More Palin Bashing

When Barack Obama was mocked recently for addressing a sixth grade class, and later a committee meeting, with teleprompters present, did the BBC report it? No.
When he was mocked recently for repeatedly mispronouncing “Navy corpsman” as “Navy corpse-man” at the National Prayer Breakfast, did the BBC report it? No.
When he was mocked recently for saying, “The Middle East is a problem that has plagued the region for centuries”, a line right up there with any Bushism, did the BBC report it? No.

But Sarah Palin jots a few words on her hand and already the BBC has responded with two news articles (neither of which finds space to mention Palin’s amusing “Hi Mom” response to the media frenzy). No doubt broadcast versions of BBC news have also covered the story with equal glee.

Unfortunately for all the rabid Palin-haters at the BBC and elsewhere, the repeated attacks on her don’t appear to be doing her any harm within the increasingly influential Tea Party movement. I like the House of Dumb description of Palin as Roadrunner and her detractors as Wile E Coyote:

Every single time they think they’ve totally nailed her, they somehow end up under the boulder while Sarah disappears in the distance.

Update 7pm. Some neat reactions from Monica Crowley and Sean Hannity and guests (hat tips Jack and John in the comments). And here’s an earlier Hannity on Gibbs.

And in related news, here’s Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler on the Jo Behar Show on Monday, showing us all just how much more intelligent she is than Sarah Palin:

ENSLER: Well, I just think the idea that she doesn’t believe in global warming is bizarre.
BEHAR: Every scientist at every note believes in it but Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in it.
ENSLER: And I think we just kind of have to walk around the world at this point and look at what is happening to nature and earthquakes and tsunamis.

Global warming = earthquakes and tsunamis. I wonder how many luvvie actresses who have appeared in Ensler’s play over the years have slagged off Palin for being stupid.

[I’m sure our old friend Scott will be keen to report this story in The Stage. Suggestions welcome for the headline. I’ll set things rolling with “The Vagina Dumbalogues” and “All About Eve (Stupid Bitch)”]

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24 Responses to More Palin Bashing

  1. George R says:

    Melanie Phillips, re-Sarah Palin:


    “How is it then that such an all-time airhead who, we were reliably informed, was ‘toast’ when she bowed out of Alaskan politics, has now put herself at the head of the most significant grassroots movement in America, the ‘Tea-Party’ populist revolt? The ‘Tea-Party’ movement started as a set of word-of mouth spontaneous protests against big government in general and Obama’s policies in particular; it caught fire and has now grown into a force big enough seriously to discomfit the Obamatons (and also the Republicans). As with all movements which reflect the passionately held views of ordinary people that they are not being listened to, the ‘Tea-Party’ movement was ignored and scorned in equal measure by the American pundocracy and dismissed by mainstream politician.”


  2. Martin says:

    You only have to listen to Richard Bacon spouting his hatred of Palin to know where the BBC is on this story.

    Yesterday Bacon interviewed one of Bush’s ex speach writers and they just HAD to launch into a Bush is a moron session with sound bites to go with it.


  3. George R says:

    BBC is always criticising Sarah Palin, and always has Muslim, ex-Gitmo Ethiopian Binyam Mohamed as the BBC’s poster-boy: he’s back today on BBC Frontpage!


  4. Beeboidal says:

    From the BBC’s second story on Robert Gibbs’ jibe at Palin:

    “The jibe reportedly drew groans from reporters present.”

    ‘Reportedly’ drew groans? No reportedly about it -they goaned. Instead of putting the video of Gibbs into this story, the Beeboids put the Palin video up again. I’m sure with the vast resources at its disposal, the Beeb can find the Gibbs video and insert it. If not, helpful as always, I’ll provide a link to it.


  5. John Anderson says:

    Some ideas on why the liberals including BBC hacks just hate Palin – and why they cannot get a grip on her :


  6. Jack Bauer says:

    Talking about the fourth talentless Bee Gee, Robert Gibbs, Sean Hannity on Fox New Channel, ran a hilarious compilation taken from yesterdays press briefing.

    It ran for about a minute and a half and featured all Gibb’s umms, ahhhs and total inability to answer a question.

    He should have written a couple of words on his hand.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Correction:  It turns out that I had the wrong idea and The Obamessiah did not need a teleprompter to address a group of children.  He needed the teleprompter set up an adjoining classroom so he could address a few reporters.  Yeah, that’s much better.

    Sarah Palin, on the other hand, used a couple of crib notes for her first big convention appearance in over a year, and the haters are freaking out.  Never mind that she apparently uttered a whole bunch of other words without the need of notes or a teleprompter.  Yet, the genius Obamessiah – so much smarter than Palin, right? – can’t even speak to a group of reporters about a policy which he has been promoting for months without a teleprompter.

    But the BBC’s priorities are clear.  After all, Sarah Palin is their second-most hated female politician in the world.

    It’s also extremely partisan for the BBC to follow up on their initial report with a piece about the White House spokesman mocking her in front of reporters. A class act, this Obamessiah Administration.  And the BBC dutifully laps it up and regurgitates it for you, at your expense.

    NB:  I stand by my assertation that the BBC didn’t report on The Obamessiah’s apparent teleprompter gaffe at the time because of their support for Him and efforts to promote His image.  They had no idea it was a false story then – they just refused to mention it due to bias.


