I was wondering given the BBC’s embrace of the word “Activist” to describe Hamas enablers, should we not produce a new thesaurus to help us translate the propaganda and bias spewed out by the BBC? Late night BBC news proclaiming that Israel was “unmoved” by sight of Irish Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan being escorted off the “Rachel Corrie”. Why would this question be asked in the first place UNLESS the person asking it had a bias? Were those who carried out  7/7 “activists” also? Loathsome BBC.

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  1. Pounce says:

    The bBC is supposed to be a factual news agency and as such should be reporting impartially from the region. Instead as pointed out numerous times on this site, the bBC has picked a side and stuck with that side even when evidence has been presented that their so called innocent victims aren’t the victims they make out to be.

    Here is the angle the bBC should be, but isn’t reporting;

    1)      For the past few years Erdogan has been fighting a very public battle of wills against the Turkish military. This is why he is (Like Stalin did) pruning the upper echelons of the military with rumours of a coup. This is why when he visited Greece the other month, the military sent Turkish planes into Greek Airspace while he was trying to talk peace and this is why he has (like all Islamic nations) started a set too with Israel so as to galvanise the public but more to the point the military into supporting his Islamic party.

    2)      He is now facing a much stronger political opponent in the form of   Kemal Kilicdaroglu who became leader of the CHP party the other week. His predecessor was seen as keeping Erdogan in power due to his vetoing of necessary reforms needed to move the party forward. However the AKP  (ruling party) which aired the video of him having an affair and thus forcing him to resign ,(which the bBC reported on, but not on Kilicdaroglu replacing him) may have scored something of an own goal when opinion polls days after Kilicdaroglu took office showed the CHP leading in the Polls.

    3)      Lastly who is the ruler of Turkey? According to the bBC you would think it is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but he is only the Prime Minister, the leader of Turkey is actually Abdullah Gul. While a member of the AKP party he is less bombastic than Erdogan and actually has a decent head on his shoulders. Now this is where it gets complicated. You see the President of Turkey used to be elected by the party. However when Abdullah Gull stated that he would fight to remain as President a little turf war came into play between him and Erdogan (think Brown and Blair) Erdogan using his much bigger public supporter base had the law changed in which the public picked the next President and there lies one of the reasons why Erdogan has been publically attacking Israel for the past few years.

    For some strange reason the bBC hasn’t bothered its arse from reporting the above, instead it panders to the likes of rabid lefties, pious Muslims and the far right in blaming Israel as the main reason for having Turkey turning its back on its former friend. When the real reason is far more convoluted and complex.

    Somebody remind me again what bBC news is there for? 


  2. Pounce says:

    As for this latest Aid ship in the news. I’m I the only one who can see it for what it is?

    A bad news story designed to keep the media’s attention on Israel?


  3. Pounce says:

    Even the BBC surprises me sometimes.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Fine night to see the BBC for what it is.
    Obviously “all we get is Radio Gaga” when it comes to Israel,but Radio4s Archive Hour came up with a wondrous piece about old Ma Whitehouse way back…clearly a Tatchell,a Bakewell are the objective types of talking heads required and you`ll not be surprised at their conclusions after the obligatory soundbites and smears concerning her.

    Having noted the language and endemic slimy bias, I then find myself watching Prescott get our money to read an autocue on “Have I got News for You?”…his adultery not worthy of a joke and his ennoblement hardly gets a peep, because the linen suits love their “voice of the people and especially if he can hardly speak or read…`cos thats what the working classes are there for innit…bit of a larf eh?

    So Mary Whitehouse was a bigot and a threat to the BBC grandees…but “our John” is just the type who needs to be heard in reverential and unopposed silence…now which of THESE two do you reckon is worth a damn? Prescott is indeed the sum total of all Mary warned us of if we didn`t get a grip…and Hugh Carlton Greene twists in Hell now still curling a lip at Whitehouse and looking forward to elocution lessons from Lord Prescott before too long I`m sure!


  5. Biodegradable says:

    D’ya think the BBC will report this?

    [quote] Alexandra Lort-Phillips, 37, an activist from Hackney, was on the Mavi Marmara when it was stormed and described seeing an Israeli soldier taken down into the stairwell below the deck where the soldiers landed.

    “I went down the stairwell and there was a massive crowd of people and lots of shouting,” she said, after being deported to Istanbul.

    “They had got a soldier who had boarded the ship from the roof. There was a sense of ‘My god, we’ve got an Israeli soldier’. I don’t think we really knew what we were going to do.”
    “I saw a gun being taken. His gunbelt was removed and someone, I don’t know who, ran past me with the weapon and disappeared. They could have shot him but didn’t.” She said around 25 people were gathered around the soldier, who was held by his legs and stripped to his underwear as he was restrained.

    “The women who were there were shouting ‘Don’t hurt him’.” Ms Lort-Phillips denied he was beaten, but said: “There were obviously some guys there who were extremely agitated by the situation. It is like you’d expect when there’s a fight between men.”[unquote]

    (Hat Tip Pounce and his Eye On The World)


  6. Philip says:

    My Lexicon of Jihad would be a good starting point for the Islamic section of the Thesaurus – see the ‘Terrorist’ entry, for example, for the various names given to Muslim terrorists by the BBC and others.


  7. NotaSheep says:

    Don’t forget how the BBC refer to 7/7 in their page about the event –
    “Fifty-two people were killed in the four bombs which exploded in London on 7 July 2005.”

