Still Undecided?

Let these recent observations from some BBC regulars guide you.

Mr Hardy also thinks it’s OK to “lie about Tories because there is a higher truth: they’re cunts.” Such wit – I bet the BBC has already drawn up the contract for a new series of “Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation”.

I wasn’t going to vote Conservative but the outside chance of making Jeremy Hardy’s life a misery is too good to miss. Join me. Piss off a BBC luvvie – Vote Tory.

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23 Responses to Still Undecided?

  1. Martin says:

    The BBC a bunch of drugged up twats. I hope they all die slowly in great pain.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    So Jeremy Hardy’s life is almost over – good. Lets make his last days torment, without any subsidy from the taxpayer.


  3. Travis Bickle says:

    I had no intention of voting at all.  They are all a pack of self-serving, PC twats.  But if it means ending Jeremy Hardy’s life and pissing of the talentless has-been that is Mark Thomas, I too will wend my merry way down to the local polling station and do my bit to hack off a lefty gobshite.

    Could somone please link to this site on Hardy’s Twatter page so we can all let him know how much we despise him and how much his fat gob has assisted the very party he despises.  i hate them too Hardy.  But I hate you much, much more.

    Incidentally, I popped into my local betting shop today and placed a bet on who will win the election.  I stuck £30 on Labour to win the most seats on odds of 7 – 1.  My reasoning was thus: If I wake up on the 7th May and find out that Brown is back in power, the only thing that will take the edge of the agony oh so slightly is the few hundred quid I will have waiting for me at the betting shop.  If I wake up and discover the fat Jock has been eliminated, it will be the sweetest £30 I have ever lost.

    Pray like you have never prayed before.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:


    Every vote for the Tories is a finger in the eye of a biased Beeboid.

    Speaking of which, I just caught the illustrious Matt Frei discussing – what else – the likelihood of a hung parliament with the New York Times London Bureau chief in Cambridge (naturally).  Frei introduced him as “my friend”, in case there was any doubt of the coziness between the BBC’s US reporting and the withered Gray Lady.

    The NY Times guy, to his credit, said that the public was more intelligent than the media gives them credit for, and that they’re most likely shrewd enough to realize that a strong government was a better result than a hung parliament.

    Frei Boy replied that they could also get a strong government with a coalition.  The NY Times guy agreed, saying that “many European countries” have had success with coalition governments.  He named Germany, and kind of trailed off after that…..

    This is from BBC World Propaganda America, a separate division from BBC News or Newsnight or Five Live, yet the same Narrative is pressed hard across the spectrum of BBC broadcasting.  Agenda?  What agenda?  Groupthink?  What groupthink?

    NB:  Apparently Matt Frei’s little propaganda puppet show is broadcast simultaneously on the News Channel every night at midnight, UK time.


  5. Jason says:

    I note that on the eve of perhaps the most important UK election in decades, the BBC news website is going with “Nigeria President Yar’Adua dies” as its top story. It’s as if they know Cameron is going to win.


  6. Guest Who says:

    I was directed by a retweet from a BBC followee to a chum of theirs who listed in his writing credits many BBC programmes whose content has now become more comprehensible if not objectively excusable.

    Suffice to say this extra degree of propaganda separation seems to be deemed more than adequate to meet their obligations to impartiality.

    I remain unconvinced that a person who has ‘I’m the BBC’s…’ as their bio top right should be endorsing what is often quite partisan, or even extreme viewpoints direct to my in-box. An RT offers nothing by way of caveat or context. It just ‘is’.

    The actual rules (and inevitably laughable checks and penalties) would be interesting.

    The precedents are surely potentially open to abuse. Richard Black RT’ing any old notion from PETA? Jeremy Bowen passing on the considered thoughts of a best bud from Hizbollah?


  7. Cassandra King says:

    Labour has not lost this election yet!

    The BBC knows full well the scale of the electoral fraud and even if it means that labour can just deny the tories a working majority they can and will form the next govenment with the libdems as junior partner.
    I fully expect around 50-100 seats will be decided by vote rigging/postal-proxy vote fraud and that means labour wins and the tories lose and that is the whole point.
    All labour has to do is gain more seats than the libdems and Brown knows that the libdems will do a deal with labour, they have the morals of a scorpion.
    One in four of all votes will be postal and at least 75% of those will go to labour by means of fraud, the election is being stolen from us in plain view and yet the establishment that paved the way for this fraud is happy to allow it to happen, still think we live in a democracy? The establishment will get the result it wants and the electorate has now got nothing to do with making or breaking the Westminster establishment.

    Does anyone think that Dave will complain and make a fuss? I suspect he will be happy to allow a lablib stitch up to assume illegitimate power and the UK will struggle and stagger into economic collapse and further electoral reform leading to ever more power for the political classes and less influence for the electorate.

