God, did you catch the BBC TV news at 6pm? We were treated to a full-on love-in for all those killed in Israel’s “bloody war” against the poor innocents of Hamastan. It seems that those evil Jews just wantonly slaughtered at will and little wonder the BBC seems determined to not let the moment pass. The shocking lack of any balance of this topic requires comment. Your thoughts?

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  1. Grant says:



  2. Grant says:


    I just saw it and was totally disgusted.   Even my elderly mother who is well disposed towards the BBC saw the racism in that report.  Can the BBC sink any lower ?

    Also the terrorist airplane attack.  No mention of the “M” word.  Damn Buddhists again.

    Report on opposition protests in Iran. No mention of how many people detained , tortured and murdered.

    The BBC is rubbish.


  3. NORMAN COHEN says:

    Unfortunately comment is superfluous. The damage has been done and is irreparable. The screening at prime time of this report ensures that this will be the abiding view that  BBC News audience will be left with – which was surely the intent of the BBC News editorial staff. Unless BBC licence payers realise how they are being mislead by the elitist liberal employees of supposedly an impartial news media which was respected once throughout the world and do something about it e.g.. by a mass refusal to pay the licence fee in the same way that the populace was galvanised into opposing the Poll Tax then the BBC will grow even more bolder in its opposition to democratic norms and its clear agenda to de-legitimise the State of Israel – evidence Bowen’s skewed report on Gaza currently on the On-line Edition. As an Israeli I consider the BBC is now beyond the pail and that my government should cease any co-operation with it and make the lives of its journalists as difficult as possible – especially Katya Adler who has lost any sense of objectivity she may ever have had and is a true disciple of Orla Guerlin. 


  4. David vance says:


    I fully agree with you. Thank you for commenting.


  5. John Anderson says:

    The BBC bias is not just in the way it presents the story.  It is in the prominence it gives – here in the UK and also on the World Service – to incidents ;ike this that are not really topline news for the UK. 

    That is – it seizes on these incidents,  magnifies them,  and gives the full pro-Hamas spin.

    As a measure of this bias – compare the coverage given to blue-on-blue killings of Palestinians by other Palestinians,  eg in Hamas/Fatah fights.


  6. Grant says:

    Norman 20:01

    I have been saying this for some years now. The Israeli Govt.  should cease to co-operate   with the BBC and should ban all BBC employees and agents  from Israel.
    The Beeboids, in their twisted little minds, may cry ” Zimbabwe”, 
    but the Israel Govt. can respond that Israel is a true democracy and why should Israel offer hospitality and protection to BBC subversives
    I wouldn’t let people in my house who are intent on destroying my family.  Why should  Israel  ?


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, Israel certainly has no shortage of evidence to show that the BBC is a propaganda arm for genocidal anti-semitic terrorists.  They could present a very compelling document to justify a ban on the BBC, the report being commented on tonight surely one example.  I left England about 7 years ago, but the incessant anti-semitic reporting by the likes of Orla Guerin never ceased to make my mouth drop.

      Of course, if the Israeli Govt went down this road they’d have to make sure they had it extremely well planned, with full contingencies laid up.  If they dont take this step, they just give credibility to the BBC’s rank reporting in the eyes of the naive and gullible, who sadly, are a great number.

      If anything can show in the world today that evil did not end at Auschwitz, it’s today’s BBC.



  7. George R says:

    BBC’s Adler omits reference to Palestinian mistreatment of Christians:“Islamists offer little Christian cheer for Christians in the Palestinian  territories” (by Robin Shepherd)[Extract]:”The suffering of the Palestinians is a constant refrain in most of the Western media these days except, that is, when their suffering cannot be blamed on the Israelis. At this time of celebration and festivity for Christians around the world, therefore, you can be sure that the picture presented of the plight of the Palestinian Christians by the BBC and company will not be quite the same as the one presented in an illuminating and timely piece of writing in the Wall Street Journal today by editorial page writer Daniel Schwammenthal.” is the ‘Wall St Journal’ piece:”The Forgotten Palestinian Refugees: Even in Bethlehem, Palestinian Christians are suffering under Muslim intolerance”


  8. Martin says:

    BBC lefties on Radio 5 sticking up for the otwel heads again. No to racial profiling as Muslims are victims as well. Of course they are, they follow a vile religion.


  9. cassandra king says:

    So much for impartial reporting eh?

