New Blood

Kiera Feldman, the BBC’s new recruit from left-wing activist radio, isn’t the only recent addition to the Corporation’s staff in America.

Matt Danzico began his job as a US BBC interactive journalist in April. His current job description:

Write, shoot, edit, and produce text and multimedia stories for the BBC News website. Conduct research and interviews with individuals on topics ranging from media and culture to science and technology.

Here are some of Danzico’s tweets (click image to enlarge):

Another April starter was Daniel Nasaw, online journalist for the BBC’s Washington bureau. Prior to taking up his new role Nasaw spent a couple of years reporting about America for The Guardian, whose worldview he still touts:

Here he is writing about a Newsweek cover which showed Sarah Palin in cycling shorts last November:

Let’s focus our attention not on her legs but on her far-right political ideology, her baseless attacks on Obama, her attacks on women’s reproductive rights and her effort to purge moderates from the Republican party.

Hmm, no agenda there then.

My message to the news media: We are under enough fire as it is. Don’t let’s make our job even harder by giving Palin and her millions of supporters a legitimate grievance.

Let’s see where that measures: Yes, quite.

Partisan reporting from the US? We ain’t seen nothing yet, apparently.

Update 19.45. In the comments Craig points out that another of the BBC’s April intake (so much for reining in spending) was former Newsweek political correspondent Katie Connolly (Twitter account here). Things may be bleak for journalists in America but at least left-wing hacks know that there’s always the chance of a job at the BBC where they can pursue their agendas protected from the horrors of the free market.

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17 Responses to New Blood

  1. John Anderson says:

    It gets worse and worse.  Some of these new people sound like immature Obama groupies.

    Maybe people at Fox News should be told – Bill O’Reilly had a run-in with the BBC some years ago after he attacked their bias.  Fox describes all the US networks as being biased to the left – they ought to be adding the BBC channel that viewers in the US can see to their list of biased channel opponents.


    • Martin says:

      I was one of those who bubbled that tool Greg Palast to Fox News when the mong did the Newsnight crap about Bush ‘stealing’ the election, they really tore into Palast.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    OMFG.  See what I’m up against?  Thank goodness for this site.


  3. Martin says:

    Nice post, thing is why isn’t the  right wing press picking up on this stuff? The Daily Mail seems obsessed with Mark Thompson and his expenses, but this is the real story, the BBC employing left wing vermin who then ‘pretend’ to be neutral.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Sadly, the press won’t go after each other on something like this.  It’s too incestuous, as they’ve all worked with or for each other at one time, or will do in the future.


  4. Craig says:

    More fine sleuthing DB!

    Both are twitter buddies of our old friend Katie Connolly, who also began in April. What an intake!!!


  5. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    They’re hopelessly partisan and incredibly biased, both of them. They ought to fit right in at the BBC. Just think, these two won’t need too much indoctrinating in left-wing, politically-correct bullshit, ultimately saving us money. Aunty is so good to us.


  6. Craig says:

    It turns out that Matt Danzico was an Obama campaign volunteer who then set up a blog “out of excitement over the recent change in government” to encourage him to keep his election promises:


  7. dave s says:

    The BBC’s gene pool could do with a dose of fresh blood. Which is very unlikely given the prime objectives the system demands.


  8. AC1 says:

    Where’s the political diversity?


  9. Craig says:

    I wonder which one of them wrote this piece of pure gossip:

    Levi Johnston seeks Sarah Palin’s old job in Wasilla

    (Katie Connolly tweets reveal an ongoing obsession with Levi Johnson and Bristol Palin.)

    When there’s so much real news out there, why are the Obama Brigade at BBC Washington Online wasting precious space on their website with this sort of trivia?

    Except to try and discredit Sarah Palin of course.


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