Moonbat time on the BBC each Sunday with Nicky Campbell and “The Big Question”. This morning the audience is in fine voice DEMANDING that all guns be banned. Those on the other side of the argument were shouted down. Of course the BBC also believes all guns should be banned so those loons doing the shouting and screaming in the audience are actually articulating the State Broadcasters feelings.

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16 Responses to BAN ALL GUNS…

  1. Tony_E says:

    So no-one put the argument that in an armed society the gunman might only have had one victim, before a member of the public shot him?

    Glad I missed that one!


  2. Paul says:

    I’ve blogged quite a bit about the UK’s oppressive firearms laws.  All these laws do is hinder the rights of law abiding people to defend themselves.  Instead what we have to do is rely exclusively on the police for our defence and yet the Police cannot always be there.   Also Graham Howell who was on the programme has a very good website here: 
    On my own blog on the subject:
    Contributions welcome and I thought the ‘debate’ on the BBC was awful with one dreadful and very rude woman in particular who just shouted at other people.



  3. Corrugated Soundbite says:

    I also missed out on this week’s performance. I may catch up on iPlayer if I can find it within my soul.

    I don’t suppose there was any mention of the hundreds of hanguns doing the rounds on the streets of London, Manchester and Liverpool? I was under the gross misapprehension that those were banned too. 

    Free men own guns. Slaves don’t. Says it all regarding what the Beeb thinks of us. 


  4. Martin says:

    Did the rag heads in the audience call for the banning of suicide bombers? Remember Muslims murdered 50+ people on 7/7 that’s more than were killed in Cumbria.


  5. Cassandra King says:

    Thats it, disarm the law abiding population leaving the criminals with their weapons, make us totally reliant on the forces of law and order and then ramp up the freedom destroying big state, just to better protect the population you understand? hey presto a helpless population living under an oppressive state.
    A docile and defenceless population crushed under the boot of the big state so when the state really moves into crush the proles mode then so much the easier for them.


  6. It's all too much says:

    You know, something must be seriously wrong with the firearm control laws in the uk when the BBC’s perfoming cockney communist Wm Bragg stated in his finest cockenese “I am Pradh uv Britin’s gun lahws” – any questions R4.  This in itself is a clear indicator that they must be re addressed.

    I can think of only one person who as defended himself with a fire arm (Farmer Martin) and he was banged up.  I do not forsee ‘armed citizens’ ever being able to defend themselves successfully against criminals far less the state in the UK  I’ll bet that the last one that did successfully was an Edwardian gentleman.

    I think that sensible gun control is never going to be acceptable to the BBC.  The criminal scumocracy that rules our city streets at night and seems to be a key part of the vibrant yoof culture we enjoy so much should be examined in a bit more detail by our state broadcaster.  Perhaps the BBC could do a few hidden camera jobs or some investigative journalism looking at the gun toting cocaine vending gang culture.  Perhaps the BBC likes the glamour of these homicidal ‘rebellious’ counter establishment adolescents – they certainly tick a lot of BBC boxes – but course they really hate genuine class enemies, the posh boys in tweed coats shooting grouse.  Guess who will end up handing in their guns – it certainly won’t be the reptile who killed a man in a ‘drive by’ at a chip shop the other day.  I guess that this orchestration by the BBC of a hysterical reaction is only to be expected as the mass murder of so many is truely horrific but the BBC should remember that we have at least one, and usually two, gang related murders, and god knows how many unreported attempted murders, in London each week. 


  7. NSE says:

    I know I have posted this before, but it’s worth stating again:

    (22/04/09) Home Office Figures

    Deaths and injuries caused by the illegal use of guns (excluding airguns.)
    1969 – – – – 173
    1988 – – – – 410
    2008/9 – – – 1,764

    Certificates for the legal use of guns
    1988 – – – – 1,037,400
    2008/9 – – – – 713,674

    1988 – – – – 1,484
    1998/9 – – – 2,687
    2008/9 – – – 4,275

    SO….. deaths and injuries from armed crime have quadrupled, whilst legal ownership has been reduced by 1/3rd.

    Pistols have been banned from legal use for most practical purposes, (reduced by around 98%) whilst the criminal use of pistols is getting close to doubling since the “ban.”

    NOW tell the victims that banning or licensing saves lives…..


  8. Jack Bauer says:


    In a heated debate, gun owners are demanding that the government immediately ban all the BBC, in the interests of public safety.

    A spokesman for the gun owners said that the BBC is very unsafe, and has caused a lethal “dumbing down” of the general population; thus making it all the easier for leftist “governments” to manipulate, brainwash and control citizens with the help of the BBC.

    Asked to comment, the BBC declined.


  9. John Horne Tooke says:

    A ban on foxes?

    “Baby twin girls seriously injured after being ‘savaged by fox’ as they slept in their cots”

    “Fox attacks on humans in the UK are extremely rare but there have been occasional incidents recorded when a vixen is defending its cubs.”

    We must eliminate all risks – is that right BBC?


  10. spooky says:

    Unlike the USA where the Republicans are generally pro-gun and the Democrats are anti-gun, we have the problem that neither Tory nor Labour are pro-gun owner. Hence very little chance of a reversal of our pointless, repressive gun laws.
        Even the Conservatives concept of individual freedom doesn’t apply here.  They hinted there might be a free vote on fox hunting, but no mention of anything to do with repealing our draconian gun laws. There probably are a few pro-gun MPs in the Tory party, but I don’t think any of our politicians have the guts to speak up against our gun laws lest they bring down the wrath of the BBC and the ranting tabloids.
       Funny we keep hearing about our “gun culture”. Prior to the 1997 ban we didn’t have a “gun culture”, pistol owners were office workers, factory workers, ordinary family people. Guns and gun owners weren’t cool. Cue the 1997 gun ban, make them illegal, suddenly guns are very cool and every street thug/drug dealer wants them.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Unlike the USA where the Republicans are generally pro-gun and the Democrats are anti-gun,  

      Actually, that’s only true to a certain extent. In party terms, it’s certainly on the right lines. However there are PLENTY of pro-gun Democrats in congress. 

      However in voter terms, while in percentages pro-2nd Amendment Republicans would outnumber Democrats — in reality huge numbers of Democrat voters are pro-Gun.


  11. Kevin Law says:


    i DO believe all guns should be banned. unless you use them directly for your work (farmer/culling etc)

    indeed people that kill animals for fun have profound psychological problems and actually need help. anyone who gets their kicks from killing and causing pain is sick in the head.

    i wonder if your desire to give everyone a fair hearing will extend to me on this forum as you expect it to at the BBC ?


    • Paul says:

      Well Kevin you’ve just had a fair hearing.  As to ‘ban all guns’ a profoundly illiberal idea but one that actually increases crime.  For instance the handguns ban of 1997 has prevented law abiding citizens from holding fire arms.  That’s law abiding types like yu and me.  Guess what effect it had on criminals?  None whatsoever it even made it easier for them to plan attacks against households.  For proof of that see how gun crime QUADRUPLED four times after the ban of 1997.
      The evidence from sources such as the British Crime Survey seems to suggest that banning guns increases crime.  It also further empowers the state at the expense of the individual.  Please feel free to debate the issue here or on my blog.