Happy Easter, Papa

I hold no brief for the Pope; I am a Protestant if anything. However, I do recognise when the forces of Progressivism see an opp for agitation, and that time is now. As a Briton, I don’t really give a damn about the proclivities of papists. If guilty of a crime, let ’em go to jail. If not, let them be like every other oddity up with which we put. I cannot think of any justification for the BBC’s intense interest in the Catholic church and child sex. Can it be that there are limits to tolerance? How borgeois! Or is it just al Beeb seeking to stick it into another institution of western civilisation? As a reader/viewer/citizen, I just find their scrutiny bizarre, three days running by my count. Why are the Beebies so obsessed with Catholic child sex?

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  1. Millie Tant says:

    The other day while looking at yet another article about the Catholic Church on the BBC website I was struck by the sheer length of the list of assorted links and headings for further reading.  So I counted them and there were 26! The BBC not obsessed much then.

     It reminds me a bit of the traditional News of the World obsession with stories of vicars and sex in which the News of the World of course roundly condemns the wickedness of errant vicars and parishioners while relishing reporting every scandalous lascivious detail. It seems that sex and religious personnel are more piquant to the less high-minded media, including the BBC. 

    There is more to it, of course: the anti-religion bent of the contemporary bien pensant (unless of course it is the religion of foreigners who are not like us, i.e. black and brown, in which case exception must be made, no matter how dreadful the religion, because otherwise it would be RAAAACIST).

    Then there is the need for revenge on the Catholic Church for not approving of homosexual sex and not allowing active “gays” to be priests or church officials. The CoE escapes much of the BBC’s ire because it is a kind of domesticated religion, wishy washy enough not to be clear where it stands, hence it has some gays as ministers of the Church, turns a blind eye in many cases and currently isn’t sure what to do about bishops but is working on it.


  2. TooTrue says:

    They also discussed it on World Have Your Say:


    Millie Tant, I think your comments are spot on but I guess it is quite a big story. Anyway, that’s the out the BBC will have if they get complaints about the coverage.


  3. hippiepooter says:

    Firstly, here’s one link from Damian Thompson on the New York Times in this case skewing the news against His Holiness the Pope:  
    I remember when an official report found that there was systematic sexual abuse of children in the care of Islington Council because of Political Correctness, its then leader Margarat Hodge was given full on kids glove treatment by John Humphrys, that’s how much child abuse outrages them.  There was no campaign orchestrated by the BBC for this monstrosity to stand dow as a Labour Government Minister.  
    It’s fascinating that the only avenue explored for the extent of priest paedophiles is ‘the dysfuncion caused by celibacy’.  Another avenue of homosexuals choosing to become priests as a cover to pursue their paedophile procilivities is never explored.  
    Is anyone aware of any research into how much child sex abuse is homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual?  No, neither am I.  It’s just that I get the huge impression that a huge majority is homosexual.  Notwithstanding, we now have homosexual adoption and abolition of Clause 28 so that homosexuals can have access to young boys to teach them that getting a sore bum is normal.  Yeah, there’s a huge amount of concern about vulnerable young children  and victims of sexual predators among anti-Christ secularists.  
    When you raise the preponderance of homosexual paederasty with homosexuals, they get all defensive and say there’s no such thing as homo or hetero paederasty, its just paederasty.  They dont like to address the point that if a predator only abuses boys then their paederasty is clearly homosexual.  
    Maybe the Catholic Church can fund some research into the figures, and if they pan out as I think they will, they need to institute vetting procedures to prevent homosexuals from becoming priests and defrocking those known to be so.  
    I’m sure the secularist media would have no problem with this if it is in the interests of child protection (!).  
    Anyone guilty of noncing or protecing nonces has no place as a priest and should stand trial for their evil, period.  But the hullabaloo whipped up by homosexual groups and the secularist has very little to do with outrage at child suffering and cover-up.  It sounds as hollow these days as Holocaust memorials in the current climate of Jew vilification and cuddling up with Nazi Muslims.  

    A blessed Easter to you all.  Christ is risen!


  4. sue says:

    Besides the newsworthy prurience of the sexual abuse, there was the appallingly sadistic cruelty practised by  church-administered orphanages and schools. The trauma suffered by many caused lifelong damage, and the reverence surrounding highly respected nuns and priests made them  impervious to criticism.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s a big story, so they’re going to cover it. But the BBC is overdoing it because they don’t like the Pope’s anti-homosexual stance.  They’ve wanted him out ever since he said that it was a problem.  This has very little to do with protecting children.

    After all, they’ve been doing segments on keeping mephedrone legal lending a platform to someone who says it’s more important to protect the children who might get a criminal record.  And every time an abused child dies due to the neglect of certain councils, the BBC spends as much time giving their defense as trying to protect children.


  6. Craig says:

    Yesterday’s Dateline London with Gavin Esler gathered together a bunch of left-liberal types, including Jahann Hari of The Independent and Marc Roche of Le Monde, to slag off ‘Ratzinger’ (as Jahann Hari kept calling the Pope) and denounce the ‘malign’ political conservatism of the Catholic leadership.


