Question Time 27th May 2010

Question Time tonight comes from Gravesend in Kent, famous mostly for the world’s oldest surviving cast iron pier and being the town where Pocahontas died. The seat of Gravesend is held for the Conservatives by former SAS Captain Adam Holloway.
On the panel we have former Welsh Secretary John Redwood, Liberal Democrat Susan Kramer who lost to Zac Goldsmith in the Richmond Park seat, Alastair Campbell, Piers Morgan and Sir Max Hastings. Piers Morgan is more correctly called ‘Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan’ if you ask his mother, or ‘Piers Moron’ if you ask any Private Eye reader.

For those playing the Buzzword Bingo, we’ll be trialling the BBC Coalition Undermining Protocols (2010 revision) which means that referring to David Laws as a closet Tory is worth double points and a sell-out traitor gets you 20 credits to spend in the Biased-BBC online shop. As the first question will definitely be an attempt to get John Redwood to criticise Coalition economic policy, players can only nominate “taxes” as their joker together with a named-tax under-card.

As usual the LiveBlog will also cover the entertainingly awful This Week, which will be missing the mad banterists Abbott and Portillo…the sofa will be temporarily relaxing under the less stressful load of David Davis and Hazel Blears. It’ll be Godzilla vs the Chipmunk.

Your re-elected and loyal 1922 Committee is once again TheEye and David Mosque, who have chosen not to have ministerial cars but will be arriving by public transport here at 10:30pm.

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3 Responses to Question Time 27th May 2010

  1. Johnny Norfolk says:

    Question Time was like a Labour party love in. The only clapping was for Labour as ther were few if any Tory/Libs. Campbell and Morgan were allowed to dominate the whole programe. 


  2. davejanfitz says:

    Also the way it started with a biased dig at the tories wasn’t fair,the liebore party didn’t have an MP on but they didn’t get attacked.
    Dumblebore has attack sheets about the nasty tories and uses them every week.The way ali was allowed to butt in when JW talked was bad,(but the other way round was stopped by DD.).
    The sooner the beeb gets hit in the balls by this new government the better but i’m holding my breath.
    What does it take for DC to see what the beeb are doing,they helped to keep DC from winning outright,13 years of attacking the tories all the time…Mr J. Hunt take note and do something……


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    I understand the BBC is accusing Downing Street of trying to dictate panellists.  Apparently the Tories refused to provide a cabinet minister if Labour was represented by the unelected Mr Campbell.  Good.  I hope this is a sign that they are getting tougher with the BBC.

    I didn’t catch last night’s programme.  I just can’t stomach it any more.  But from previous experience I’m willing to bet that Campbell and Morgan kept interrupting and butting in whilst Redwood, despite his reputation, listened politely whilst others talked. Am I wrong?