The comedian Mitch Benn, having been fingered as an active Greenie by taking part in a Green party fund-raising event, attempted to justify in a series of responses to this post his partisan approach. I suppose I sort of congratulate him for at least making an effort; but his foray into what he clearly regarded as enemy territory ended in tears – he departed waspishly calling all the contributors to this site right-wing ranting bigots. His stance yet again illustrates all that is wrong with the BBC mindset. Like all of them, Mitch, talented as he may be, regards any view that is not suitably trendy and liberal as right-wing thuggery, flat-earthism or racism.

And his justification for taking part in the show was totally bizarre. He claimed he was not a green, but thought he would join in because as a struggling party, it deserved a shot in the arm; sadly, he couldn’t do the same for BNP because they were racist thugs. That’s as may be. But I’m afraid, Mitch, that turning up to take part in a gig which had the sole aim of trying to get a Green party candidate elected in Brighton is partisanship, however it is presented.

One further thought. Isn’t it strange that all the comedians who appear on BBC comedy show seem to support the same views? I can’t see Brigstocke et al turning up to do a fund-raiser in John Bercow’s seat to support Nigel Farage of UKIP. Can you?

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  1. Martin says:

    I wonder how many miles this pillock flies a year? Has he ever worked out the Carbon footprint of putting on a show that then invites large numbers of people to attend (remember the awful Earth day at Wembley?)


    • Lewis Dunn says:

      Mitch Benn doesn’t really travel abroad, certainally not touring.


  2. ryan says:

    I wrote the the Controller of Radio 4 and Rich Bailey, the BBC’s Chief Political Adviser about this yesterday.

    I am concerned that at least two to the contributors, including Mr Benn, of the forthcoming political satire on Radio 4 show, The Vote Now Show, are publicly supporting the Green Party.

    Comedy is used as a trojan horse to promote particular political points of view as I have written here before and I am concerned there will be no balance in the programme.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      It would be interesting to know his reply (thats if you do indeed get one).


  3. Martin says:

    The nutters are out in force on the radio today. 5 Live phone in, some chap suggested in relation to councils having to save money that perhaps people should pay 20p to take out a book each time. A nutter called in (obviously Nu Liebour or SWP) and stated he was a “book burner”.

    Then some Muslim  from Tower Hamlets came on and attacked the same bloke who had suggested that councils could save money by not translating everything into 20 languages. Muzzie went into a rant about the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite what that has to do with anything, but the poisoned jock mincer Campbell let him rant of course.


  4. AndyUk06 says:

    These people really do take us for idiots. If you replace red with green, and replace the proletariat with the environment, there is absolutely no difference between Greens and Marxist thugs.


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    Is it just my computer or has the comments system been even slower than usual recently?


  6. Stewart Knight M says:

    I wrote a long and detailed response to each and every one of his points, but it wouldn’t let me upload it, Never mind, he is saved and slotted for future.

    You forgot to mention too that we are all, obviously, criminal climate chage deniers and haters of the planet.

    I wonder what wankers like Benn and Brgstok would do if they had to work in a real job?


  7. rightofcentre says:

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    <img src=”” title=”This user is an administrator”/> Roland Deschain<img src=””/>
    Is it just my computer or has the comments system been even slower than usual recently?

    Yesteday the JSkit bit of the comments was veryslow toload, seems ok today.


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Oh don’t flatter yourselves.

    I didn’t “retire hurt”, as you so childishly put it, I just realised that my intention in joining in the “discussion” – putting my own case over and maybe offering you a perspective on things Beeb-related you might not get t hear very often – was futile, as rather than address any points I tried to raise, you simply screamed “COMMUNIST” at me like it was 1952 and you were the HUAC (look it up). No tears on my part, I assure you.

    If you want to nominate someone for a proper debate on the merits or otherwise of the BBC, then fine, but I now realise this little crypto-fascist circle-jerk really ISN’T the place to try it. Sorry I wasted your (evidently abundant) time and REALLY sorry I wasted mine.

    Give me a call when you feel like growing up a bit.

    Stay – no sorry, GET classy.



    • Martin says:

      “crypto-fascist circle-jerk” 🙂 I call Gordon Brown that all the time.

      On a serious note Mitch sweetie I’ve flown ONCE in 15 years, can you please tell us how many times you’ve flown?

