A B-BBC reader spells it out…

How the BBC downplay the environmental gunman shot dead by police in the USA.

This from US news:

‘Lee said at the time that he experienced an ‘‘awakening” when he watched former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental documentary ‘‘An Inconvenient Truth.” ‘The planet does not need humans’ ‘

Not on the BBC. It compares this situation with the man who knifed the Muslim taxi driver in NY after the Mosque protests…and the blame put on the ‘Islamophobia’ supposedly raised by that protest. BBC story misses this Al Gore comment and doesn’t mention the environmental angle until late in story. 

My my – such a tricky one for the BBC. A crazed loon, wound up by Saint Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” goes on the rampage and the BBC does its best to erase the Gore angle.


Strange item here concerning the system that Labour uses to elect it’s new leader. On the one hand, the item makes is abundantly clear that one person can have multiple votes when it comes to voting for the Labour leader. You would have thought this was vigorously challenged but I thought John Humphyrs was exceedingly gentle with Labour Party Chairman Tony Lloyd. (Note how Humphyrs speaks highly of John Prescott). In fact there was an air of bonhomie about the interview and Loyd  was allowed to obfuscate his way out if it and the BBC then kindly lead with the heading “People are revolted by this new Government and want to join Labour.” More pro-Labour propaganda. One Man = Many Votes is OK when it’s socialists playing the game.


Sometimes BBC bias sickens me and then, sometimes, it enrages me.  This item this morning falls into the latter camp. I’ll pass on Jeremy Bowen’s loaded commentary, we all know how anti-Israel he is. But I simply couldn’t believe  way how Hamas apologist Professor Beverley Milton Edwards was allowed  to come on to the Today programme this morning and apologise for Hamas (Islamic resistance) This wretched academic, who disgracefully infests my Alma mater, even had the NERVE to refer to the Hamas murder of four innocent Israelis as “armed attacks” She did everything possible to present this gang of murdering killers as the very personification of reason when they are in fact the incarnation of evil. She tried to use what she alleges as the Northern Ireland template to justify talking to these savages. Here is the little daughter of two of the victims of Hamas reasonableness – look at her anguish, listen to the way this fool Edwards is allowed to pontificate, and share my rage at the BBC.
Israel funeral3


A Biased BBC reader writes…

“At 9.28 this morning, on BBC News 24, the boss of the NUT was on talking about the new system, condemning it out of hand, natch. Oh dear, your local City Hall is to be by passed and the cash go straight to the schools. As a former school governor I know that a lot of what she said was b……s and she either a) must know it too or b) she is as thick as a plank and doesn’t understand anything about the system that her Members work in. Never mind, the good old BBC gave her free rein – no one from the other side of the argument anywhere in sight. Just another (small) example of the propoganda our beloved National Broadcaster churns out day after day.”

Part of the problem is that the BBC is littered with small instances like this every day which when we add them together constitutes one VAST bias.


Oh no! The BBC could be preparing to go on strike. That might mean we are denied their award-winning programmes, their intrepid fearless investigative journalism, their 24/7 global output. So, let’s hope the strike goes ahead. Then, sack them all.


Obama made his big speech last night and the BBC do their best to put the best spin of it today. Mark Mardell salivates over him here. Love the way Mardell allows Obama to run with the pretence that he is “only now” turning his gaze to sorting out the US economy. How about an objective analysis of Obama’s record on economic revival from the BBC?


Phew, we made it to Wednesday and so time for the now obligatory mid-week thread. The BBC are all misty-eyed about Tony Blair today, far-off halycon days now! Are you loving the Blair love-in? What else is bothering you? Ladies and Gentlemen, you have the floor…