Obama Worship

The BBC’s creepy Obama obsession continues on Radio 4 with Obama’s Babies:

In Swahili Obama means ‘blessed one’ and mothers across Africa were quick to bestow the name on their offspring. ‘Obama babies’ followed in America and across Europe as parents grasped at the hope that the President Elect’s magic could rub off on their children. But one year on and with the President’s dreams being tested by reality, how have some of the babies named after him fared?

Peter White explores the hopes and fears of five families and follows their lives as the babies approach their first birthdays. For the babies – including Nancy Otieno’s son, Barack Obama, and Sasha Fisher’s baby, Sanjae Obama – it will be years before they fully comprehend the hopes and aspirations imbued in a name.

The programme focuses on five very different families, examining how our changing world, in part shaped by the man they so admire, is having an impact on their experiences.

I’ve just heard the saccharine-filled trailer for the programme – it sounds even worse than the above blurb suggests.

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22 Responses to Obama Worship

  1. Martin says:

    Why doesn’t anyone want to name their kid after Gordon Brown? After all HE saved th eworld not St Barry.


  2. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    It takes a special kind of ignorant asshole to name their child after a politican. Especially one who’s achieved so little and seems to be going for some sort of unpopularity record.
    I haven’t met one of these assclowns because I don’t live in some Third World shithole (yet) or Lefty enclave, but I’d dearly like to meet one of these people…and punch them in the throat. Damn.


  3. magiclantern1 says:

    Did anyone hear the unctuous Eddie Maier on PM last night. The whole, terrible  Haiti story was transformed into one long paean of adoring praise to the Anointed One. Nauseating.

    In my house we have dubbed BBC radio as Obama Radio Fellatio.


  4. BenS says:

    The BBC, over a year later, is still using Obama as a safety net when not much else is going on. This programme is pure desperation… I can only imagine it being unbelievably rubbish.


  5. George R says:

    And, of course there’s the American citizen and Democrat Party supporter and Obama gusher,  Simon Schama, who we Brits have financed to produced yet another 2 hours of apologetics on BBC 2, concluding last night:

    “Simon Schama on Obama’s America.” (Oh no it isn’t).


    • Martin says:

      I watched that Scharma shit. Utter utter garbage from start to finish. What next, Greg Palast?


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    “Blessed One”?  But of course.  How could it possibly be otherwise?  No wonder He was chosen to rule us.  The Beeboids are still using the language of worship even now.  “The President Elect’s magic,” the “President’s dreams”.

    The BBC must sense that His star is fading a little, so they need to restore the public faith.  As any good parish priest or rabbi will tell you, it’s often little stories like this that can have the most positive effects.  After all, if the world worships Him, your faith has not been in vain.  Laudeamus.


    • Martin says:

      The BBC paint over St Barry’s ever falling popularity and the fact the Dems are going ot get creamed up the upcoming elections. But hey let’s not let facts get in the way of a beeboid wank fest.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      DP — the ground is being prepared so that Barry doesn’t take the blame when the Mary Jo Kopechne Killer’s seat possibly goes Rep on Tuesday. 

      For any Brits not familiar with US politics, about 99.7%, this would be the equivalent of David Cameron winning Govan, Glasgow. 

      Even if Scott Brown (not to be confused with our Scot, Brown) loses by a couple of points, this would be a political EARTHQUAKE of Haiti proportions in Massechusetts.


      • Martin says:

        JB this story has gone totaly unnoticed by the wet beeboids.


        • Jack Bauer says:

          Martin — well, it can be a bit confusing for the poor manipulated BBC viewer.

          Isn’t the BBC meme that Barry is more popular than Jesus in the US? Why disturb that media fantasy with reality?

          I guarantee that should Scott Brown — who is running EXPLICITLY on an anti Barry’s Socialist Healthcare platform — actually win, he’ll get a ten second footnote on the Wednesday news.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            Don’t worry, Mark Mardell doesn’t think Scott Brown will win.  And he is even honest enough – for once – to mention that the government is going to use a dirty trick to keep Brown from being in place for the key vote.  He’s most likely mentioning this in the interests of reassuring the faithful – which has been his strong suit since taking over as BBC North America Editor – that His Health Care Plan For US will still pass, rather than in the interests of honest reporting. Honest reporting on US issues is definitely not Mardell’s forte.

            But if Brown actually does win, Mardell will water it down even more, and probably cast aspersions on the victory by blaming the fact that money from out of town flowed in by the millions to support him. If he dares mention it at all, it will be presented as highly suspect, as if it’s not common practice for people from all over the country to send money to candidates anywhere they like.


  7. Martin Hague says:

    The BBC is somewhat behind the curve. As a Brit living in the United States for the last 12 years, I can tell you that Obama is a bad joke. He is litterally making it up as he goes along, and he has an infantile understanding of the real world. His plan to tax banks in the midst of a serious lending downturn is simply the latest example. It’s like having Michael Foot running the show, albeit a better-dressed version.


  8. Martin says:

    So we have this ‘new’ independent body on drug use. Independent my arse, it’s all the wet left wing luvvies that flounced out when Nutt job got the push for disagreeing with the Government about re-classification of drugs.

    Anyone want ot bet the drug addled beeboids will be calling on this group of wet tossers every time they want apro drugs sound bite? As usual the victims of the drug taking scum won’t get their sound bite, but rich wet liberals will.


  9. Jack Bauer says:

    But one year on and with the President’s dreams being tested by reality, how have some of the babies named after him fared?

    They’re babies living in shit-hole countries, in many ways, far worse off now than during colonial times.

    Let me guess? Like shit?

    Thanks to the magnificent fruits of fabian socialism: some of the most corrosive, poverty-inducing malignant non-thinking ever foisted on poor black/brown people by smug, know-nothing, middle-class whities.


  10. George R says:

     On U.S. politics, the BBC is pro-Obama;

     on U.K. politics,  the BBC is anti-Cameron:

    “The One Show’s PPB On Behalf of the Labour Party ”



  11. edward bowman says:

    Please note the two parter by Schama on BBC 2. Most impressive, a wonderful communicator and completely unbiassed as far as Obama is concerned. A lesson for the BBC on how to present history as well as current affairs


    • George R says:

      That’s why the BBC doesn’t have non-Democrat critics reviewing Obama.

      The BBC focus on its wonderous Obama is from inside the Democrat Party. And as made perfectly clear at the time of the US Presidential election, Schama, no doubt a Democrat Party donor/member, propagandised for Obama throughout in the BBC coverage then.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Excellent satirical comment Mr Bowman.


  12. deegee says:

    10 questions on Barack Obama?

    Only a true obama groupie would care where Mr. and mrs. President went on their first date.

    Perhaps B-BBCers might like to prepare an alternative list of questions on the annointed one’s first year in office?


  13. Alcuin says:

    On Thursday’s Newsnight, it was quite amusing to see the head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit, Michaer Scheuer, describe Obama as “a foolish young man”. We were not shown the expression on the face of the lovely Emily Maitlis at such blasphemy, but I expect Mr Scheuer is not likely to grace our screens again for some time.

    Scheuer is, of course, absolutely right. The Big O’s popularity is apparently the lowest after one year in office since records began in 1938. When will voters learn that oratory and a pretty face are rarely a good guide to statesmanship.