      Can you please explain why rich celebrities continually align themselves with the green movement yet are the most polluting people on the planet?

      I will give you one simple example. Emma Thompson opposes the building of the third runway at Heathrow which I have no problem with, except Ms Thompson of course continually flies out of Heathrow to visit her luvvie buddies in Hollywood. Don’t you think the Hollywood/media lot like you should actually set an example by burning your passport live on TV and actually lead by example?

      Just a thought. Perhaps you might learn something that people should live by their values, if flying is killing the planet (as the Greens suggest) shouldn’t the people who pollute the most give up their flying first?


    • Travis Bickle says:

      Christ, this guy is sensitive.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I’ve had a quick look back at the comments, and I can’t see anyone that screamed COMMUNIST at you. No doubt others will correct me if I’ve missed it. You have been called left wing – is that what you’re objecting to? If that makes this place a “little crypto-fascist circle-jerk” in your eyes then it bears out every criticism levelled at the BBC comedy establishment here over the years.

      Did you seriously expect to come on here and have no-one challenge your views? Was that your idea of a “proper debate”?


    • D B says:

      Just got back from another unsuccessful search for my local chapter of the crypto-fascists. They’re obviously far too keen on the “crypto” part. Another solo jerk it is, then (or “Marcus”, as I believe it’s also known).


    • Guest says:

      ‘you won’t be forced to contemplate viewpoints other than your own anymore. Not by me anyway.’  

      Gotta say, an epic ‘that’s it, I’m off, never to return’ flounce, followed by a ‘can’t resist a last word’ daily tirade, IS pretty darn funny.


    • AndyUk06 says:

      Not doing a good job of ignoring us is he?

      An overly sensitive beeboid not used to being contradicted yet thinks nothing of smearing others with differing viewpoints as “fascists”, “racist gangsters”, ad nauseum. What really get up the noses of the Mitch Benns of this world is that someone other than sycophantic BBC friends, hangers-on and those under his employ expose him for the disingenuous hypocrite that he is.

      Do you fly Mitch? Or drive / use a tour bus? Use the toilet? In fact, do you do anything that is not 100% eco-friendly?  And if so when are you going to stop? I’ve been posting here long enough to know that nothing irks B-BBCers more than eco-hypocrisy as practised by “green” celebrities who spout virtue but belch hundreds of tons of carbon themselves.

      Whether you agree with them or not, the “crypto-fascist circle-jerks” (bit below the belt that one Mitch) certainly perform the useful function of putting the brakes on the kind of egotism that causes precious beeboids like you to forever assume the sun shines out of their backsides.


    • DJ says:

      Personally, my favourite bit was him offering us ‘ a perspective on things Beeb-related you might not get t hear very often’

      Yes, because God knows, with barely more than half of the journailists working in Britain today on its payroll, it’s hard for the BBC to get it’s message out these days. 

      Its one of the central psychosis of the Beeboids that they’re genuinely outraged that there may be a crofter or two in the north of Scotland who manages to escape their wall of nonsense.


    • Marky says:

      What do you mean “crypto-fascist circle-jerks”? Some of us who post on B-BBC hate all forms of authoritarianism, but it seems that you have your left eye closed when it comes to oppression, tyranny and general all round nasty-as-shit-ism. When it comes to circle-jerks you really should look at BBC ‘alternative’ comedy for that, especially fake game shows and when it comes to fascism you should look at how the licence fee is enforced.


  9. Bupendra says:

    the HUAC (look it up).

    House Unamerican Activities Commitee.

    didn’t have to look it up.


    • DJ says:

      I did have to look it up, albeit only to cionfirm that HUAC’s famous hearings into Hollywood were indeed in 1947 not 1952 – which is the kind of mistake people make when they work in a political monoculture where throwing around random references to the supposed evils of the right is hailed as great insight.


  10. Paul says:

    Bitch Menn why not admit it was wrong for two members of the BBC to openly endorse the election of a Green? Also could you focus on the anti-Semitism and terror supporting tendencies of the Greens?  You know actually answer the points that are made?



    • Georgina Harvey says:

      perhaps if you hadn’t made such a dreadful pun which distracts from your argument, perhaps someone would …


  11. Paddy says:

    I have to say he’s got a little more’ spunk’ (as the americans call it) than that tosser Jupitus or Chickenstocke.