  7. John Anderson says:

    Today the story remains No 2 item on all BBC news bulletins – it has been edged aside by non-stop attacks on Chris Grayling for daring to suggest that people (Christians) with B and B businesses who object to homosexuality on religious grounds ought to be able to refuse gay guests staying in their home.

    Just as well the BBC has no agenda !


  8. DP111 says:

    What is the position of the Koran and Hadiths on child sex? What example did Muhammed set on this issue? Is the situation in mosques far worse then the isolated cases in the Catholic institutions? Is the BBC ever going to investigate, or would that be too sensitive, leading to beheadings of BBC personnel?


    • Mark says:

      I’m sure there are plenty of cover-ups involoved with STATE institutions. and as for Muslim schools ….

      How about the use of Saudi textbooks in the UK calling non-Muslims pigs ?
      Or the glorification of Jihad, complete with combat gear and AK-47 ?
      Koranic schools must be riddled with child abuse – what does Sharia law say to that ?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Koran frowns on homosexual sex, which includes men having sex with boys.  However, it’s quite common among the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, and the men who openly paraded their young toys in the public square had to tone it down, or have them dress as women and dance for them. The BBC has never reported this.

      One of the most common complaints from US military about why the Afghan soldiers they have to train are so useless is that they’re always running off to take drugs and have sex with each other.  The BBC will not report this either.  And then there’s the concept of “Love Thursdays”, during which men will take a young boy off for an afternoon of sexual abuse.

      The BBC’s total silence on this is indicative of their high selectivity when it comes to confronting child abuse.


      • Grant says:

        David, having lived in 3 muslim countries I can confirm that homosexuality and child sex are rife. A good topic for a fearless BBC investigation !


  9. Millie Tant says:

    Interesting comment here about the hypocrisy of certain people on the subject of child corruption:



  10. John Horne Tooke says:

    “I was in Rome for the election of the Pope, and heard for myself a BBC correspondent asking his colleagues: “What went wrong? Why wasn’t Ratzinger stopped?”

    A traditionalist priest friend of mine saw how upset the BBC guy was and (with a big triumphalist grin on his face) offered the poor man his condolences.

    Note to British Catholics and other Christians sympathetic to the Pope’s reforms: your licence fee pays for this useless, biased nonsense.”

    After all the “Twitters” and first hand evidence of how BBC journalists opinions shape the news – how can anyone say that they are impartial? They seem to have deep seated political views on everything.


  11. North Northwester says:

    The Pope is of course ‘Supreme Allied Commander pro-Life’.
    As the leader of the world’s largest single religious group and the pre-eminent leader of its largest religion, and since that religion teaches that there are moral rrules and sources of legitimacy higher than ‘doing your own thing’ and ‘the Will of The Peepul,’ then both the permissive society hedonists and the Gramscian Marxists are always going to gun for him. He represents exactly what they must destroy in order for them to complete their missions.
    I guess that most commenetators here know just what sort of a world it would be if they did win, and it’s not going to be called paradise.


  12. mike_s says:

    When was this abuse going in? So far as I can make out it was in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. So at least 30 years ago. So lets look 30 years ago to Die grunen and the Dutch socialists.
    Daniel Cohn-Bendit
    In his own book he describes how “releaved” children. He is stil a memner of greens in the european parlement.
    The german version cantains more details.
    Edward Brongersma
    Senator for the PvdA(Dutch socialists) which was an active pedofile. 

    If you wil look you wil find much more.

    This doesn’t excuse the Catholic church. But the BBC is selective. It wants to destroy the catholic church just like the communists. But then again they are mainly communists.


  13. Dick says:

    Read this article for a more dispassionate view http://www.cesnur.org/2010/mi_preti_pedofili_en.html, and then compare it with the stuff the BBC has been putting out.  Disgraceful.


  14. Mark says:

    Don’t forget as well yhat abuse was common in all educational establishments and not just Catholic ones, back in the 1960s.

    It was however lay staff who were more sadistic – I was picked on by a cruel young spinster teacher and hit several times when I was six years old. My wife, who as a six-year-old went to a Protestant school, was subject to physical and emotional abuse as well.

    My prep and grammar school education took place between 1965 and 1976 in a tough Northern city, and I can remember that corporal punishment was commonplace, though more so among the lay staff than the Brothers.

    Is is worth remembering as well that if you received the cane or slipper off the teachers in those days, you dared not tell your parents, since they’d give you a repeat dose ! How things had changed in the 1970s.

    The BBC’s attacks on the Church are also full of humbug, because it is largely thanks to liberal attitudes of the Church in the 1970s that bent priests were not kicked out but taken to counselling sessions – doesn’t that smack of bien-pensant attitudes to the criminal justice system today ?  

    If there were to be a purge of child abusers and coverers-up who had been employed in State institutions since the 1960s, then the fallout would probably been equally bad. Take Ms Margaret Hodge’s Islington Council !