    The BBC seems to be the heir to Der Sturmer, gearing itself up to spread hatred and fear whenever it can however it can.
    Its getting more apparent that the BBC political output seems to hit that invisible ceiling of acceptable reporting and then retreats temporarily to a slightly more balanced style which then tests that boundary between what is and isnt acceptable.
    In effect the BBC is forever pushing the limits of what is possible, like a naughty child testing how far it can push the parents. The BBC trust is failing, the political system is failing, the moral integrity of the BBC has been replaced with a political fanatisism which cannot be controlled with a stooge body like the BBC trust.
    The BBC is evolving into a hate filled partisan closed system much like an extreme political party because only like minded people join the BBC the group think ideology becomes distilled, without outside checks and inside challenges to this ever stronger ever more pure joint political belief system those inside the BBC become ever more radical. Put simply they are turning into a political cult!
    This wouldnt be too much of a problem were it not for the fact that this cult has access to billions of pounds of enforced taxation and a prime propaganda window into millions of homes and this is what makes the BBC so dangerous and why I made the comparrison with Der Sturmer.
    The actual mechanics of how an organisation of intelligent people can evolve and distill its corporate belief system into an ever more pure and exclusive group and narrative is quite simple, like minded people who employ other like minded people that reinforce their superiors prejudice which enables those less senior to become ever more radical, a simple closed system circle and this is how the nazis perverted the German political and social systems so completely so quickly.
    The BBC has to be stopped and destroyed, it is the enemy of freedom!


  10. deegee says:

    The piece is now online as Gaza rallies mark anniversary of conflict
    It seems that the BBC/Hamas narrative is:
    Israel’s attack came out of the blue. Hamas’s public declaration that the truce is over and intensified rocket attacks in the week following the declaration are ignored.

    The text accompanying the video states According to United Nations figures, 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died during the three-week operation.This is simply untrue the figures they quote come from the Palestinians not as implied an independent UN investigation.

    I wonder if WWII was to be reported today would the BBC be reporting the Allies have an obligation to provide humanitarian aid and building materials to the ‘innocent civilians’ as a result of Allied bombing? Would they be saying that before Germany’s unconditional surrender?

    An interesting suggestion has been made but as far as I know not received much discussion on any side. Israel should allow the import of building material that has no military value. Something similar to thin fiber cement siding could be imported. It is a relatively cheap, practical building material but fairly useless in building fortifications.


  11. burbette123 says:

    I applaud Norman’s comments. It’s time something was done.  A truly appalling report was the one at 4:15 am today on the so-called “World Service”.  (I know, it’s early, but it’s my time to howl.) The beeboid was talking to pro-terrorist demonstrators in London.  The response was pure unreconstructed propaganda.  They even found some misguided orthodox Jews to speak for the poor Paleslime-ians, I mean Palestinians. There wasn’t even an attempt at balance. Just pure terrorist-hugging at its best.


  12. North Northwester says:

    Yep, that old Israeli carpet-bombing of innocent ‘Palestinians’, it’s just so disraceful.
    It’s sheer evil to malign the most careful ever amred forces in their attempts to minimize civilian casualtiesas cold-blooded killers.
    The BBC are enemies of truth traitors to civilisation and I for one can’t wait top see their political ‘journalists’ queuing at Job Centre Plus for something more suitable to theri talents, such as ditch digging or parking attendants.


  13. deegee says:

    Clearly the BBC has mounted a Gaza victims press. Child born into a life of conflict in Gaza by Katya Adle

    Mariam al-Sharif was born a couple of hours before Operation Cast Lead. That Gaza’s rulers put her life into danger by attacking Israel is not mentioned and as this is the BBC I don’t expect it.

    Panic and chaos spread throughout Gaza’s main hospital as the dead and injured piled up in the corridors. Adler wasn’t there of course but Italian journalist Lorenzo Cremonesi How Gaza was spun was amazed by the empty beds. Go figure.

    But the experience left physical, not just psychological scars.
    One year on, Mariam is still undersize and underweight.There are no undersize babies for reasons other than war? The moral that Hamas shouldn’t have started a war it couldn’t win is left unsaid and as this is the BBC I don’t expect it.

    Most medicines are allowed into the territory, but their transfer can be slowed by Israeli and Palestinian bureaucracy, and the entry of medical equipment and other supplies is limited. Egypt’s role is not mentioned and as this is the BBC I don’t expect it. Hamas has been caught stealing medicines but I don’t expect the BBC to mention it.

    Mariam is examined regularly here but the medicine she needs is often not available. Mariam’s mother blames Israel’s blockade, still in place on Gaza. Typical BBC semantics to quote someone who can’t possibly know to further the narrative. That I expected from the BBC.


