So, cor blimey Brit – Akma Shaikh, faces execution by the Chinese for his conviction of 4kg of heroin being found in his possession in the remote north-western city of Urumqi in 2007. I find it curious that the BBC goes on to state that Shaikh will be “the first EU national” to be executed in China. Does the BBC now view us all as “EU nationals” first and foremost?

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  1. Boris Godunoff says:

    If Akmar Sheikh was caught smuggling in such a large quantity of heroin why shouldn’t he be executed by Chinese laws? He knew what he would be facing if he broke the law, but the BBC obviously doesn’t believe in national sovereignty.

    Would the BBC have paid as much attention to this man if he was not Islamic? They know that drug smuggling is rife amongst Muslims who ferry opiates out of the poppyfields of Afghanistan.


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      To be fair, I think they would’ve. I think this is more a case of ‘z0mg cApitUl puni$hmiNtz!1!!LOL’ than ‘z0mg i$LamerFobiya!1!!LOL’. Maybe it’s a mixture of both, I don’t know. I can’t be bothered to dwell on it too much.
      Anyway, this guy knew the score, but he chose to do the crime any way. Now it’s time for him to put on the big boy pants and take his medicine. Lock and load, Red Chinese.


  2. Martin says:

    When it’s Muslims and women (remember the dozy female that got herself pregnant in a I think Thai prison) then the media generally are all sympathetic.

    Everyone knows you don’t take ANYTHING into a foreign Country given to you by another person.

    He deserves to die, but of course beeboids love drugs, I’m betting Cocaine usage in Islington went sky high with so many beeboids on holiday over Christmas (sorry winterville)


  3. Jack Bauer says:

    Akma Shaikh?  Is he one of the Hampshire Shaikhs?  They go back to the Domesday Book, I hear.


  4. Britannia says:

    I thought there is no such thing as an EU National in spite of wishful thinking by the BBC. This muslim is probably classed as British although no doubt Pakistani before. There is an old saying “do the crime do the time”. I hope they execute guy as an example and for the misery drug and crime causes, not forgetting the huge cost to us taxpayers to clean up the mess.


  5. cassandra king says:

    I wondered how long it would be after the hated and ILLEGAL constitution came into force that scum like the BBC would start refering to BRITISH SUBJECTS as eurotrash serfs! No UK subject is an  EU national until we have a full referendum on whether we wish to give away our sovreignty, if we vote to accept the chains of euroserfdom then fair enough but not until then.

    It didnt take long did it?

    This foreigner who was able to wangle a British passport does not make him British BTW. Anyone who deals/pushes/peddles/pimps drugs in a nation that has the death penalty fully deserves their fate, no ifs or buts or faked illnesses.
    The UK seems to have more respect and concern for criminals than for their victims, never mind the awful tragic consequences of the drugs trade and how it finances terror and prostitution and creates untold misery, never mind all the actual damage that the evil trade inflicts on people eh?
    China has every right to to shoot this criminal and I hope they do just that, if we in the UK took more care to punish and persecute our own ‘criminal community’ perhaps our streets would be safer and less innocents would have to die. In the rush to protect the rights and wellbeing of the criminal the ‘progressive’ UK legal system has led to the deaths of many innocent people, this BTW is something the BBC will never ever explore. How many innocent people are murdered each year by criminals who were let out/off by a fawning hand wringing lax legal system?
    Perhaps the BBC will do a special in depth report on the consequences of putting the rights of the criminal above those of their innocent victims?


    • cassandra king says:

      BTW anyone notice how the world drugs trade has exploded into a trillion dollar trade over the last ten years? Big business now eh? Lots of opportunities to enact draconian laws and build up big well financed big brother institutions that have all the powers they need when the time is right, funny that eh?
      The drugs trade makes a great many people rich, it also makes bent states richer and gives other states just the excuse they need to create the tools of a dictatorship, as usual the key phrase is ‘who benefits’.


  6. deegee says:

    The BBC seems to prefer describing him as a British man. What do we prefer – UK or EU? His connection to the UK are far stronger than that of fellow ‘Brit’ Mohamed Binyam.

    The posters seem to think he knew what he was doing and knew the risks. Even if this is a last minute ploy, the issue would seem to be that he wasn’t mentally capable, didn’t know what he was doing and even now hasn’t absorbed the fact that he will be executed.


  7. ryan says:

    He may be a british national, but he cant be an EU national.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    “the issue would seem to be that he wasn’t mentally capable, didn’t know what he was doing and even now hasn’t absorbed the fact that he will be executed.”

    The chinese shoot people in mobile execution vans for stuff like “embezlement”. Then tactfully harvest their organs.

    I don’t think the “diminished capacity” plea cuts much ice with the chicoms.

    Though I’m betting right now they commute the sentence, and we NEVER hear the price the British government paid.

    Well, not until the next incident in which HMG supports China.


