"State or private?"

Cristina Odone:

I am sitting in a BBC Green Room. It’s school holidays, and I have no one to baby-sit Isabella, aged 6, so I bring her along to my interview. The programme presenter, well known for her liberal views, pops in: “Hullo – your daughter?” she smiles at Izzy. I nod, yes. The presenter looks at me: “State or private?”

“State or private”. Not, “how old?” or “how sweet” or any number of friendly comments a grown-up makes upon meeting a child who is feeling self-conscious in an unfamiliar place. State or private: that has become the ultimate litmus test for so-called liberals today. (So-called, because what is liberal about a group that mocks and ostracises anyone who does not share its values?)

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6 Responses to "State or private?"

  1. George R says:

    I’m surprised the BBC didn’t ask: ‘Do you know the father, or was it a donor’?


  2. dave s says:

    That peculiar BBC liberal-left mindset over education is at variance with the reality.
    Private education and grammar school education are demonstrably better than comprehensive.
    To obscure reality by invented dogma is the only way the libleft can cope. it is all unravelling now so we should sit back and enjoy the ride.


  3. Marky says:

    Dispicable BBC.

    “Following the Second World War, education became less and less a means of passing on knowledge, and increasingly the method of transforming society. But it was New Labour that anointed education as the emblem of all policy. Education was a political playing field, upon which they fought a class war.”



  4. Marky says:

    The answer to “State or private?” should have been “left-wing BBC ****? (after covering child’s ears) No need to answer you’ve just exposed yourself…”


  5. Scrappydoo says:

    What would be the correct answer?  BBC staff are on such good pay and perks and following the example of many lefty politicians, private school would be the right response.  Whatever you say you will get it wrong!


  6. piggy kosher says:

    The correct response was of course, “Being educated at home. Of course we never let him/her watch violent TV or any beeboid “news or current affairs” output”.