    If you hold off the insults but challenge him on his obvious hypocrisy we could have a bit of fun.

    Maybe we could teach the misguided fool the error of his ways and he could be our normal person on the inside of those neo-com nest of vipers.

    Basically challenge him but dont resort to insults.

    Its much more fun pricking their bubbles with well crafted argument than resort to petty namecalling.

    I miss scott and Pingu. We dont have any beeboid trolls any more and theres nobody here to get a rise out of.

    Like a cat with a mouse , its more fun to play with it a while rather than scare it away or kill it straight off. Wheres the fun in that


    • Roland Deschain says:

      He isn’t interested in well-crafted argument. He just wants us to know that we’re wrong and he’s right. Otherwise we’re fascists.


  12. Lewis Dunn says:

    Wait so your are complaining that a comedian has their own set of political ideas?


    • Paddy says:

      No we are complaining that all the comedians mentioned actually only have one set of political ideas. If they had a multitude there would be no problem its just that they, like some little socialist italics, all lean the same way.


      • Lewis Dunn says:

        So what you’re saying is that these comedians should be completely unbiased in their views? That’s ridiculous, they base a large percentage of their comedy on their views. Right wing and Left Wing comedians exists for both sides, it’s just left wing comics tend to be… funnier.


        • John Anderson says:

          Most of the BBC’s comedians are left wing and unfunny.

          Right-wing comedians are – absent.


        • Paddy says:

          Lewis, No I’m not saying they should be unbiased at all its just there are plenty of thngs to laugh about about the left.
          There is their self righteous pomposity for a start.
          There is their total disregard for the real poor and underpriveleged who they continually treat in a patronising insensitive way rather like 19th century missionairies treated ‘the fuzzy wuzzys’.

          We’ve got to look after them we know best god help us if they were actually given the tools to choose for themselves. No , much better the nanny Harriet and her gang of patronising public school trots make the decisions for them poor loves.

          Where were the comedians taking the piss out of the AGW establishment. Even left wing comedians in the states had a pop but oh no the mock the week twonks could only find fertile ground with the deniers.

          70s humour had become stale with Jim Davison and Jimmy Tarbuck and alternative was just that . It was an alternative to the mainstream. Now its just the same sad sneering crap we heard long ago in the 80s with Ben elton and the Mary white house experience and their ilk.

          Its like bloody ground hog day. BBC comedy is becoming the Simon Cowell of satire repeating the same old tired formula untill it disappears up its own arse.

          Somebody has to inform the Beeb Thatch isnt in power. She hasnt been for a bloody long time. Chippy artschool socialism is getting lame. Move on ffs.

          Theres an old joke about prisoners in Jail yelling 73 and laughing and then yelling 35 and falling about. Because they’d heard every joke one thousand times. Dara and his mates should just call the numbers if they’ve got nothing new to say.


        • Lloyd says:

          Perhaps you could give us a run down on the last half dozen “right-wing” comedians to appear on the bbc? I won’t hold my breath.


  13. Lloyd says:

    I just love twitter friends.


  14. Peter Chandler says:

    Seems you lot will only be happy when the BBC shows only programmes You Like, agrees politically with Everything You Say and is completely free of charge. But with no adverts.


    • John Anderson says:

      Rubbish.  We just want BALANCE – which the BBC has a statutory duty to provide.  Not endless leftie bias in the “news”,  and endless boring leftie “comedians” / ranters.


    • Stewart Knight M says:

      I don’t want it free of charge or without adverts, or to agree with me in any way, or even make programmes I want to see; I want the choice whether to pay for it and arseholes like Mitch Benns wages.

      You want it you pay, but don’t berate for me not wanting to you fucking prick.


    • Paddy says:

      If you care to check we all come from a variety of backgrounds. I a disillusioned Lib dem, some here are from the right of labour some are from the tories some from UKIP and cassie is slghtly to the right of Genghis Khan (Sorry Cass 😉 ) We are as wide and as varied a bunch as you are likely to see on any campaigning critical website.

      I am a ‘soft’  irish nationalist Catholic. DV is a pipe playing drum banging Prot. WE manage to respect each others views and usually the standard of debate is pretty good.

