Had to smile at the BBC coverage of the mass rally in Washington organised by Glen Beck and attended also by Sarah Palin. It starts of by saying…“Tens of thousands…” attended the rally. Oh Really? I have read other US media channels giving the number of a minimum of 300,000 up to 500,000+. But to the BBC, who must view Beck and Palin with something approaching horror, it was just” tens of thousands”. Here’s a picture of those “tens of thousands”…

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  1. Bob says:

    The BBC got that f igure direct from the associated press, NBC and even Fox used the same description, CBS initially put it at 87k


    • Martin says:

      The BBC have their own Washington reporters, funny that the BBC use the AP when it suits them.

      The crap beeboid report is totally one sided, just as the BBC tried to ignore the Tea Party movement or smear them as white red neck racists.


      • All Seeing Eye says:

        Indeed. If you read the US reports, “tens of thousands rallied” (the official Parks Authority estimate is now 300-350k but anyway) yet Al Sharpton’s 2/3k supporters “packed” a nearby football stadium.

        Going by the numbers, you’d flip those two descriptions surely?


  2. Phil says:

    But don’t forget that about a quarter of that crowd will be BBC staff sent to cover the event – journalists, people to put milk in the journalists tea, people to put sugar in the journalists tea, people to stir the journalists tea etc.


  3. Jerry says:

    This is the same way the media has treated the English Defence League’s demonstrations in Bradford. Everything played down – Less than 1000 supporters, 13 arrested etc..

    No mention of the super-fascist UAF. A Bunch of leftie students with rich mummies and daddies and nothing better to do with their pathetic life’s apart from appearing on the BBC’s QT.

    Biggest trouble makers of them all.


    • Mick says:

      I was video taping down there. The EDL were told not to cover their faces, and didn’t, but you’ll never guess who were in town fully scarfed up and some of them draped in Pakistani flags. Oops, I gave a clue out.
      A lot of the counter protesters had clear involvement with pro pali groups, women with pali flags painted on their faces, and even pali flags in the crowd.
      The council embraced some groups, and let them run their GREEN (for HAMAS) flags up the council flagpoles, and give out GREEN (for HAMAS) ribbons to the public!


  4. Davieboy says:

    Of course “Hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets of west London as the Notting Hill Carnival gets under way.”


  5. Guest Who says:

    Ch4 has a segment/site/twitter feed called Fact Checker, which I subscribe to and do find interesting, with all due caveats on what they also like to interpret, or not, events wise.

    The BBC seems to have ‘evolved’ this concept, into a Creation Unit of Coveneient Knowledge (CUCK), whereby they make up numbers, high or low, depending on what best suits the narrative. This is of course supported by selectively quoting bodies that offer number counts depending on how these assist.

    Much as they do with guests, pictures of 3 folk cropped to make a crowd, etc.

    All common journalistic cheats, these days, sadly.

    Though perhaps not optimal for an in theory objective, multi-billion funded media organisation.


  6. John Anderson says:

    Here is a report from a lawyer who attended yesterday’s rally – and who was also at the Martin Luther King rally.  The latter had an estimated crowd of 200,000, apparently, this guy says it was far more crowded yesterday – he thinks up to 3 times the original attendance.

    So the BBC is flat-out LYING when it “reports” just tens of thousands.  They have ready access to all the US media – I bet NONE of them was saying just tens of thousands.  So why does the BBC play down the total – except as a deliberate sideswipe at Beck and Palin ?

    Its another case of “Who do you believe, the BBC or your lying eyes ?”


