What if they were Republicans?

From The Washington Examiner:

Democrats have suffered from a string of scandals reminiscent of the corruption that plagued the GOP before the party lost the majority in Congress four years ago…
Charlie Rangel… is under investigation by the House ethics committee for five separate matters…
Eric Massa…stands accused of sexually harassing a male staffer…
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating whether (Governor David) Paterson improperly interfered in a domestic abuse case involving one of his aides.

Of those stories, only Paterson’s has been covered briefly by the BBC and – surprise surprise – the article fails to mention which party he belongs to. Google News searches on Rangel and Massa reveal a total lack of interest, even after fresh revelations about the latter’s bizarre predatory sexual behaviour.

It is completely inconceivable that the BBC would have dealt with these stories in the same manner if Republican politicians had been involved. The word “Republican” would be blazing from headlines and highlighted in the opening sentences of numerous articles. The “Republican sleaze” narrative would be unstoppable.

But these are Democrat scandals, and Democrat scandals simply don’t get BBC journalistic juices flowing. Move along now, nothing to see here. Come back when a Republican does something wrong.

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2 Responses to What if they were Republicans?

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nice one, DB.  And you’re absolutely right.  When it’s about a Republican politician, the BBC doesn’t hesitate to tell you about it, and takes care to label him as both a “conservative senator” and a Republican.

    Of course, that’s because this particular politician was a gay hypocrite.  The thing is, the guy the BBC rushed to report on is in a local state legislature, and not even in Congress.  Yet this story is far more important to Beeboids because of the anti-gay angle.  Massa is also a gay hypocrite, seeing as he’s married to a woman and refuses to answer questions about his sexual orientation.  But he’s a Democrat and didn’t vote against gay rights, so he’s less of a story, even though he’s in Congress, all over the US news, and more than a local pol.

    What’s even more shameful about the BBC’s failure to report on Massa is that the Dem leadership knew about his behavior and didn’t care until he became an obstacle to passing ObamaCare.  The BBC can’t report that because it makes their beloved Obamessiah look bad, and taints the efforts to pass “health care reform”.

    And don’t even get me started on the corrupt Rangel, who happens to be the Representative for my district in Congress.


  2. Beeboidal says:

    To add to David’s post, I got a list deemed to be Republican scandals from a left-leaning blog ( I didn’t bother to check what the nature or veracity of the scandals, although a couple are known to me). These were Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney, Mark Foley, Karherine Harris, Tom DeLay, Curt Weldon and Conrad Burns. With the possible exception of Weldon. all are reported on the BBC website and all are identified as Republicans, or in Abramoff’s case, associated with Republicans.