The latest climate scare story from the BBC is this gem. Plants are going to be on permanent high alert and a lot smellier. Why this is a problem is not quite clear, but hey, this is climate change work, there’s lots of money in pursuing this line of research, so the authors clearly believe it’s something we should worry about – and the BBC think its worth covering. Who’s the reporter? Matt Walker, who is also editor of BBC Earth News, based at the Natural History Unit in Bristol, increasingly a source of climate alarmism. Oh, and Matt is also a former reporter for New Scientist, and still a contributor. He was writing scare stories like this, even before the BBC caught climate fanaticism. And that will be the New Scientist that is so fervently pro-warmist that it publishes stories with titles such as “50 Reasons Why Warming isn’t Natural”.

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2 Responses to IT STINKS…

  1. d_clemo says:

    I was wacthing an old TimeTeam on Discovery yesterday. One of archaeologists said that sea levels were far higher in Roman times. These warmists must think we’re stupid.


  2. Heads on poles says:

    This’ll tie in nicely with the BBC story last night that Spring is now arriving 11 days earlier than it 30 years ago and the effect on nature will be catastrophic – bees with no plants, birds with no bees – all very end of world.
    They just won’t let it go.