  8. ltwf1964 says:

    I’m glad I no longer subsidise this cesspit of an organisation to spout their liberal lefty bile


  9. Beeboidal says:

    Victory! The BBC have now inserted the Gibbs video into the second story. However, the word ‘reportedly’ still appears in the phrase “The jibe reportedly drew groans from reporters present” and should be removed. I thank the duty Beeboid for his/her efforts thus far.


  10. John Anderson says:

    I like Monica Crowley’s comments on Gibbs – classless buffon –
    and on Palin’s “Hi Mom” response to the leftie nutters including the BBC –


  11. Martin says:

    Palin was attacked on Radio 5 drive’s show. Lots of sneering and they of course played liar Gibbs’ silly comments. They even had a go at Palin for daring to suggest the black Jesus used a teleprompter. Honestly the BBC really is a turd fest of twats.


  12. Martin says:

    But the BBC have used videos from the south east Asia Tsunami in global warming reports as well (talking about weather causing devastation)


  13. John Horne Tooke says:

    If Palin read notes from an A5 notebook it would not have any baring on us here in Britain. The BBC seem to pick a “hate figure” and constantly report anything that they think will be derisory to the “conservative ideology” – this is not even news worthy. But it does show that the BBC have an agenda.


  14. Paddy says:

    Before W had opened his mouth as President the Beeb condemned him. They were out to get him from the off because he was everything a trendy lefty hates. A genuinely good communicator who was able time and again to catch the public mood. Yes he spoke in a fisher price way but he didnt try and run the country on some giant wizard of Oz style lie. There were no teleprompters he just spoke from the hip. For that the left crucified him. He could have brought peace to the world and cured cancer and still the beeb would have condemned him because he was more well liked than them.

    Palin again is popular. She doesnt have to act like a reject from LA law. She speaks in simple understandable terms and the people love her for it. The slick and sleazy Obamessiah will have a big battle on his hands if he has to fight Palin direct in the next election.
    People have already looked behind the big green curtain and have found the wizard out to be a pathetic little snake oil salesman.

    Remember the hatchet job they did on Portillo. I hadn’t heared Portillo speak before the beeb had him pegged as some cross between Moseley and Goebels. I honestly had the view that the man must be some sought of  throwback to fascism. In the end he turned out to be a rather wet bicurious centrist Tory. They had gone for him because of fear because they knew he could have offered an alternative to Blair. I posit the idea that this is why Auntie hates Palin. Because she can out pressuregroup/minority Obama. Because she is young and Potentially could last a long time at the top. She’s bright without being an intellectual snob and most importantly she comes across as scincere which is a bit of a struggle for Barry.

    Barry O is no Martin Luther King. He is no John F Kennedy. He’s not even Jimmy Carter.


  15. Paddy says:

    oops sorry for th spelling


  16. John Anderson says:

    The estimable Bill Whittle – an amateur to TV – gives a far better explanation of the Tea Party movement than all the millions of pounds we spend on BBC “reporting”.

    He seems a better screen performer than most BBC presenters.  Plus he has one clear advantrage – he’s trying to tell the truth,  iis critical of both sides of the aisle.  So far,  BBC treatment of the Tea Party movement has been to try to ignore it,  or to demonise it – including use of the sex term teabagging which probvably contravenes BBC editorial rules on taste and decency.   The BBC has also had a long-running kneejerk reaction against Palin – the fun thing is,  it has all been pointless,  they can’t suppress eith the Tea Parties or La Palin.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So far, the BBC has given you exactly one reasonable report on the Tea Party movement.  They ignored it for a couple of months, then slandered and insulted it on April 15, then ignored it again for 8 months.  This includes, as far as I’m aware, BBC America, which is made in the US and targeted at the US audience.

      It wasn’t until Katty Kay’s piece a couple of weeks ago – after reality forced them to acknowledge it – that the BBC even dared touch the subject again.  Katty’s report was fair, and generally let the participants speak for themselves.  Sure, Katty and her Democrat editors and producers at BBC America took care not to show any footage of non-whites, and Katty scowled the whole time as if desperately trying not to show fear, but overall it was fine.  No lying, no insulting, which is a big improvement.

      But again, that’s one report out of an entire year of total silence, concerning over a thousand individual events, and a few local political victories, and a huge amount of press in the US for months and months.

      So basically all Bill Whittle has to do is say a couple words about basic values, and he’ll have informed you more in a few minutes than the BBC has in an entire year.


  17. dave s says:

    “Hopey Changey’ -brilliant. The most devastating of  jibes at the left. Two words that sum up the juvenile absurdity of contemporary lefty politics.
    No wonder they hate her. Go for President Sarah and then watch the left and the BBC self destruct in fury. Scorn is the one thing the left can’t stand.
    Cameron please note.


  18. deegee says:

    Just because the BBC Palin bashes is no reason for the B-BBC to Palin boost. The next elections are way off. Sarah is front-runner only because no one else is yet in the race.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Apart from Huckabee, Gingrich, Romney and a couple of governors whose names escape me at the moment.


  19. All Seeing Eye says:

    As for the headline competition, you can’t beat Ed Discroll’s: Top Scientists, Feminist Playwrites Agree: Fire Make Sea Gods, Vaginas Angry! 


  20. Millie Tant says:

    Well, she’s funny and it’s her birthday today, so I say “Happy Birthday!” to Sarah. 🙂