Re yesterday’s postGuido reports that Chris Summers has been assigned alternative duties, and Hippiepooter points out that Summers has removed his Facebook page. And Sarah Bell has deleted Friday’s tweet linking to her Lib Dem article.

Update. Chris Summers’ replacement will have been forced to watch the following BBC training video on dealing with complaints about left-wing bias:

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10 Responses to Update

  1. NRG says:

    The awful Bell woman tweets: “Great Guardian piece by @TheLiteraryLook on Lourdes” 

    I wonder these wretched lefty parasites have ever read another newspaper or accepted that there are other points of view. 


  2. NRG says:

    BTW, now Bell has been exposed as a bent reproter, why is the article still on line. Why does she still have her filthy parasitic snout in the trough of licience fee cash. Should she not have been given her p45 by now. Maybe she could get a job cleaning toilets – it would seem to suit her level of intelect.


  3. ryan says:

    No trouble if Summers hide his Facebook page – when I undercovered this yesterday I took a screenshot. Enjoy: http://twitpic.com/1gtmrl and http://twitpic.com/1gtajb


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Of course, that now leaves a vacancy. I can already read the Guardian ad copy.


    Do you have what it takes to deal with the thousands of whiny, pointless complaints the BBC receives daily regarding its so-called Labour bias?

    Incredible as it sounds, there are many reactionary losers who do not appreciate the hard work the BBC puts into the necessary re-election of the Labour party.

    They flood the BBC with their silly Nazi-like attitudes. However as an impartial public body, with a charter that demands we pay lip-service to these creeps, we do need a certain type of person to appear on the “books.”

    So, do you have a deaf ear? Can you crunch up printed complaints and file them in the giant shredder provided?

    If yes, then you will also be an elite university educated snide (no former Polytechnics unless you are a recent arrival practising the religion of peace). And you must be prepared to leave the Labour party until the election is over.

    In the first instance, contact Labour Party HQ for initial vetting. Short listed candiates will be asked to swear an oath of loyalty to Gordo Brown.


  5. Martin says:

    Why don’t these beeboid mongs realise that you can’t delete a tweet? How thick are they at the BBC?

    Every web page is also cached online as well.

    3.6 billion a year and they employ people who make the word “retarded” look to good for them.


  6. hippiepooter says:

    The last remnants of what was once Chris Summers on Facebook are still available en cache.  He replaced the picture of him with a vote Labour poster and hot babe with one of a vibrant setting sun (aka terminator ‘I’ll be back’ maybe?) before disappearing over the internet horizon.  
    Having had a mosey around his website through what Ryan recorded for the files he seems a nice enough bloke as it goes, but like so many lefties consumed with self-righteousness so that he thinks that ethical standards that apply to everyone else don’t apply to him.  Someone like him has no place in the BBC, yet the place is run by people like him!  Chris, a word in the ear mate, and to your colleagues as well, when you bias a news organisation with a duty to impartiality, it doesn’t make you ‘morally superior’ it makes you morally bankrupt.  Its nature’s way of telling you you need to reevaluate your politics when you feel the need to behave that way.   
    Something I’m surprised the Conservative Party or UKIP don’t ask for is a percentage breakdown of figures for complaints received for anti-Tory and anti-Labour bias.  I think they’d be very revealing.  I’m sure that as a public service broadcaster with an unimpeachable commitment to impartiality the BBC would make sure they keep these figures. 😀


    • Martin says:

      I love the way the BBC continually spout on about Fox News being biased or “the Murdoch empire”.

      They really don’t get it do they?


  7. ryan says:

    In my note to the Chief Advisor Politics at the BBC — who I told shortly before Guido broke the story for me — I have asked:

    1. How do you know there are no other Labour candidates embeded in the BBC election team if you didn’t know about Mr Summers? How can you give the public confidence?

    2. Did the BBC ask prior to the election if any journalists were candidates for the general or local election? Did Mr Summers disclose this information?

    3. How is it possible for other BBC employees to be friends with Mr Summers on Facebook and for the BBC to unaware of his (a) association with the BBC (b) partisan comments about the Labour party (c) role with election complaints at the BBC (d) candidature for Labour (e) intent to vote for Labour on May 6th.

    No response yet. I see that the Telegraph have picked this up here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/bbc/7608921/Labour-Candidate-in-BBC-news-role.html and I hear whispers they may not be the last.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    I have just made this complaint to Zac Goldsmith against the BBC:

    campaign@zacgoldsmith.com, office@richmondparkconservatives.co.uk

    Dear Mr Goldsmith,
    I am writing to make a complaint against the BBC to you for the biased reporting of its correspondent Sarah Bell in favour of your opponent Susan Kramer.  Below is my complaint to you as logged with the BBC via its website.  As with two previous complaints to injured parties logged with the BBC via its website no reference number was generated or automated acknowledgement sent, which I think in itself says something about BBC standards of integrity:
    I am making this complaint to Conservative PPC for Richmond Park Zac Goldsmith against you as I do not have confidence in the professional integrity of the BBC to deal with complaints.  I am merely sending this to you for logging purposes.


    Sarah Bell’s voxpop features 6 people, all who will be voting for Lib-Dem candidate Susan Kramer.

    I wonder if this flagrant bias has anything to do with the fact that BBC journalist Sarah Bell is a friend of Susan Kramer:


    And also friends with Vince Cable:


    The BBC are clearly conscious of the flagrant bias of this piece as they sent another reporter Brian Wheeler a few days later to do a bit of ‘damage limitation’:


    Brian Wheeler wrote:-

    “A few days ago my colleague Sarah Bell travelled to the Lib Dem marginal seat of Richmond in South London, where she found widespread enthusiasm for the party, in the wake of the televised debate.”

    However, Sarah Bell had written:-

    “While many voters on the green had been impressed by Mr Clegg, most said it would not affect where they would mark their ‘x’ on 6 May.”

    Try as hard as the BBC have done to pretend otherwise, the only reason why Sarah Bell only reported support for her friend Susan Kramer is due to her wanton lack of professional integrity.  Yet the BBC still has her piece on their website.


  9. deegee says:

    About me:
    On the surface I’m a hard-bitten cynical journo, but underneath I’m an oiptimistic romantic pussycat.

    I’m curious which of these traits best qualifies a BBC complaint editor and which a potential M.P?