    • Philip says:

      Muslim Hypocrisy

      Muslims are deeply involved in the international drugs trade, particularly heroin. Listen to any Anjem Choudary/insert Imam of your choice/ rant against the decadence of British – sex, violence  -and drug consumption.

      They claim a strict moral high-ground for themselves – yet point continually to the decadence of the West in support of their spurious arguments for Shariah.

      But the fact remains that Muslims are the major force in the importation of heroin from Aghanistan.

      This scumbag should face the usual Chinese punishment of a bullet to the back of the head  – with the bill for the bullet sent to his immediate family -he knew perfectly well what he was doing – yet the labour dhimmis are still squealing.

      Put that in your tag cloud OMTE.


  9. Martin says:

    Actually I find it quite interesting that most of the usual left wing scum are very quiet on this, no Shami, no Bianca Jagger, no fat Polly or Julie Bindel spouting up on the BBC. Why not? When the yanks execute someone, usually after years of appeals the above lot are never off our TV screens.  
    As I’ve pointed out before every time the vile pig faced Jagger gets BBC airtime on Radio 5 to attack America for capital punishment my emails asking why she knows how many people there are on death row in the USA but not Africa or Saudi Arabia go unanswered.  
    The BBC just LOVE to attack America (in particular the southern states) about capital punishment but ignore the mass executions in third world Countries. Perhaps Bianca Jagger is too bust enjoying Christmas in one of her many million pound homes?


  10. Grant says:

    Martin  17:50

    Of course the same lefties worshipped Mao and Stalin.
    With them, killing is not a matter of principle or even law, merely a matter of who is doing the killing.


  11. Millie Tant says:

    What has the EU got to do with this, for heaven’s sake? =-O

    They might just as well have said he is a North Hemispherean. 😛

    (Anyway, to be accurate about it, he is (as far as we know) a national of an EU Member State, (the UK), if they must bring the EU into it.)


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just now on BBC World News (BBC World News America is such a serious news programme that they’re off home for Winterval, can’t be bothered to do the news) they did a segment on the “British” man about to be (or has just been) executed in China.  They refer to him as “British” here, and not as an “EU National” because the rest of the world doesn’t give a damn about the EU, and that won’t help portray Almed Sheik in a sympathetic light.  So they call him “British” instead.

    Why do I assume motive here?  Because the presenter in the studio (female with the surname Mackenzie) asked the fey Beeboid in Beijing if the national media in China were displaying “sympathy” for the victim….er…condemned criminal.  She used the word “sympathy”.  Sure, they tried to play up whether or not it was a fair trial, trot out the mental illness defense, he had no idea that 4kg of of drugs was in his bag.  But only someone biased against the death penalty would ask if the media showed sympathy for someone getting the death penalty.  (My opinion of the sanity of the death penalty for drugs smuggling is irrelevant here.  The BBC’s opinion should be as well.)

    It would not occur to an unbiased producer or news editor to ask if the media was showing sympathy for the man.


  13. Roger C says:

    The BBC news is in full violin wailing mode this morning for this convicted criminal, not a word about the revolting crime he commited or its effects on others. The HYS comments paint a rather different view. The BBC always loves the criminal (particularly muslim ones).


  14. DP111 says:

    Akma Shaikh was born a Pakistani, had a pakistani passport and therefore citizenship, and also had a British/EU passport.

    By any reckoning he was closer to Pakistan then to Britain.

    So we have a case where a Pakistani national and Muslim, with a British passport, smuggled 4Kg of Heroin to Xinxiang, a province of China that is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism.

    Somehow, I think that the Chinese were never going to take a benign view of this. 


  15. cassandra king says:

    Its clear that the BBC are breaking the rules on impartial reporting because no BBC report has included the majority who support capital punishment.
    I wonder why the BBC chose to deny airtime to the majority public opinion who regard the execution of this convicted criminal as a good thing.
    The BBC HYS shows the strength of public opinion on the matter but at no time has the BBC reported that fact or given airtime to supporters of the Chinese action. The BBCs own guidlines state that both sides of the story should be given equal airtime and that the BBC should report the issue at hand without bias to one side, now then the question is of course, did anyone see or in fact hear the BBC report any opinion that contradicted the BBCs own political narrative?


  16. Martin says:

    Anyone else catch the Radio 5 phone in this morning? I despair at the state of our education system. A ‘teacher’ rang in, well he said he was a teacher (socialist of course) but the man could barely string a coherent sentence together over the phone, how is this moron supposed to educate children? The leftie cretin then claimed that the education system was being dumbed down because people read the Sun and not the Guardian. Perhaps the education system is being dumbed down because of halfwits like him?


  17. Heads on poles says:

    The HYS Readers recommended section is the usual breath of fresh air and does not represent BBC attitudes thank goodness.
    Should have been pay per view.
    Seasons greetings BTW!


  18. DG says:

    Do you work for the Daily Mail or just aspire to? Its possible to be right/centre right without lowering yourself to their lowly standards