Boothing the Ratings

We may not like it, but we have to accept that the BBC regularly employs controversial characters, the flakier the better, to boost the ratings.
The risk they’ll say or do something outrageous live on air adds a certain frisson. Will Self and Tracey Emin are popular for that, and Frankie Boyle. So is George Galloway. A number of viewers surely tune in to Question Time when he’s on the panel hoping for some excitement. Think how disappointed we all are when Gorgeous temporarily impersonates mister sensible, surreptitiously reverting back to bonkers as the final credits roll.

One person who gets to be on the BBC a lot is Lauren Booth. Being Tony Blair’s bête noire is probably one reason, and sharing the Scouse Git as a parent with half sister Cherie is another.
These credentials have procured for her many an opportunity to be mad as a hatter on air. She’s been on Question Time, Women’s Hour and Today, where she is inexplicably referred to as a journalist.

She has done some notable things in her own right. One of them is inciting people to attack Israel, another is training her children to perform Palestinian propaganda in rap form and uploading the embarrassing production onto YouTube, and the most notable of all is the ruthless exploitation of her family in a series of second rate misery memoir revelations in the Daily Mail.

My terrible childhood; My mother doesn’t like me; I had a row with my husband and now he’s in a coma; I dumped my husband on Facebook; My husband is an alcoholic; and the latest: My French dream is over.

She is also known for being photographed with Ismail Haniyeh, shopping in Gaza, and addressing rallies against Jews.

Don’t forget, we pay.

Now for something completely similar. Moving on from attention-seeking bigots we see too much of on the BBC, to an article expressing the kind of sanity we see far too little of, or not at all, on our state broadcaster.

“A Hamas that cares not to fill the bellies of those starving in Gaza is also the same agency spending millions of dollars on televised indoctrination designed to manipulate young, plastic minds. See for yourself: go to Palestinian Media Watch. Children, in the prime ages of 5-7 are critically vulnerable to developing attachment figure-like relationships to God. At precisely these ages, they are bombarded with “Hamas Box Office” productions: aspirational propaganda extolling the virtues of suicide bombing as vengeance. Through his work at Palestinian Media Watch, Itamar Marcus has revealed just how institutionalized terror has become in the territories. Work by Dr. Pehr Granqvist and colleagues at the University of Stockholm in Sweden has shown it is precisely at this time and stage of child development at which belief systems are most influenced, and concrete immutable beliefs can be established. Useful, therefore to introduce young minds to the concepts of self-destruction which are quickly embedded, and absorbed and nurtured. Who is decrying the morality of this manipulation? Who is the war criminal now?”

From a must-read article by Qanta Ahmed MD
Must-read is addressed to everybody including Ms. Booth and the BBC.
H/T Elder of Ziyon; CiFWatch.

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10 Responses to Boothing the Ratings

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Too bad it’s only a couple of Beeboids working the US scene who read the HuffPo and not the ones who influence news on Israel.


  2. Martin says:

    She’s so ugly she’s an advert for the wearing of the Burkha


    • sue says:

      Good advice. I’m always interested in your fashion tips. Ever since you said Yvette Cooper’s haircut was silly I’ve been meaning to ask if you’d like to do a regular feature on fashion and make-up. I’d have to ask you to hold back on the F word though, we don’t want to encourage anorexia.
      (What haircut would you recommend for Ms. Cooper?) :*


  3. Biodegradable says:

    sue, the Elder of Zyion link at the bottom of your post takes me to the BBC page on the despicable Booth woman.  🙁


  4. Cassandra King says:

    Another great post from Sue!

    The BBC is in many ways quite childish, it shows a childs immature lack of self confidence.
    A child will return to known and comfortable surroundings and clings to safty and to groups where the child feels secure, the BBC clings to its close circle of known and trusted friends as though it has not yet achieved the confidence of adulthood to face and welcome change by way of examining and challenging old certainties and limited safe thoughts and preconceptions.
    The BBC likes to feel safe, it lacks the robust self confidence of adulthood, almost as if the institutuion itself clings to the apronstrings of a safe belif system.
    This leads me to the conclusion that the BBC far from being the all powerful and vital organisation it pimps itself as being but nothing more than a frightened and immature group of childish attention seekers seeking the safety of of prejudice while creating a scary illusion of authority to hide their own failings.
    Those with children I would ask you to examine the motivations and actions of your children and apply them to the BBC, I think there are some interesting similarities.
    We all experienced the big upsets as children when we had to face upto certain unchanging realities which helped us grow and mature, Santa does not exist, daddy is not the worlds most perfect person, you have to earn what you spend,wishing isnt getting, and so on. The BBC simply is not learning the lessons that will force it to mature, it is allowing itself to cling to a childish nature as it attempts to inhabit a mature facade.


    • Grant says:

      Quite true, Cassie, but the BBC will never grow up or learn any lessons. It is congenitally impossible for Beeboids. Their sickness is incurable. This is why talk of “reform” is so much nonsence.