8 Responses to CLIMATE ALERT!

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    You posted that the exact same time I did on the Open Thread!


  2. David vance says:

    Great minds, Roland! 


  3. The Beebinator says:


    “In a special Radio 4 series the BBC’s Environmental Analyst Roger Harrabin questions whether his own reporting – and that of others – has adequately told the whole story about global warming.
    Roger Harrabin has reported on the climate for almost thirty years off and on, but last November while working on the “Climategate” emails story, he was prompted to look again at the basics of climate science.
    He finds that the public under-estimate the degree of consensus among scientists that humans have already contributed towards the heating of the climate , and will almost certainly heat the climate more.
    But he also finds that politicians and the media often fail to convey the huge uncertainty over the extent of future climate change. Whilst the great majority of scientists fear that computer models suggest we are facing potentially catastrophic warming, some climate scientists think the warming will be restricted to a tolerable 1C or 1.5C.
    At this crucial moment in global climate policy making, Harrabin talks to seminal characters in the climate change debate including Tony Blair, Lord Lawson, Professor Bob Watson, former diplomat Sir Crispin Tickell and the influential blogger Steve McIntyre.
    And he asks how political leaders make decisions on the basis of uncertain science.”


  4. Cassandra King says:

    So as usual we have to decode what Horrabinladen is really saying.

    The massive and sustained BBC propaganda campaign to create the illusion of a scientific consensus has failed and Black/Harrabin/Shukman and their cromies have failed to convince a sceptical public. All the lies and the manipulations and falsehoods and trash science as pimped by the BBC has failed and Harrabin wonders why that is.
    He will not examine his own role of course and the BBC is beyond criticisism, the thousands of scare mongering anti science trash science reports are ring fenced from examination of course. It is of course the time for BBC self justification/corporate arse covering/blame shifting and blaming everyone else time at the BBC!
    Why do people not accept the fabricated consensus he asks? It cant be because it was all a cynical pack of lies can it? Maybe it was evil denialists like me in the pay of big oil undermining the fabulous consensus as pimped by the BBC?
    Well folks we knew the time would come when the BBC would be faced with the failure of their mass fraud, they will of course blame everyone and everything but where blame truly lays, the lid on their can of worms is being sealed and hidden away.

    Its funny but Harrabin talking about the “huge uncertainty” of AGW science as represented by the media is hilarious in extremis because the BBC hacve been pimping the 90-95% certainty and accuracy of the AGW/IPCC/UKMO/GISS/UEA/CRU models for years, the BBC never ever represented the massive doubts and uncertainties did they?
    The BBC have been pimping the certainty of AGW and the certainty of global warming and the enviromental damage being supposedly wrought across the planet and still Harrabin claims that the great majority of scientists believe in the computer models of doooooom, his tiny ignorant mind just cannot comprehend that the AGW theory has many many critics in the science community.

    Harrabin/Black/Shukman were told to present AGW as reality and present false models as reality regardless of actual reality and that is what they did for years, they were told to defame and smear sceptics and that is what they did, they were told to peddle false reports and mumbo jumbo trash science as fact and that is what they did, they were told to lie and cheat and that is what they did.
    In fact the BBC knowingly embarked on a mission to cheat and deceive the public, they knowingly took part in and were a leading light in a mass fraud perpetrated against us all for the benefit of a few. The BBC are guilty of fraud and they know it!


  5. Clameur de Haro says:

    You pre-empted an e-mail to suggest you mentioned this, David.

    I also was going to decode the Beeb-speak (summary – we have to ratchet up the propaganda evemn more), but Cassandra above has done a superb decoding job already. I wonder how gently the warmists will be treated as compared with Nigel Lawson & Steve McIntyre. 

    I’ve already got it earmarked for listening/recording, with my library of balanced and sceptical (oh sorry, Roger, I do of course mean seditious and denialist) literature to hand, and I’m thinking the prog ought to be subject to a comprehensive fisking job.

    David, why don’t you suggest that contributors volunteer each to take a 5-minute slot, or one specific subject/interview, and do a thorough fisking critique on it, and then you can moderate all of them and then publish the composite result?         


    • Cassandra King says:

      Now that is a fantastic idea, I hope it happens.

      At some point the BBC is going to have to face the music, it is going to have to face its past actions and the BBC would do well to understand the biblical phrase.



  6. Grant says:

    It is incredible that Harrabin, a mere journalist with no science background, actually believes he is not being alarmist enough ! What a moron.


  7. prpw says:

    I’m sorry, but Harrabin and the countless fvckwits at the BBC who spout off with views and observations about climate change and anthropogenic global warming at the drop of a hat ARE NOT FIT EVEN TO HAVE A VIEW ON THE SUBJECT. I doubt many of them could even find their way around a periodic table of the elements, let alone pontificate about the biosphere