      We have a few pet trolls who you no doubt have seen the links to posted on Mitch’s site. They keep things entertaining and in most cases there is some lively thought provoking stuff written here.

      We all have one thing in common, we are dissatisfied in varying degrees with the organisation that is supposed to be our National broadcaster.

      You may think of us as some hive brain all after one goal but you would be dead wrong.

      I for one want the beeb to be more representative. I dont want a blue beeb just a multi coloured one which reflects the reality of the UK population. I dont mean some multi culti beige soup but a broadcaster that respects and reflects the full spectrum of Britains social Political and religious life.

      My opinion which is not held by all here is the beeb is

      Anti Christian (apart from the bland pleasantries of songs of praise)

      Anti Semitic ( Even if mildly and unconsciously so)

      Anti British ( With one or two notable exceptions)

      Anti Business (Apart from labour doner Alan Sugar)

      Pro Labour Left (Basically the media wing of the Harriet Harmann looney left)

      Anti American (Apart from the Obamessiah)

      Totally Union biased (Look at all the eulogies to the NUM)

      Totally in the pocket of the Global warming pushers. ( when did Green peace become experts. they are just a political pressure group and yet they always get wheeled in as some sought of authority.)

      Pro Guardian ( Well over half of their recruitment budget)

      Anti Science (Science grads are as rare at Al Beeb as Churches in Saudi arabia)

      Pro Cuban

      Pro Chavez

      Totally London Centric

      Hand wringing Islington Chardonay socialist Luvvies.


      • John Anderson says:

        Glorious,  Paddy.

        I would only add – Anti-our armed forces


      • Marky says:

        Good post Paddy. Sums up my feelings on this matter, other than I feel that a tax for owning TV is inherently wrong.


  15. Stewart Knight M says:

    Juat listen to her, aren’t you precious Mitch dear?

    Nobody shouted and went for you, they just amswered the crap you put up. You seem to think because you cry and get all weepy we are bad people and what you say must be true; it isn’t.

    Get over yourself girly, and you have proved beyond a doubt that you really do belong at the BBC.


  16. Andrew Ian Dodge says:

    I have worked with Mitch Benn in my band Growing Old Disgracefully, a studio group. I don’t think its fair to paint him as anything politically. I have spent quite a bit of time with him and know he is not the slightest bit like the knee-jerk loons in the Green Party. He thinks for himself. Criticise him for doing the gig fine, but I would advise against making assumptions. 


    • Paddy says:

      Andrew, Fair do’s but you can understand the reaction here.I dont thnk many here have anything against the guy and I wish him every success but he’s playing along side poster boys for all that this site hates about BBC comedy output. One sided biased leftwing crap. Crap we all have to pay for.
      Your mate may be no loon but some of his buddies are and he is raising money for a bunch of tree huggers.

      I admire you for sticking up for a friend and hope people here will respect you for it and lay off your mate a bit. If he would like to come back and chat we dont bite and contrary to common belief we are not all right wing wingnuts we a just a bit pissed off about how our money is spent.

      Good luck


    • AndyUk06 says:

      Good point well made Andrew.

      I actually enjoyed immensely Mitch Benn’s “Scary Weirdos” piece he did some years back. And his observations on Rottweiler owners (“Tattoo-wielding tossers called Barry!”).

      But he made the mistake of making some pretty generalized assumptions about Biased BBC and the people that blog here, so its no surprise he got the reaction he did.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I like the fact that you wrote on behalf of your friend in a straightforward, genuine way, without patronising or insulting anybody here. You do more credit to Mitch Benn than he does for himself.

      People on here have far more intelligence than some people give them credit for. Those who come on trying to patronise and play the Smart Alec, instead of making a genuine point, will be roared at >:o and left reeling but will probably have no idea why because they have very little openness, insight or genuine interest in questioning ideas, whether their own or anyone else’s.


  17. Travis Bickle says:

    One thing you can say about this Mitch Benn, and all his handbag warriors, for a comedian he sure can give it but he certainly can’t take it.


  18. ap-w says:

    Hey Mitch, have you ever thought of putting together a comedy song based around all the “predictions” of the climate change lobby that have been proved completely false, and ridiculing the views of those who try and explain every local weather pattern by reference to climate change (except where the weather dooesn’t quite behave as they would like it to). I’m looking forward to hearing it.