with middle America. Hence the hate Sarah behaviour and the continual sneers at the way of life and beliefs of mid Westerners and Southerners.
    he is not really talking about climate change but expressing his contempt for those who, despite a common language, are so very different from the effete decadent US liberals and a million miles away from the European left wing statists.
    Years ago I spent much time in the parts of America he so despises.
    In fact I could never wait to get out of NY and over the Mississipi.
    Fine people who will make sure the US stays true to it’s constitution and origins.
    When they restore the spirit of the US, and they will, I hope they turn their backs on Europe and consign us to the dustbin of history.
    AS for me .I am welcome in Montana any time and one day I hope to take my family there.


  4. Grant says:

    So much for David Vance’s attempts to clean up the language on this website  !
    David, I suggest you just go with the flow and leave it uncensored.
    Yes, it is wonderful how a large proportion of US  citizens are fighting against the GW scam.
    More powers to their elbows !


  5. Martin says:

    Fat ugly hag Shirley Williams now on Radio 5 spouting her usual leftie liberal crap about the EU (totally forgetting that no one in the UK has ever actually had a vote on being in a European Union and that when other voters have had a say they’ve voted against it(

    Fat Shirl then ranted on about how evil referendums are and that they are bought by the rich, presumably the last one in Ireland was OK with her though?


  6. Shlomo Tannenholz says:

    Sorry if this isn’t the place but I’ll mention it here anyway:

    Just listened to the opening salvo of PM on R4 where that rabid EUphile Johnny Diamond that France and Germany would be contributing ‘slightly less’ than Gordo’s 1.5 billion pledge to Africa over 3 years.

    The bias was spread so thickly that I checked out the actual ‘slightly less’ figures: according to the DT, France and Germany will contribute some 300 million less than us (1.2billion over 3 years) –

    Can anyone imagine describing 300 million pounds as ‘slightly less’? 


  7. magiclantern1 says:

    Go Damian!

    I think this is precisely the tone one should adopt with Beeboids.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    Thank God It’s Not Frei Day


  9. Enzo says:

    Do your own study of the ROOT MEANINGS of the OLD testament
    in the HEBREW, it’s not all 100% but best start any lay person can
    give themselves, and the OT makes NO sense unless you UNDERSTAND
    the Actual TIMES and LOCATIONS DESCRIBED in the Perfect Poetry,
    Prose and Song of God’s Word, that was ALL that The Only Resurrected Son
    of God had, knew and quoted.

    You can actually skip the NT as the OLD contains it ALL,
    which is WHY so many ‘christian’ churches ONLY give out copies of
    the NT.


  10. DP111 says:

    Why would Matt Frei want to convert Evangelivals to Environmentals?
    Is Matt Frei a Christian? He does not say so, but he most certainly an Environmental. So what Matt Frie is attempting to do, is to invoke God, on the side of Environmentals. Why, if he is not a Christian?

    And if he is, has he asked himself, that God could be warming the planet for a reason that he has not cared to inform the BBC?

    OTH, Matt Frei could well be an athiest – then what business is his to seek the support of Evangelicals, a group he probably holds in contempt, but is willing to pander to them to get this fraud of an AGW going as an international treaty.

    Either way one looks at it, it is dishonest, unethical and hypocritical.


    • Guest says:

      Either way one looks at it, it is dishonest, unethical and hypocritical’

      And hence, especially for the purposes of funding, ‘unique’.


  11. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Matt Frei is a smart guy. He knows that middle America (those disgusting, porch-sitting, gun-toting, bible-bashing, gap-toothed rednecks with confederate flag t-shirts on their product-of-a-salacious-incestuous-sexual-relationship bodies) will respond to nothing better than some smug European asshole insulting their core values and lifestyle. He’s a supergenius. All BBC employees are. It’s remarkable when you think about it.


  12. Grant says:

    Has Matty boy asked US muslims about their views  ?   Surely in the interest of “balance” ………. 


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Glad to see Damain Thompson and the Telegraph finally catching up with this blog.  We’ve been busting Frei Boy on his biased nonsense for over two years now.   The US deserves a rebuttal.  The British public deserve a better source of information on the US than this biased Beeboid.