  7. Cassandra King says:

    The tea party protests regulary draw huge crowds, much more popular support than any ecofascist demo without doubt and yet the ecofascisti get far more BBC airtime.
    Remember Hanson and his bragging about a mass action demonstration to close down a Washinton power station last year? The BBC were there in spades giving the VIP treatment and it turned out the actual number of ecofascists and their saddo friends numbered in the dozens, plenty of crop shots followed with NO mention of numbers.
    The plane stupid rally was promoted by the BBC and directions were even issued and the event was a numbers flop and yet again the cropping tool was applied and the numbers were made up nonsense.
    How do they get away with it?
    Well well well! It might have something to do with the journolist cadre of hacks perverting the news to suit its political agenda just as the NUJ and the SEJ have been lying and cheating and editing the truth to support their own political agenda. These secret societies like the mother scorpion and its offspring are now powerful entities in the campaign to pervert and stiffle what we see and hear from the MSM.
    The attempt to control and direct the news flow, to censor and hide the truth has become so obvious now that it is a standing joke among everyone I know that the news is no longer what is actually happening but a perverted fake version of it.
    The saddest part of all is the useless and pathetic nature of the BBCs lies, what is the point of lying when the actual truth is obvious? Just who are these saddo prats trying to kid? All that will happen is people will experience the lies and lose interest in anything the BBC says true or false, trust once lost is almost impossible to regain and its happening very quickly now.
    The BBC are lying scum, we know it and now more and more people are realising it!


    • Jerry says:

      “Just who are these saddo prats trying to kid?”

      Unfortunately, most of the human-race is lazy and/or gullible. They take the first thing they are told/shown and accept it without further question. It’s just plain easier to go along with the majority than to question the obvious.

      In any case, who in their right mind would question the BBC – that prime example of superior moral righteousness?

      I don’t trust news from any source these days. Sadly many do.


  8. John Anderson says:

    Time was, the BBC was the gold standard for reliability of its news.

    Time was, the Director General saw his role as “Editor in Chief” as highly important.

    Perhaps Alastair Milne was the last DG to take this role seriously.  WE saw with the Hutton enquiry – whatever the merits of the WMD issues – Greg Dyke took a hands-off approach even after some weeks after the big fuss had blown up over the Gilligan report of his interview with Dr Kelly.

    A proper editor would have wanted to check the reporter’s shorthand or recorded notes of such a controverial interview.  That would have been standard practice in such a dispute.  Or an editor-in-chief would have wanted to know that any BBC execs with delegated responsiblity for such checking had in fact done the checking.

    And that,  in essence, was why Dyke had to go.

    Ah well,  time was…….

    And so the reputation of the BBC for veracity and impartiality goes down the tubes.


  9. Craig Morecambe says:

    The paper review on Breakfast today mentioned the ‘Restore Honour’ Rally (miscalling it the ‘Restoring Honour’ Rally).

    Here’s the exchange between beeboid Clive Myrie and paper reviewer Joseph Harker of the Guardian that paints the crowd as being full of racists:

    Myrie: A quick look at the Observer, actually..US right claims spirit of Martin Luther King. Some of the very people who didn’t like Martin Luther King.

    Harker: Absolutely…and it was this phenomenon called the Tea Party, which is a lot of kind-of disaffected, mostly kind-of white, working-class voters.


    • John Anderson says:

      Obviously they were rushed for time.  No time to mention that both Beck and Palin referred warmly to MLK – and MLK’s niece was a speaker. 

      But still enough time to get in the tired old digs at the “right” and the Tea Party.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Wondering how BBC’s CUCK team will set about assisting Lord help us Prescott’s ‘saveNHSdirect’ campaign numbers.

    At its current tally, they may have to bounce Poirot’s ‘Pakistan Needs You’ hourly slot to run a personal plea from his Mr.Creosoteship to save his already dire reputation as… well, anything.

    Not helped when some high profile Lab & media luvvies are showing some unease at kneejerks to just about anything getting spawned in the bowels of the party and promptly given full coverage without thought by the A&P dept. chez Aunty.


    • Jerry says:

      Guest Who, perhaps that should be CLUCK (Crappy Left-wing Union Creating Krud perhaps?) as its output seems to be aimed at people with the mentality of a chicken in a coop!


  11. hippiepooter says:

    Here it is on C-Span, all 3 hours.  Glenn Beck opens with ‘I’ve just heard from the media there are ‘over a thousand people out there!’.


  12. john smith says:

    Reminds me of the masive anti-Hezbollah rallies with attendences approaching a million. And the only people the BBC interviewed were pro-Hezbollah.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC has reduced it to “thousands gathered” now.  It’s now impossible to trust anything the BBC says about anything that happens in the US.  All BBC reporting is suspect, all correspondents regarded with suspicion, assumed to be lying or misrepresenting somehow unless proven otherwise.