  14. cassandra king says:

    A prime propaganda technique is to portray single examples in order to fool the viewer intoo a sympathetic response, they concentrate on the ‘story’ of one victim like a child and drawing a picture of suffering while offering no overview of the root causes of that suffering, this attemots to lead the viewer into sympathising with one side over the other.
    The propaganda playbook is being used here to good effect.
    The trick is to deny the chosen enemy any humanity, to portray them as inhuman,cruel and uncaring. Its a method of story telling that plays to the emotions alone, it attempts to hide the truth from the viewer by over stimulating the viewers emotional and sympathetic responses while supressing the viewers rational thought mechanisms, put simply the BBC propagandists are playing the sympathy violin so loud nothing else gets heard!

    The BBC are reading from a set playbook of rules that are well known and have been used many times before, create an automatic sympathic response that clouds rational judgement, a prime example is the polar bear looking sad on an ice floe set to sad music, never mind that its a load of trash that a rational mind would dispose of in seconds, it sets up this kneejerk emotion based reaction that kills rational thought.
    This is why the BBC are evil, they seek to peddle their political narrative using the cover of a news outlet, to quote a BBC fellow traveller, “it does not matter what is true only what people believe is true” this mantra demands that lies can substitute for the truth in order to fool people into believing a false reality, Stalin would be proud!


    • cassandra king says:

      Just an added thought to my post,

      The rational mind would rightly conclude that hamas and Gazans are the sole authors of their miserable state, they are fully and wholly responsible for the misery and poverty and hate in their hearts, they are soley responsible for the wreckage they now inhabit, a useless failed state called Gaza. thay wallow in victimhood and revel in hate and revenge, they choose to wear their misery like a badge of pride, they choose war and conflict and they choose to live like poverty sticken peasants.
      The rational mind can come to no other conclusion given the evidence, in this light the BBC choose to supress logic and rational thought in the viewer, they choose to bombard the viewer with a carefully crafted and one sided story line that tries to engage the emotional and sympathetic responses in the viewer in order to peddle their political narrative.
      Whenever you see a BBC report bear in mind that the presentation is designed to evoke a required emotional reponse in the viewer and supress the logical and rational reponses, you will quickly see a whole new chilling reality emerge, the BBC are a cunning and smart enemy, they have learned their squalid dirty trade from the most skilled despots and dictators the world has yet seen.


  15. JohnW says:

    Very true, Cassandra. It’s all straight out of a student politics handbook, wit its emphasis onemotion, feelings and the instant soundbite and photoshot. After all, many in the BBC are at one with the yoof and student mindset anyway, so all this comes as no surprise.


  16. John Anderson says:

    On and on it goes – Radio 4 5pm news had the “1400 Palis killed a year ago” story as third item.

    Big bloody yawn to most listeners – not NEWS,  just the BBC bleating  the Pali victim card as usual.


  17. deegee says:

    Never fear George Galloway will rescue the Gazans!    
    Gaza marchers on hunger strike in Egypt    
    Questions the BBC forgot to ask.    
    1) Last trip you had problems with the Egyptians and ultimately had to walk into Gaza. Why didn’t you organize things with the Egyptians in advance this time.    
    2) Last time you donated £25,000 and a fleet of trucks from your own pocket. How does an MP get that sort of money and how much did you donate this time?    
    3) You were quoted by al Jazeera, Our medicines are in a race against the time of their expiry date and are spoiling in the desert sun, whilst people in Gaza die for the want of them. Why are you providing medicines so close to expiry that a week or two extra will make a difference and why didn’t you arrange proper refrigerated transport?    
    4) Why do you bring even more vehicles into Gaza when you know there is a shortage of fuel for them?    
    5) A convoy of 250 trucks from London to Gaza with the associated costs of drivers, petrol etc. is far less efficient than one plane or one ship. The money saved could buy more supplies. Why do you persist in taking the least efficient means to bring aid?   
    6) When you discovered the Egyptian demand why didn’t you swallow your pride and ask the Israelis to either let you through or take the supplies into the more than 2,500 trucks bringing humanitarian aid they allow in each month? How many Palestinians do you estimate will die while you drive back through Syria instead of through Israel?
    7) Are you personally on a hunger strike?  
    8) What do you think of the Carbon footprint from this trip?


  18. burbette123 says:

    The important point al-beeb continually fails to make concerns the simple fact that if the Arabs (Palestinians) had accepted UN Resolution 181 on 29 Nov. 1947, there would have been no war, and no refugees. (Although there still might have been a Jewish refugee problem as so many thousands were fleeing Arab regimes anyway.)  Then when the Arab armies were defeated, did they  even try to make peace? After wars, history shows that most countries reach a modus vivendi over time.