13 Responses to Meanwhile, in the Radio Five Live Office…

  1. Martin says:

    I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!


  2. Tony_E says:

    Heard some of this awful lefty crap a couple of weeks back. Absolute propaganda.

    The video is more accurate!


  3. Martin says:

    Mongo Bacon had that turd eater Chris Addison on today as well. A right pair of twats.


  4. Phil says:

    The problem with Radio 5 is that it took the sport from Radio 2 but that wasn’t enough to fill up 168 hours a week of broadcasting. That’s why the BBC had to employ the likes of Bacon to pad out the rest with their downmarket chatter.

    Radio 5 should be shut and sport put back on Radio 2. This arrangement would still leave the BBC with many outlets for pop music. If one radio station is enough for the BBC’s output of classical music it is hard to see why it runs so many pop music stations.

    Let’s hope that Radio 5’s move to the bonny banks of the Manchester Ship Canal is only a prelude to killing it off completely.


  5. john says:

    Well, I didn’t know what R5 was, let alone where it was.
    But now I certainly know why it is.


  6. Martin says:

    Simon Mayo is a right on leftie, but at least when he was on Radio 5 he had some sort of intelligence to interview politicians etc. 
    Bacon is an utter mong, a poncy little skinny twat, just like Nicki Campbell in fact. Add in the dullard females like Derbyshire and the dopey cows like Shelagh Fogherty and Anita Annand etc (oh and Scabby Logan) and you have a dumping ground for the gormless at the BBC.


  7. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Respect please, folks, the station should be more properly referred to as ‘The Sony Award-Winning Radio 5 Live’.

    I mean so everyone wins a Sony Award, but that’s not the point,


  8. Andrew Mars says:

    Russell Howard is the smarmiest, most self-righteous unfunny left-wing cunt that the BBC seem to think we can’t get enough of.


  9. David Price says:

    I think Richard Bacon is really Fernando Partridge, Alan Partridge’s (“aha!”) son. He’s a humourless, self-regarding fame junkie and defines himself in terms of all the ‘cool’ things he does as a boy about London Town.

    I actually liked Simon Mayo; he was a leftie luvvy but there was intelligence and a degree of self-awareness there too. Shame he’s gone; I simply don’t listen to that slot anymore, whereas I used to like Mayo and listen.


  10. David Price says:

    Shelagh Fogherty and Victoria Derbyshire are the worst offenders though; they’ve got eighties lefty ‘wimmin’ feminist polytechnic DNA etched into every syllable they utter. Fairly parochial world view, an obsession about wimmin’s issues, plus illness/death/imprisonment/rights, all of which is done from the perspective of never having worked in the private sector; government is just a huge money pit that’s supposed to hand out cash to deserving causes, for them.

    Still, they make Bacon look like an intellectual giant…


  11. Cassandra King says:

    Its strange that a comedy about the BBCs programme commisioning system and editorial control of output has not been devised yet, it would be comedy gold!
    Taking the piss out of Jerks who really do not realise what a joke they have become, right on twats existing in a bubble of mutual ego masturbation while sneering at the lesser beings outside the bubble.

    But then again no TV broadcaster would dare to expose the inner workings of the TV circus, Extras is the closet yet but comes nowhere near showing what really goes on.
    Only in the former USSR media would political reliablity/correctness trump actual talent.