    Sarah Palin is considered by many Leftoids in the media to be the leading figure of the Tea Party movement, but not by many Tea Partiers. She’s an endorser and supporter, not a leader.  Has Sarah Palin ever organized any Tea Party rallies?  Led the policy discussions?  Hosted anything?  Done anything other than be a guest speaker and tweeter?  Of course not.  There’s no leader, BBC.

    Also, unlike the BBC, she’s perceptive enough to grasp the concept that this was not a Tea Party event, and so it would be highly inappropriate to talk about political policy stuff.

    This was not a Tea Party event.  Yes, there’s obviously a large intersection between the two, but that doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that the Tea Party movement really is the kind of “big tent” over which the Left always claims to have exclusive rights.

    One of my favorite bits of personal bias revealed:

    Any Beck-haters attending, looking for true controversy, would have left disappointed.

    Translation:  Beeboid Finlo Rohrer was disappointed.

    This sentence was written from the perspective that Beck is bad news, and says things which must be condemned by right-on types.  The fact that he didn’t perform according to those expectations is a “disappointment”.  Rohrer uses the equivalent of the old journalists trick to hide his own opinion:  “some may say….”  In this case “Beck haters” is a handy substitute.  The Beeboid’s frustration in the following is palpable:

    Since Beck was not criticising anyone or anything specifically, it would be rather hard for anyone to disagree with much of what he was saying.

    Oh, no!

    “Our children need people to look up to,” he said. There were cheers.

    “America is only what we choose her to be,” he intoned. There were more cheers.

    “We must be good so that America can be great,” he proposed. Cheers again.

    All very reasonable, so how to rubbish it?

    His message was also replete with references to God, and the crowd often murmured its approval.


    Only people with dark skin are permitted to voice their belief in God.  If white people do it, they’re nutters.


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    An update to Glenn Beck’s now infamous remark about the President hating white people which the BBC will not tell you about:

    Beck Amends ‘Obama is Racist’ Charge, Questions President’s Belief in ‘Collective Salvation’

    The BBC reprised the quote, of course, to show just how “controversial” Beck is.  I have no objection to this, of course, as he actually said it and meant it:

    Last year he accused President Barack Obama of racism, saying he had a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture”.

    Beck has since correct himself and admitted error.  The BBC will not tell you this, as it will hurt their ability to demonize him.  So I will quote his correction (from the above link):

    “I have a big fat mouth sometimes and I say things, and that’s not the way people should behave,” Beck said, adding that he regrets saying a year ago that Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people” because it’s not accurate.

    There, BBC.  Beck retracted his statement, admits error.  Will you give him credit for it?

    “I didn’t understand, really, his theology,” Beck a Fox News host, told “Fox News Sunday.” “I think that it is much more of a theological question that he is a guy who understands the world through liberation theology, which is oppressor and victim.”

    Beck described liberation theology, which teaches that salvation for the individual is dependent on salvation for the collective through economic and social justice, as the message that was preached by Obama’s ex-pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    Funny how that seems to be exactly how the Beeboids view the world as well.  Their reporting on Israel and the Palestinians, and just about anything the US does reflects this theology pretty clearly.  This will probably make them hate Beck even more.

    “I’m not judging (Obama) for that,” he said. “I’m not demonizing it. I disagree with it.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the BBC stopped demonizing those with whom they disagree?


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s more on Al Sharpton’s rally (the one the BBC suggested was better attended) held at the same time as Beck’s.  Check out the video and feel the tolerance.

    Plenty of venomous signs in evidence, yet the BBC didn’t even bother attending, so they have no idea.  Although, I imagine one or two of the signs might be found in BBC offices. Instead, they sent Finlo Rohrer (who was expecting to see Satan himself and not a run-of-the-mill Mormon guy) to Beck’s rally, and came away so disappointed.

    If the equivalent of even one of these signs was at Beck’s rally, the BBC would have highlighted it and held it up as evidence with which to smear by association hundreds of thousands of people.