I happened to catch the News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 earlier today and was instantly reminded why I don’t listen to it if at all possible. It’s the usual little cabal of smug left wing “comedians” droning on about all their pet subjects. So, for example, the victory of Scott Brown over in the Massachusetts election gave Jeremy Hardy and Sue Perkins (yes, quite) reason to indulge in puerile mockery – with Hardy somehow concluding that these were really Republicans that had voted in the truck-driver – condescending, uninformed and brought to you care of forced tax. They then had a go at Sarah Palin before sharing solidarity with Obama. The “humour” is always in the one direction, profoundly biased and never changes. I managed to turn this dross off – but then caught the line up for Any Answers – with Comrade Bob Crowe being eulogised. The off button was located and pushed!

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4 Responses to SNOOZEQUIZ…

  1. George R says:

     At all levels, in all the BBC programmes which aimed to eulogise Obama after one year, the ‘left’ is dumbfounded at his loss of popularity, and at the Democrats’ loss of Massachusetts seat.

    So we have BBC luvvie B.Greer casually putting it down to white racism, and others blaming Fox (which is small alongside pro-Democrat media in US) or even by Sarah Palin, for being Sarah Palin! The ‘left’s level of analysis is poor, and the BBC’s coverage is toally biased, as shown in the rather hysterical, pro-Democrat dominated ‘Newsnight’ Review last night chaired  from the ‘left’ by the BBC’s emotionally-charged gabbler, Ms Wark.


  2. Heads on poles says:

    I just don’t bother listening to this any more.
    I sincerely hope that this more blatant than usual left wing bias that has crept in over the last month or two is part of the death throes of this vile organisation.


  3. John Anderson says:

    Yes,  it is difficult to stomach the News Quiz repeat at 12.30 on Radio 4 followed by bias-hosted Any Questions.  Just as bad is Any Answers,  where Jonathan Dimbleby frequently interrupts listeners’ commenting to give his own liberal slant on things.  

    Meanwhile the BBC is droning on and on and on about the Iraq enquiry,  as if it still really matters to most people,  as if it is going to change people’s views.  The only issue of any current interest is the extent to which Brown denied funds to our armed forces.

    If the BBC spent a fraction of the time devoted to the Iraq post-mortem on a fair and full examination of the collapse of Obama’s popularity,  the audience might become a bit better informed. 


  4. 1327 says:

    Its funny how some Radio 4 shows remind you of certain periods of time “Just a Minute” always feels like a panel show from the early 70’s as everyone is polite , no one swears and its quite funny. The News Quiz however is forever stuck in the early 80’s. Thatch is in power and unfunny lefties are touring the coal fields doing agit prop comedy shows that actually lower miners morale still lower !

    To be fair the show hasn’t always been like this. Many years ago Barry Took was in the chair followed by Simon whats his face and Alan Coren on was on almost weekly making fun of the lefties. But since Alan died the SWP’ers run the show unchallenged by the minature lesbian who runs things these days.

    Incidentally Mark Steel isn’t a SWP’er anymore and doesn’t seem to be working as much as he did. I have read a few newspaper articles by him and its hard to say if he is just looking for a new small lefty party to join or if he is starting the same long journey to the right that Melanie Philips made.