Last evening’s Question Time, liveblogged in this parish, is a great example of the toxic working of the State Broadcaster. You see it had a clear propaganda job to do last night on behalf of the Government, a task it facilitated with practised ease. You see Question Time came from Belfast last night and just last week the major political event here was the Democratic Unionist Party rolling over on their pledges and conceding IRA/Sinn Fein – the organisation that murdered police officers and judges – the right to now have a veto over every decision affecting police officers and judges. The Government warmly approves of this naked appeasement, of course, and so QT trundled into Belfast. And the audience – that alleged random selection of the public – was all set up to ensure that each time the IRA convict, Old Bailey bomber and Sinn Fein delegate Gerry Kelly spoke, there was rapturous applause for him. Each time the DUP delegate on the panel spoke, there was applause. And when the ONLY person on the panel who opposes this shameful surrender – my political colleage Jim Allister even tried to speak – David Dimbleby interrupted him and the audience met his comments in frosty silence. The media message was simple – EVERYONE supports what has been done here last week. Nothing could be further than the truth but then again the BBC is very far from the truth. The bias lies in the structure of the audience and the willingness of the BBC to act as whores to perpetuate government policy. Just saying….

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3 Responses to HOW BBC BIAS WORKS…

  1. George R says:

    Yes, the BBC’s political bias is systematic, and corrosive of democracy – operating on a global, national and local level.


  2. Martin says:

    I now understand why so many people leave NI. I really don’t know how you manage ot live there David with so many halfwits running the place.


  3. Barking Spider says:

    They behaved like a bunch of petulant schoolchildren, DV, trying to score the usual petty points that had nothing to do with any question asked – useless twats! >:o