Anyone catch the 7.34am item on Today in which Mark Mardell takes the opportunity to explore just how awful BRITISH Petroleum is? There may be unwanted oil gushing from the Gulf but there sure is plenty of slime ooozing from Mark.

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18 Responses to BASHING BP

  1. Grant says:

    Did Mardell mention BP and other oil companies financial contributions to Obama and the Democrats during the run up to the Presidential election ?
    Silly question really ! 


  2. David vance says:


    Oddly enough….nope!


  3. Abandon Ship! says:

    Could have sworn I heard Mardell blaming Bush somewhere in that piece….


  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is Mardell using the wrong name for the company? They are legally known as BP and have been for years. Calling them British Petroleum is simply wrong.

    Was it made clear that Transocean, a Houston firm, were the organisation who were doing the drilling?

    How much stress was put on the leak being 1 mile underneath the surface and the operation being Apollo 13 style complexity?

    Was Obama dragged through the coals for not allowing drilling on federal land or off the seaboards in shallow water which would have been far safer? It is only political intransigence that makes deepwater drilling an imperative afterall.


  5. NRG says:

    I suspect that Obama will try and use this to expell non-US companies and promote protectionism. It seems to be what he about. Does anyone think Beeboids will pursue this line of enquiry?


  6. Travis Bickle says:

    Mardell doesn’t drive then?


    • Grant says:

      He doesn’t fly either !


    • Martin says:

      He’s a dirty twat though.

      Licence-fee payers have been left to foot a £4,500 bill for damage to a Brussels house rented by BBC foreign correspondent Mark Mardell.

      The Corporation has agreed to pay for scuffed floors, broken fixtures and the eradication of a ‘peculiar smell’ – thought to have been caused by his family pets, which include a pair of rats.

      Mr Mardell left the £3,000-a-month rental property last month to take up a new posting in America, but his landlady has been forced to spend thousands on repairs following his three-and-a-half-year tenancy.–4-500-irate-Brussels-landlady.html


      • Travis Bickle says:

        Most fat bastards are slobs.  They don’t care about the their own bodies so why would they care about their surroundings.  Unfortunately though, most fat bastards don’t have the BBC to pick up after them.


  7. Sceptical Steve says:

    Just watch the style of reporting change if/when Lord Mandelson becomes BP Chairman!


  8. Deborah says:

    I just get the impression that Obama is grandstanding.  When I here Mardell reporting that he has ordered the leak to be stopped I just get the picture of Canute into my head – except of course Canute KNEW he couldn’t turn back the waves.


  9. Martin says:

    Mardell is a fat tosspot. His arse licking of Barry O is just repulsive. Much of the US media is starting to ask why Barry isn’t more on the job. Oh and didn’t Obama’s administration give the platform concerned an award not so long ago?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Mardell’s tongue is firmly planted in today’s blog post, that’s for sure.  This time he’s actually attacking his fellow media hacks for being unfair to the President.  Not even Kim Jong-Il gets such a vigorous defense from the North Korean press.

      Your license fee hard at work, defending the leader of a foreign country against His own domestic media.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mardell knows – and has blogged it – that the longer this goes on, the more chance that this will become The Obamessiah’s Katrina.  The BBC told a lie yesterday about the alleged failure of George Bush after that disaster.

    But The Obamessiah has one significant factor in His favor here:  this wasn’t a fully natural disaster.  BP has kind of admitted that they are partially responsible.  That doesn’t excuse the Government’s total failure to start early with the clean-up measures.  I don’t expect Mardell to mention that because he follows the lead of the lapdog media in the US.  In that mindset, this is 100% BP’s fault, and proof that offshore drilling must stop forever.

    The President’s slow response is probably half due to the ramapant incompetence in His Administration, and half due to deliberate foot-dragging.  I kind of suspect that He wanted to see things dragged out a little more so that this could get so bad that He could renege on His recent promise to open up offshore drilling.  This disappointed many of His worshippers, but now He can conveniently ban it again, much to their delight, and look like a hero.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Disgusting. Beeboid presenters on the News Channel just now expressing disappointment that BP’s share price went up 5% this morning on the news that they may have plugged that hole.  Then one female hopefully wondered that The Obamessiah might say something in His up-coming press conference which might change that!


  12. John Horne Tooke says:

    Just after 6 on Radio 5 Lite the news that Barry had stopped all drilling for oil in certain places (I forget which) was anounced. After the Word from Barry, the female “newsreader?”  interviews a marine biologist and a “Greenpeace activist”. “Has Barry done the right thing” Answer (as if we didn’t already know) “He hasn’t gone far enough”.  
    Another brilliant example of the BBC mindset – they actually think that getting someone on to critise Barry for  “not going far enough” is unbiased reporting.  
    Yesterday  – I cannot remember the BBC asking someone if Gove “had gone far enough” on school acadamies. No he had in fact gone “too far”.   
    There is no need for the BBC news – I could write it now.  If the policy is from the left “it has gone some way to address the issue but it is not far enough”, If from the right “it will not address the problem and has gone too far, in fact it will not work”  
    The BBC I can read them like a book