Bigots R Us

Where’s Peter Oborne? He likes lobbies and documentaries doesn’t he? Documentaries about lobbies are his speciality I’m told.

I am a bigot, because I don’t like Islam and I don’t really fancy the Islamisation of this country. Also, I support Israel’s ‘right to exist within secure borders.’ So, definitely, a bigot.

I write about these things, so in my own little way I am a lobby. How about that? A lobbying bigot. Bigoted lobbyists R Us. But, Mr. Oborne, you’ve done one about the likes of me already. Change, that’s what we want.

So Mr. O., if you like exposing lobbies, and you like making documentaries, you’ll like the idea of making one about the Muslims.

Muslims, in case you hadn’t noticed, have organised themselves into various pressure groups, and are making considerable headway with their efforts to exert their regressive influence on UK policy. Someone thought of a word you might like to use. Tentacles, I think it was.

Schools have been targeted by them for years, and all too often have caved in for fear of being labelled with the smear of smears, racism. Since they engineered the downfall of Ray Honeyford in the 80s Muslims have ganged up against any school exhibiting signs, real or imagined, that someone is attempting to impede their progress. The BBC habitually colludes by insinuating Islamophobia.

The latest wrangle between Erica Connor and Surrey County Council is no doubt costing the taxpayer £squillions.

The tentacles reach much further. Are you listening Mr. Oborne? What about the influence on our universities? Islamic studies here, Islamic studies there, here a veil, there a threat, everywhere a burqa. Old MacDonald had a news agency. Ee Aye EE Aye Oh.

Document that Mr. O, and this time you won’t need to make any of it up . Only, I wouldn’t rely on the BBC to commission it., but for funding you could try approaching one of the greedy rapacious Jews you’re such an expert on.

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4 Responses to Bigots R Us

  1. George R says:

    “BBC reveals half-hearted stance on bigotry as top UK comedian remains unrepentant at ‘angry Jew slur'”


  2. hippiepooter says:

    ‘Old Mohammed had a farm, and he called it the BBC’, …  No oink, oinks here or there I would imagine though, unless they were referring to Jews.


  3. Guest Who says:

    I wonder which objective MSM outlet reporter/editor/analyst will decide that filling a car with nasties, driving into a city centre, parking it and scarpering, whilst hoping to kill unwarned innocents is… ‘daring’ or ‘audacious’?

    If it does pan out that way, I’m guessing it’s the ability to parallel park a big 4×4 that really impresses, with a pass in this case on the eco aspects as you really do need the load capacity to squeeze in the maximum deadly load to take out the heart of New York.


  4. DP111 says:

    Well worth reading

    Day of Jerusalem