I see the BBC are helping push the Demos line that by keeping counter-terrorism secret, Government encourages terrorism! It takes a special sort of leftist mentality to embrace such a lunatic idea but to the BBC the Demos suggestions must seem logical. Also, can we please ensure that the words “left-wing” always precede the use of the term Demos just so people can be clear what they are reading?

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7 Responses to DEMOSCRACY?

  1. hippiepooter says:

    Perhaps ‘DEMOSCRASSY’ or ‘DEMOSCRAZY’ might be more apt?

    Sounds like these people are entering a stupidity contest.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    I’m sure we will all sleep a lot more safely in our beds at night if we know MI5 & MI6 are informing the same Muslim ‘community leaders’ of their operations as the Met does.

    The answer in any sane country to people spreading enemy propaganda at time of war is to lock them up.  We need our own Guantanamo.


  3. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    This makes sense. I mean we notified the Wehrmacht of all our operations during dubya-dubya-eye-eye, right? In the name of building bridges, community cohesion, not wanting the enemy to dislike us and all that good stuff. Churchill didn’t want the Nazis saying, ‘Those English, you can never trust what they’re up to. They’re probably allied with the Juden…and the Japanese. They probably bombed their own major cities.’ What?
    Any way, why not disarm ourselves completely now? The die is cast any way. The Islamist problem in Britain is analagous to having cancer and not only will the doctors refuse to operate, they keep telling you it’s not cancer (but rather a really peaceful, tolerant disease, which is more of a blessing than a disease, and that you should feel fortunate to have), whilst constantly introducing more cancer cells into your body and creating the ideal set of circumstances for those cancer cells to thrive.
    Yes, I’m comparing Islam to cancer. Both are uncompromising, brutal and purveyors of abject misery. Both kill the patient. Both we’d be much better off without.


  4. NotaSheep says:

    Left-wing think-tanks are described as ‘leading’, ‘influential’ or ‘ respected’ but never left-wing. Right-wing think-tanks are described as ‘right-wing’, ‘euro-sceptic’ or ‘Thatcherite’. The BBChave a narrative to push and push it they do.


  5. Natsman says:

    Probably posted this before, but my wife used to work for a well known west London university (whose vice chancellor was very keen on “overseas” intake – it boosted the university funds).  Many of these “overseas” students took up residence in the halls, and were rarely (if ever) seen at lectures.  A good many disappeared permanently into the hinterland, and some even sub-let their accommodation.  My wife was involved in the services division of the establishment, and both Special Branch and MI5 took (rightly) a keen interest in some of these “overseas” students.  The problem was, neither side knew what the other was doing, so MI5 visited, did a search, asked questions, seized records, etc., then so did Special Branch (or vice versa).  My wife considered some of the employess of these august organisations to be in most cases incompetent, uncooperative, and not in communication with each other, and in many cases, utterly stupid.  And this was during the era of 7/7.  What price UK security?


  6. John Anderson says:

    What price UK security – indeed !

    Years ago I was going back from lunch into the Cabinet Office – which adjoins Downing Street.  I went down a corridor which has on one side a piece of Tudor brickwork, remains of a tennis court in the original Palace of Whitehall.  Gazing at this wall were an American couple,  obviously tourists – loud jacket,  plimsolls, broad accents, camera round the man’s neck.  Lord knows how they had got past the heavy security at the door, this was at the height of IRA activity in London – they had simply wandered in without challenge.  5 or 6 security guards at the entrance – and none had challenged these Americans.

    I explained to them that this was a private building so they needed to leave,  and took them outside to point them towards Horse Guards and also the Banqueting Hall.  They liked the idea of visiting the site where Charles I was beheaded.  And I think the guy had been able to take a photo of the Tudor walling.


  7. Chuffer says:

    Don’t you just love: “The study calls for greater communication with trusted community leaders and individuals…”

    I have a relative involved with London Plod, who tells of two raids on prominent Religion of Peacers. First time, lots of ‘greater communication with communtiy leaders’ before they went in. Result: nothing. Second time, so urgent that no chance for ‘greater communication’, just lots of doors bashed down with no notice. Result? Yup, a result.

    Please note that the Mohammed Quotient of the cricket fixers was fifty percent.