Comment is Free But is Ignorance Bliss?

If anybody who shares my interest in the BBC’s bias against Israel is reading this – as they say on Amazon – you might also like ……CifWatch.
CifWatch’s raison d’être is to draw attention to the anti Israel and anti-Semitic flavour of the online Guardian’s, ‘Comment is Free’. (Cif)
CifWatch commenters and posters document, then knowledgably and authoritatively rebut, anti-Semitic slurs that abound on Cif.
Recent CiFWatch posts by commenter AKUS give an outsider’s view of the British media and the ‘Brainwashing of Britain’
CiFWatchers must be aware, and indeed some of them have pointed out, that the BBC has a far broader reach, and necessarily influences a wider spectrum of the public, but the Guardian’s malevolence grates on this pro Israel and mainly Jewish online community more than the BBC’s seems to. If only it weren’t so virulently anti Jew and anti Israel, the Guardian might be their newspaper of choice. They remember with sadness the days when it was known as the Manchester Guardian and was highly respected. Perhaps they see the BBC as a lost cause, with a passive, easily brainwashed audience.
The Guardian isn’t hampered by a charter or any other inconvenient obligation, so it can more or less let rip and pander to an Israel hating audience if it so wishes, whereas the BBC has to restrain itself. The BBC is at least obliged to appear even-handed, but its underlying agenda often seeps through.

This morning for example there was an item on the Sunday Programme R4(0.19.50 in) about the multi faith celebrations in Haifa. A feel-good item one would think. Then just as you begin to feel good, Hugh Sykes chips in at the end with a reminder about the settlers who vandalised a mosque. Report it, okay, but put it in context, and don’t bring it gratuitously into an unrelated report lest the listeners might stop hating the Jews.

I don’t think the BBC’s bias is always deliberate. Ignorance has permitted myth to replace fact. Shoddy research, laziness and incompetence have worn away at the truth over many years, and these imperfections compound themselves as they bed in.
Now – we have what we have. One undoubted result is appalling ignorance from many who should know better; it produces characters like the gentleman outside the Baptist Central Church in the video that I linked to recently. Not the runny nosed John Sullivan, but the other one, the well-spoken John Benyon, who seemed blissfully ignorant about the organisation his church was hosting.
The virulence with which people express their indignation is matched by the ignorance in the endless strings of comments highlighted by CifWatch. What could be a clearer demonstration of the extent of the damage done by the brainwashing of Britain?

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11 Responses to Comment is Free But is Ignorance Bliss?

  1. sue says:

    There’s more on the subject of the incident at Kfar Yasuf here.


  2. Enzo says:

    Did anyone else see the Blair interview??
    Phoney Bliar is too well paid to have a conscience!

    I took notes:

    Tony Blair was “grilled” on his Christian convictions, not by a shrewd politician, a devout Christian Minister or an experienced jounalist, but by a sycophantic TV presenter, Fern Britton.

    Blair talked about how his faith sustained him through the difficulties in office, like his decision to commit mass-murder in an illegal war in Iraq. Fern thinks he must carry a heavy burden.

    While Iraq was bombed back to the stone-age, it’s leader publically lynched, it’s citizens killed and maimed and it’s babies born deformed for generations to come from depleted uranium, Tony was comforted in Church.

    Now, free to puruse his own interests; he converted to Opus Dei… er… Catholicism and combats “religion’s negative influence” with the ‘Tony Blair – Faith Foundation’ intended to foster greater understanding between different faiths and resolve misunderstanding between religions.

    Tony wants us to learn about each other and engage to address the changes globalisation is bringing. For future progress and togetherness we need to “harness shared values” and have a “spiritual core for focus” – a new world religion.

    Blair’s foundation has different faiths working together on “the issue of saving lives” in Africa. They use churches and mosques to deliver the programme; medicines and vaccinations for genocide…er… malaria, Bill Gates’ pet project.

    Blair’s “mission” is to resolve the Middle East conflict, (which he fueled) and bring “peace to the Holy Land” in that “religious melting pot of Jerusalem” because it hurts to see violence in Biblical lands.

    This is the mantra of the New Age, promoted frequently by the Royal Family and politicians: amalgamate all religions into one faith, to prevent wars and future conflict, with one ‘God’ to be worshipped by all – Baal!