    “Were killed”? The bombs just “exploded”, what by themselves? The BBC makes it sound like an accident. THE 52 WERE MURDERED and if you knew any of the MURDERED and their relatives you would understand the pain and anger that I and others feel at such a reprehensible comment.


  8. hippiepooter says:


    Militant:  A word given to terrorists by western journalists to avoid being kidnapped or harmed when covering the news in their regions.  Also used by a large nucleus of western journalists dedicated to sanitising terrorism and promote the terrorist agenda.  Journalists simply motivated by cowardice also use this term out of fear of their activist colleagues.

    Impartiality:  Reporting the news in favour of terrorists to avoid being kidnapped or harmed covering the news in their regions.  A term used to lull the critical faculties of undiscerning readers/listeners into accepting pro-terrorist propaganda as fact.

    Professional ethics: No entry

    Truth:  No entry


  9. ltwf1964 says:

    here’s something for Turkey to get stuck into instead of dung spreading about Israel

    How about getting you muslims arses out of Cyprus eh??????


  10. George R says:

    ‘Activists’ at the BBC report about their wonderful fellow pro-Hamas ‘activists’:

    “Israel to deport Rachel Corrie Gaza activists”

    In  contrast, there is a searing critique of the cult of Rachel Corrie, in this very timely piece at the ‘Spectator’ blog: 

    “The other Rachel”

    by Fraser Nelson; he refers to a a significant Tom Gross article.


    “Dead Jews aren’t news: British newspapers care greatly about some victims of the Israel army, says Tom Gross, but not the Jewish victims of Palestinian terror – even if they are British.
    Rachel Thaler, aged 16, was blown up at a pizzeria in an Israeli shopping mall. She died after an 11-day struggle for life following a suicide bomb attack on a crowd of teenagers on 16 February 2002. Even though Thaler was a British citizen, born in London, where her grandparents still live, her death has never been mentioned in a British newspaper.
    “Rachel Corrie, on the other hand, an American radical who died in 2003 while acting as a human shield during an Israeli anti-terror operation in Gaza, has been widely featured in the British press. According to the Guardian website, she has been written about or referred to on 57 separate occasions in the Guardian alone, including three articles the Saturday before last.
    “The cult of Rachel Corrie doesn’t stop there. ”

    An excellent article: to be recommended to all Beeboids.


  11. John Anderson says:

    BBC still running Gaza as their top story – nearly a week now.

    This has correctly been termed “Obsessional Compulsive Israel Disorder”

    Watch the video in this link – it is shameful how much the BBC has downplayed Darfur but focussed obsessively on Israel :

    and here are graphic illustrations of how the Gaza stuff pales into insignificance compared to fatalities in the Congo and Darfur :

    (and you could add in the long conflict in Sri Lanka dwarfing the Gaza deaths.  Or the long conflict with Maoists in India.  Or the deaths in Iran.)


    And all the while the BBC has obsessed over Israel – it has FAILED to report on the momentous shifts in Turkey’s position from secularism to Islamism.

    So – we have a BBC that fails to report properly on really major world conflicts,  fails to report properly on changes in Turkey’s stance,  fails to report properly on the whole business of Islamism.

    And even in its obsessive focus on Israel,  it has failed to report properly on the Gaza flotilla,  preferring to deliver without question endless hearsay statements by leftie nutters – while failing to show that the on-the-spot video evidence shows what really happened – and what the Islamists plainly intended to happen.

    The BBC has forfeited all claim to trust.  It is malevolently biased.


  12. John Anderson says:

    It gets worse.  Radio 4 News at 1 dredges up the case of Tom Herndell, the stupid young Brit photographer who was shot by the IDF.   With several minutes of bleating by his “activist” parents.   So we have St Tom as well as St Pancake.

    Does the world really revolve on such matters ?   Why is this item above – in this case – Ed Ball’s volte face on immigration ?   BP ?  etc etc


  13. DJ says:

    Of course, the other important thing is to remember to hold off on the scare quotes. Apparently, it is an unchallengable fact that people who hate Israel and want to see the Jews driven into the sea are ‘peace activists’.


  14. George R says:

    Another BBC classic euphemism, used again just now in headline:

    “Men held”; this is apparently a BBC attempt to avoid meaningful words like ‘Muslims’, ‘Islamic beliefs’,’suspected jihadists’, etc. in BBC headlines.

    First, some sense from ‘Jihadwatch’, as usual:

    Two “men” with “militant ties” arrested at JFK airport for attempt to join “militant group”

    Second, the BBC report:

    “Men held at New York’s JFK Airport face terror charge”


  15. morpork says:

    We should all take a leaf out of Mark Steyne’s book: having been dragged through Canada’s Kafkaesque human rights tribunals he now calls himself “human rights activist” – well, he reckons, you could hardly be more active in human rights than he’s been, could you? So everyone who has written here, or complained to the BBC or the BBC “Trust” about BBC bias should append the title “BBC Activist” to their name. Wear it proudly.


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Good point, David Vance.  Using the term “unmoved” pre-supposes that the woman was in the right.


  17. sue says:

    Headline on radio 4. “Four Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Navy in the sea off the Gaza coast. They were wearing diving suits.
    Israel says they were planning an attack.”

    They never say “Several Afghans have been killed by ourselves, in Hellmand. Britain says they were planning an attack.”

    Is there a reason why they call a Taliban a Taliban, but in Gaza, a terrorist is called a Palestinian?

    I’ll answer that myself. It’s because their political agenda forces them not to acknowledge the connection between one Islamic fundamentalist extremist and another.