Anyone catch that paragon of political balance. Any Questions? The panel consisted of Polly Toynbee, Saint Vince Cable, Lord Adonis (So, three to the left) and Toby Young. They started off by debating whether the Bradford murders means prostitution should be legalised and controlled by government. Usual BBC meme. I turned off when Toynbee was eulogising Saint Vince to his beaming face … just too much to take.

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12 Responses to ANY QUESTIONS….?

  1. sue says:

    You should have stuck around for the thorough trouncing Pollywally got for announcing that everyone  must sacrifice their kids by sending them to their local school however bad it is – for the greater good – you know,  but was floored by Toby Young’s retort that she sent hers to private schools.
    “Oh,” she said, “but but the local school was too too awful, so it doesn’t count, ” adding sulkily: “People always resort to personal attacks when they’re losing an argument!”


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Thieving socialist Scumbags like Toynbee always want others to sacrifce their kids so she can “feel good” about her self.

      It’s always about them and how “they” feel.  She’s like a full on cliche of a champagne socialist for me, but not for thee.

      Her grandfather must be wondering were he went wrong with her.


  2. Millie Tant says:

    It’s a pity you didn’t listen long enough to hear Polly saying how Campbell manipulated and browbeat and bullied when he was in the job. I think she said she was in the BBC and saw it from the inside. Did she work at the BBC?


    • Martin says:

      Fatty Toynbee worked at the BBC for years, I think she was social affairs correspondent or something.


      • Techno Mystic says:

        She used to write a column for the Radio Times at the same time as John Peel.

        I can still remember some of the things Peel wrote.  I can’t remember a single thing that Toynbee wrote.


      • Millie Tant says:

        Ah, I had completely forgotten that she was a BBC correspondent, though I would have seen her on the BBC news hundreds of times.

        What’s interesting, though, is that it shows that the BBC know full well what the thug Campbell is like but they still invited him to be the Labour representative on the Question Time panel – and on numerous occasions on other programmes. 

        Bad judgement on the part of Gavin Allen, that betrays crass trivialising values on the part of BBC. The pompous bluster and puffing themselves up over their “independence” of government is nothing but a smokescreen, with Allen desperate to cover his back.


        • John Anderson says:

          My impression is that most people think it was all a stupid fight the BBC sought to cause – and the BBC came out of it loooking pompous and stupid.  

          It certainly looks stupid for the top management of the BBC to allow some producer/editor to pick a big public fight with No 10 just when the Tories are setling into office and deciding what they might do about the BBC.

          The Chancellor and Chief Secretary are going to have to announce very painful measures on public spending and increases in taxation,  to cover Labour’s huge deficits.  They are already taking the line that individual Departments must find XX% of savings – whether they like it or not,  savings have to be found. 

          It must be very tempting to include the BBC in the mix – to demand savings of say 5% immediately from BBC budgets,  damn any idea of a 2/3% increase – so that they can announce that the licence impost each family pays will be, say, £10 smaller next year than had been expected.   Many a mickle maks a muckle,  every little helps in adjusting the net effect on individual families of the overall package.

          Some people would protest,  including the BBC – but I reckon an awful lot of people would approve,  and would criticise the BBC further for expecting to be shielded from what most other organisations are having to cope with.

          I would dearly love to see continuiong rows between this new Government and the BBC.  Because the more the rows,  the more the Tories might wake up to the fact that the BBC is over-mighty, is swollen with inefficiencies and overpayments – as well as biased.   All a good lead-in to the real fight coming up,  the fight over renewal of the Charter.


  3. NRG says:

    The show was not bad, in fact as a compare and contrast with Question Tme it showed up just how biased the TV show is. Toynbee got a spanking when it was reveaeld she sent her children to private schools while shrilling that the little people should make do with the state controled palaces of ignorance. Almost as good as when she was exposed telling the plebs they should not be allowed to fly, but superior types such as herself are entitled to comute to their Tuscan villas.

    She is the Beeboid mindset personified.


  4. Grant says:

    Any hint of bias in the makeup of the panel  ?


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Dreadful stranglehold those Dimblebore Brothers have on our BBCs current affairs output.
    Heard this awful Any Questions-funny that these peoples tribunes always scoot off into private schools to denounce the “two tier” nature of education isn`t it? As for Toynbee…where do you start with the reeking hypocrisy of this privileged patronising paragon. The BBCs dream of guilty entitlement based on daddys name…rather like the Dimblebys of course!


  6. Philip says:

    Free The Sex Workers!  *DONT_KNOW*


  7. Robert says:

    At least the Beeb had someone on in this case who didn’t necessarily concur wholeheartedly.  Note this France24 “débat” (in English) from back in December on legalising gay marriage:

    In it, both parties … agree it should be.

    More amusing, liberal Sabine Herold (once termed by the Telegraph France’s “Thatcher”) pointed out (at 4:40) that the change would probably have to be legislated immediately after an election — because, currently, upcoming elections were too close, and politicians would be too fearful of losing their seats to undertake anything perhaps problematic to their own survival at the polls.  Then, towards the very end, beginning at 9:25, Anne Boring of Gaylib, which is affiliated with the ruling UMP party of President Sarkozy, comes around to noting that the necessary change would have to be undertaken by politicians, and voters will eventually learn to go along with what is legislated.  Ms Herold then concurs, as the “debate” concludes.

    So both also agree in case it may think differently, the public must not be allowed to get in the way.  And the two also have no problem saying so.  Continental “democracy” at its patronising best.