    Of course I could be wrong, it wouldnt be the first time and it certainly wont be the last 😀 but be prepared for the worst news a democracy can recieve. I really truly hope I am wrong and nothing would give me more pleasure than to be derided and made fun of by all on this forum on friday evening but I fear with a deep sickness at heart that I am right.


    • NotaSheep says:

      I have had a very bad feeling about postal fraud for some time and I fully expect some ‘surprising’ Labour holds in certain areas. These holds will be ‘explained’ by people returning to Labour as the Iraq war factor diminished but will of course be really due to postal voting fraud. The BBC will not report or investigate and the Conservatives will be expected to just accept what has happened and not protest as the left did over the ‘hanging chads’. I, for one, will protest loudly and clearly.


  8. matthew rowe says:

    Oh no if i had known it would upset Mr [never been poor in his life ] hardy and Mr [reds under the beds ]steel or Mr [i’m doing it for the principle !! yep cash will be fine] thomas, i would never have voted Tory. What have i done ? voting for the  party that will remove I.D cards ,H.I.P.S and a hundred other stupid laws i thought these men hated ? .


  9. Jack Bauer says:

    I’m not thrilled about the CONSERFAUXTIVES, as epitomized by Dave — 

    But for crying out loud, generic smug talentless socialist filth like HARDY make it mandatory I vote against the lumpen Marxetariat. 

    And that goes for their pals in the MASSIVE GOVERNMENT, GO EFF YOURSELVES WE KNOW BEST movement, the LIE-DEMS.


  10. Grant says:

    Is Jeremy Hardy promising to commit suicide if the Tories win ?


  11. David H says:

    Hardy should know it takes one to know one!


  12. Buggy says:

    Dear Mr Hardy,
                         Apparently you’re not much longer for this world. Obviously this is a shame, though you’ll be going somewhere toasty-warm, I’m sure.

    Still, would it be possible for you to provide a more exact timeline for your imminent demise, as I’ll have make arrangements for the celebration dinner……ummm, WAKE…….and good caterers have to be booked early.

    Best wishes on your much-anticipated extinction,

    Your pal,


  13. hippiepooter says:

    How do these SWP members/supporters show any less hate than their equivalents in the BNP.  Yet BNP ‘comedians’ wouldn’t get within a mile of the BBC, these guys are hugging the mikes there. 
    I’m sure they’re being commissioned to put together an ‘edgy’ comedy sketch on the 3 Greek bank workers killed as a result of the hate Thomas and Hardy espouse.  With all the hate an anti-semitic bigot like Hardy spews out, I’m sure he could get a BNP gig any day of the week.


  14. Scott N says:

    Wow! Mark Thomas met someone from the real world!

    He probably was taken a back to find an opinion that wasn’t the standard media/comedy circuit left-wing orthodoxy. Very left-wing twats like Thomas and Steele et al, I doubt, even rarely engage in debate about their extremist political beliefs with anyone. They are used to being surrounded by people who say “you’re so right comrade” etc.
    There just a bunch of 50 somethings that never grew-up past ’70s Socialist Worker student thinking. It may be because people on the creative side of the media/arts, find it much easier than other people to remain childish and cocooned from the real world. They earn easy money doing something they love and choose, not to just work in that industry, but live and immerse themselves in it, precisely because they despise the real-world that everyone else lives in.

    This was illustrated in Mitch Benn’s attempt to educate us normal people on this site, a while back, ended in hissy-fit rather than rational argument. He was clearly bemused to find that other people could articulate views opposing that of his little comedy/BBC clique.

    Jeremy Hardy’s “higher purpose” sounds like the rhetoric and justification of a religious fanatic, maybe like one of those members of religion-of-peace, that Trotskyist tossers like Mr Hardy are so fond of these days.


  15. It's all too much says:

    I hate Hardy with a passion.  I do not expect him (to quote Viz) ‘to flee to another country with a higher basic rate of tax’.  No he will fulminate on the BBC at my expense – producing  shit ‘comedy’ and boast ing about how he is going to “pi** on Thatchers grave”.  It does seem that he is planning to die in the imediate future.  That at least is good news


  16. FunkyTeaPot says:

    I thought the BBC had rules about presenters being politically biased. There was a pre-emptive hoo-ha about Andrew Lloyd Webber coming out for the Tories.

    They alraedy had a Alan Sugar (actually working for Labour) that was only highlighted because the Tories complained.

    As I see it, almost every comedian at the BBC (certainly on Radio 4) is very New Labour and don’t care who knows. What is the difference between Hardy and Steele and ALW and Sugar? Steele has certainly had several programmes on BBC, so why different treatment?