The eco-loons are at it again on the BBC: this time quoting that impartial body the WWF (aided an abetted by nutters from our own Met Office)as saying that the heat and smog in Moscow, as well as the cold in Siberia, the number of jellyifish seen this summer – not to mention a “large number of birds dropping dead in the skies” (to throw in the kitchen sink) – are all the result of global warming and a lack of a centralised plan by Russia to deal with it. Katia Moskvitch, who has form in terms of her reporting fantasies, has filed a story that reads more like a medieval end of the world diatribe than science. But as Richard North so deftly pointed out on Sunday, what’s going on in Russia is balanced by unseasonal cold in Siberia, and one of the coldest winters on record in the southern hemisphere. It used to be taught in elementary geography that weather is not climate – but not to the BBC; every weather event (selectively chosen, of course) is an opportunity to praise the zealots of WWF and spread the false mumbo-jumbo creed of AGW.

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9 Responses to MOSCOW MADNESS

  1. Martin says:

    Weather is climate when it suits the BBC knob ends like Harrabin and co.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC no longer actually research and construct their own science and enviromental reports, they have outsourced it all to greenfleece/wwf/oxfam/met office and all the other assorted ecofascist nutters, cut’N’paste and taking orders from the phone, a pizza delivery guy could do that job of course but the BBC gas to have a ‘face’ a compliant face that can read the lines given and look halfway convincing.

    Please visit WATTS UP WITH THAT website the premier science and climate science website in the world, the most popular science website on the planet giving you all the real science at the press of a butten!
    Just now they have a complete rebuttal of the BBC nonsense waffle about falling rice yields, a mumbo jumbo psuedo science report that the BBC love and it has been demolished in minutes with simple evidence that shows beyond doubt the BBC not only dont know what they are talking about but also clearly shows the BBC supporting fraudulant dishonest ‘science’.

    So the BBC shows the lies and sites like WATTS UP WITH THAT demolishes the BBC trash its like the game of whack a mole!
    Oh and BTW whatever happened to the suppose melting of the northern permafrost, the BBC pimped that for ages and now the story has gone away, I wonder why that cvould be? =-O


    • Martin says:

      So true, the sheer pathetic embarassment of the BBC having to kill the story about the Seal in the south atlantic a few months ago says it all, again that was a story WE all pulled apart on this site long before the BBC mongs finally had to pull it for being a load of bollocks.


  3. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    Some parts of the world are having unusually warm weather and some are having unusually cold weather, but much more of the world is unusually warm than cold.

    So far the first six months of 2010 are the warmest on record according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), at 0.7C above the 20th Century average.

    Here is a map of where has been warmer and where has been colder. As you can see, Europe has mostly been cooler than usual, but the rest of the world is mostly warmer than average.


    • Natsman says:

      Oh THAT map.  The NOAA adjusted one, with the overexaggerated pixels.  As mentioned earlier in this thread, a good hard look at WattsUpWithThat deals quite effectively with THAT map. (Or it might have been Joe Bastardi, can’t remember which – possibly both).  NOAA is to be as mistrusted as the Met Office, IPCC and all the other adjuncts to the “it’s warming, believe us – and it’s your fault” dogma.

      We know that NOAA fiddles the figures, and we don’t know exactly where (or what) the TRUE raw data is.  They have an axe to grind, so their prognostications are discredited and mean sod all.  And they know it…

      And the BBC are incorrigible.  I don’t know why we waste our time, it’s getting rapidly worse, and there seems little that can be done.

      One answer is to emigrate – I did, but I’m still seeing red over the monstrous bias that goes unremittingly on.


    • Cassandra King says:

      The map is a faked up fraud I am afraid Ed, overt and cynical fraud with the red being made up from a tiny amount of actual surface station data and adjusted higher.


    • Paul says:

      That bogus NOAA map was comprehensively rebutted here:

      Basically the areas with the biggest red dots have no temperature measuring stations atall – or, upon checking the actual records, they show no trend warming atall.

      Furthermore – this is a map for June 2010 which was warmer than usual due to the El Nino which is now fading. A map of warming this century would show no trend atall – since we haven’t warmed since 2000.


  4. Nick Name says:

    Jellyfish? Birds falling out of the sky? These sound like portents of evil to come, not observations on Moscow weather!

    I also read Katia Moskvitch’s article – surprisingly (for the BBC) she did at least report Dr Knight’s explanation and the cooling of Siberia – but what was the large graphic about peat fire propagation doing there? Peat fires weren’t mentioned in the article at all!


  5. Umbongo says:

    As I’ve commented before, it’s not just the BBC.  Here’s Louise Gray* – again – of the Telegraph

    showing us that all it takes to be an environmental  journalist is to sit at your computer for 10 minutes, retrieve press releases from the IPCC and the Met Office, get a rent-a-gob from the University of East Anglia to email you some wholly predictable self-serving shite (“99% of scientists who believe in warmism state that warmism causes everything”) and send it all down to the Telegraph print-room virtually untouched. Genius!

    *the Queen of the Press Release