  3. Phil says:

    Britain isn’t being brainwashed by the BBC’s reporting of Israel. The BBC’s anti-Israel attitude is self-indulgence which hardly matters. It’s a disgrace that everyone who wants to use a TV is forced to fund this self-indulgence but there is no evidence that the population at large is affected by it.

    Anti-semitism is very fashionable on the left and always has been.


    • sue says:

      “There is no evidence that the poulation at large is affected by it.

      What evidence would you like for goodness sake?


  4. Craig says:

    Hugh Sykes’s piece on ‘Broadcasting House’ was, as you say Sue, going surprisingly well until the end. That’s Hugh Sykes for you. He just can’t stop himself.

    Thursday’s ‘The World Tonight’ featured a bit on Egypt’s moves against the Palestinian tunnels into Gaza (through which arms flow). The bit took the form of an interview with Chris Gunness of the U.N. – a former Beeboid who still seems to get lots of invitations to appear on the BBC. He always attacks Israel and did so again here – despite this piece being ostensibly about Egypt. This time he accused them of operating a ‘strangulation’ policy against the Palestinians.


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    The “commntator” Hugh Sykes should have no opinion whatsoever. He should not be interviewed, he should take no part in debate, his views are his and should remain so.
    Lets just hear both sides of a debate by the relevant atangonists and let me make up my own mind. I don’t care what the BBC thinks.


  6. Philip says:

    Regrettable thought it was, the mosque attack was, in context, a minor incident.  

    It always raises a wry smile in the U:d household, how the lefty British media pan Israel for the slightest transgression against those that pelt it with blind hatred, missiles and mortars on an almost daily basis – yet themselves bang on about ‘disproportionate responses’.  

    They’re at it again today – bleating about a Israeli govt. programme to direct public funds to where they are most needed.  

    But because approx 5% of the intended recipients of this money are in Judea & Samaria (the ‘West Bank’ to media dhimmis); the top-story headline screams:

    “New Israeli funds for West Bank settlements” 


  7. Philip says:

    Shilling for Hamas – Thousands turn out onto Gaza’s streets for Hamas rally 

    It seems al-BBCeera is also providing televised coverage of a Hamas anniversary rally today – Bethany Bell is there and commentating.  

    What with the huge, sweeping shots of the large flag-waving throng and the clearly privileged vantage point, I’m half-expecting her to announce a flypast by the Red Arrows shortly  *DONT_KNOW*


    • deegee says:

      Bethany (ironicaly named after the New Testament home of the siblings Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, as well as that of Simon the Leper.) dresses like an Italian widow because if she didn’t she might be beaten or worse. She doesn’t seem to notice the irony that the Israeli enemy don’t put these restrictions on her.

      I wonder where the BBC acquired this video. The abrupt snippets of musical background suggest a BBC crew didn’t film it but it is an unacknowledged edited version of a video distributed for Hamas. If so BB wasn’t necessarily even there.

      The Hamas celebrates 22nd anniversary since founding is a typical BBC cut and paste job as illustrated by the odd paragraphing.
      Supporters filled the streets, waving banners and portraits of assassinated Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Paragraph #3
      Sheikh Yassin was killed in an Israeli missile strike in 2004. Paragraph #17

      Palestinians and human rights groups (relying entirely on Palestinian figures) say more than 1,400 people were killed in the violence between 27 December 2008 and 16 January 2009, more than half of them civilians.
      Israel puts the number of deaths at 1,166 – fewer than 300 of them civilians. Three Israeli civilians and 10 Israeli soldiers were also killed.

      I wonder if the BBC has ever done a piece on how both sides reached these figures or is this yet another cut and paste. Israel says therefore they can be discounted? Why are the two sentences never reversed Israel’s figures followed by ‘but Palestians say’?


  8. Gerald says:

    Read some good news the other day. The “Guardian group” is losing money hand over fist and substantial cuts are going to have to be made. They are also aware that sometime in the new year job advertising revenue is set to drop substantially, something to do with a likely change in government I believe.

    With a bit of luck the BBC will also be shedding staff so no jobs there for those exiting the Guardian. They will be able to join the hopefully thousands of those empathetic to the present government being eased out of the seemingly endless self serving quangos created over the lest twelve years. It could be a tough year for the left leaning “intelligentsia”.


  9. Enzo says:

    Well, for years now I’ve been writing
    that I’ve READ in The Bible…

    everything is ‘open’ to speculation,
    since the age of the super-continent,
    and read what IS ACTUALLY THERE.