Remember the video of the UAF thug, laughing and mocking the fact that a single woman had been hospitalised by his UAF brethren? This one.  Well guess what?….His names Anthony J Richardson and he’s a Beeboid “comedian”…. 
hat-tip Dazed and Confused.

Here’s a FURTHER essential look at the “irresistibly nuts” comic at Max Farquar


I happened to catch the News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 earlier today and was instantly reminded why I don’t listen to it if at all possible. It’s the usual little cabal of smug left wing “comedians” droning on about all their pet subjects. So, for example, the victory of Scott Brown over in the Massachusetts election gave Jeremy Hardy and Sue Perkins (yes, quite) reason to indulge in puerile mockery – with Hardy somehow concluding that these were really Republicans that had voted in the truck-driver – condescending, uninformed and brought to you care of forced tax. They then had a go at Sarah Palin before sharing solidarity with Obama. The “humour” is always in the one direction, profoundly biased and never changes. I managed to turn this dross off – but then caught the line up for Any Answers – with Comrade Bob Crowe being eulogised. The off button was located and pushed!

Don’t know if you ever listen to The Now Show on Radio 4. I caught it earlier and whilst I don’t really mind Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (Typical BBC types but they can be funny and do poke fun at quite a few targets) I do find Marcus Brigstocke and his contributions truly revolting.

Posh boy Marcus likes to play the class warrior – Ben Elton with a bigger sneer – and his little rant on this programme came down to a feral attack on the UKIP and BNP voters. He also produced nasty personal attacks on Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin. I suspect the reason that Marcus is so omnipresent on the BBC schedule is that in his own childish but arrogant fashion, his imbecilic comments reflect that narrative of the BBC. So, we were told by Marcus that ONLY the Green Party had performed well in the recent elections – a complete lie. Don’t get me wrong, I think comedy should be challenging. But where on the BBC is there a right of liberal comic who mocks Islam, who damns socialism, who attacks the State? Brigstocke is your ten a penny sneering lefty hypocrite- and the BBC can’t get enough of him. Worth your license tax?