Listen to John Humphyrs doing everything possible to suggest that the British Army is running away from Sangin in this interview with Major General Gordon Messenger. I find it repulsive listening to the mocking and hectoring tone from Humphyrs and his ilk knowing the gallantry and self-sacrifice that characterises our Armed Forces. The Taliban must tune in to Today regularly for this Brit-bashing Taliban worship.

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  1. Will says:

    Yes, but Humphry’s & his ilk have already won the war when you consider that the British army have spent several years failing to control an area with a population of less than 60,000. ( )How many arms do the army have tied behind their back?


  2. Martin says:

    Just like Argentina tuned into to be told of the attack on Goose Green BEFORE it took place and how to make sure their bombs detonated correctly when trying ot sink OUR ships and kill OUR troops.

    I just love the BBC, the Lord Haw Haw’s of the 21st century


  3. hippiepooter says:

    I did find the relentlessly defeatist and negative tone of Humphrys quite wearisome, but I think it mistates the interview to suggest he was overtly mocking and I certainly didn’t think he was hectoring.

    It’s very tricky for someone in Major General Messenger’s position when he’s asked very valid questions about how the advance commitment to withdrawal affects matters operationally.  On one hand, if he says ‘that’s a political question you’d need to address to Her Majesty’s Government’, he could be seen to be implying ‘yeah, I know, what a bunch of tossers our Government are, aren’t they?’, and if he flannels away a legitimate question out of due loyalty to the Government of the day he risks undermining his own credibility and being seen as a ‘flunkey’.  Life’s tough at the top.

    One thing I cannot help myself from commenting on, and profound apologies to Maj Gen Messenger who was very articulate in so far as it went, but I yearn for the quite recent ago days when British Generals (nay, any lieutentant!) – sounded like officer class.  I’d be fascinated to hear the opinions of Martin and Pounce on this.  ‘Toffs on top’ just feels so reassuring to me.


  4. Grant says:

    Humphrys own military service was, of course, exemplary.