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Did you see Marr on SundBlockquoteay, with Maureen lipman (Labour Supporter) and Tristam Hunt (Ex Labour Headquarters and prospective Labour candidate) reviewing the papers AND how quickly they glossed over Peter Wat’s new book! Tristram also had a go about climate change, funny his dad is a warmist ex-head of the met office.

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10 Responses to NEVER QUITE AS IT SEEMS…

  1. ovic60 says:

    The BBC has simply ignored Watts’s story.Very, very hard to imagine the BBC ignoring this if it were the Tories.

    I can only hope somebody senior within the Conservative party has noticed this behavior and will finally convince the Tories to act against it.

    For me, this behavior by the BBC indicates it is hoping and working for  at least a hung parliament.


    • Martin says:

      Spot on, remember the way the Cocaine users went after Caroline Spelman.


    • Craig says:

      ITN and Sky both featured articles about the Watt story on the front page of their websites, clearly marked, while the BBC website buried it away at the bottom of an article about Brown getting on with the job. 


  2. ryan says:

    This is appalling. Not only do they not balance a discussion they don’t disclose the prejudice. The same happened within the hour on 5Live when Sam Delaney, Heat Magazine editor (aka former researcher for Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman) bashed Cameron.


    • ovic60 says:

      I heard that “discussion” on 5Live.This is typical of Kate Silverton and her producer.
      The worst I have ever heard was a discussion on her programme of the 25 anniversary of the miners’ strike.Guests backing the miners’ action equaled 3 : a miner,a miner-supporting journalist, and a left wing comedian (who backed the miners as a student).Those in support of the 80% of miners who did not strike equaled nil, and Silverton was virtually absent from the debate,not even playing devil’s advocate.


      • dave s says:

        Ah the miners’ strike. The cause for which so many students suffered and struggled for. The defining moment of their lives. Rubbish of course but this is how the BBC libleft see the past. Through a haze of unreality.


  3. Ralph says:

    Didn’t some BBC journos demand that Iain Dale was identified as a Tory each time he was on? Odd then how they never do it to those who support Labour.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

     an article about Brown getting on with the job.

    And as that job is to destroy England as a homogenous cultural identity, we can all agree BANG-UP JOB MONG.


  5. Martin says:

    Anyone see ITV News? ITV took the piss out of Mandy telling Mong and Balls where to sit on some useless photo stunt (giving chavs free computers at our expense)

    It was so funny to see Mandy ordering these two halfwits around, needless to say the BBC didn’t cover it.


  6. ovic60 says:

    Tom Bradury of ITN will never get a job at the BBC.Contrast the approach with the BBC.