You know, I was very sorry to read of the tragic death of kidnapped UK aid worker Linda Norgove in Afghanistan. As you know, an attempted rescue was made but it ended in her death. What annoys me is the way in which the BBC are going after US forces on this now that it appears a US grenade used in the attempted rescue may have killed her. The BBC is coy about the fact that it was Islamic savages that kidnapped her, that it was Islamic savages who planned to kill her, and that responsibility for her death lies entirely with the Islamic savages concerned. The BBC meme is that US soldiers must always be in the wrong. Well, maybe the BBC want to go after the man in ultimate charge of US forces, Obama!

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  1. Martin says:

    I think you will also find that the BBC will go after the Tories on this for allowing the Americans to try to rescue her. Of course the BBC have gone silent on the Predator Drone strikes since Barry came to power, I can’t remember the last time a Predator drone took out a ‘wedding party’ yet when Bush was in power every attack was on a ‘wedding party’


  2. Demon1001 says:

    1. It was a tragic death and terrible for her family.  Horrible for the soldiers who accidentally killed the person they risked their lives to rescue.  However, she chose to be there when she knew what risks were involved; stupidly trying to help people who were so ungrateful they kidnapped her.  She, herself, is to a large extent responsible for her own death.

    2. The BBC weren’t pointing fingers at the Taliban, or whichever gang of cut-throats, who had kidnapped her.  They saved all their accusations and indignation for the US troops and David Cameron who were trying to rescue the person who put herself in danger, thereby endangering others.

    3. They were earlier already accusing the government of a cover-up, which considering she was killed only a day or so ago and this has come out so quickly is frankly so completely wrong as to show the BBC partizanship at its worst.  What a disgraceful organisation!


    • hippiepooter says:

      Viz your point No 1, what an absolutely stupid and callous comment.


    • Cassandra King says:

      The BBC were waiting with glee for such a golden opportunity to attack Cameron with this, this is manna from heaven for the beeboids. No mention of Brown and his cowardice in refusing to let our special forces rescue the kidnapped men from the Iraqi finance ministry and because of that all but one ended up dead.


  3. Grant says:

    Yes, I heard it on the BBC today. Whenever I think the BBC has scraped the barrel , they keep on scraping. They totally disgust me.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Yet another innocent death caused by cowboy US aggression, all under the direction of President Warmonger.


  5. Martin says:

    Yep Toenails on the 6PM news just stated that “no one is trying to make politics out of this yet”. The Liebour party don’t need to, the BBC will do it FOR Nu Liebour.

    Funny that I don’t remember the Tories making politics out of Ken Bigley or any of the other Brits murdered at the hands of the Mohammedans.

    Just when you think Toenails can’t scrape any lower.

    Then the BBC on the subject of 7/7 tell us that “that was the first time Britain was hit by suicide bombers”. So what religion uses suicide bombers then BBC? The Joows? Hindus? or Mu………


  6. John Horne Tooke says:

    This is ignored by the BBC
    “At no stage was any serious attempt made by those holding her to negotiate,” Hague said, adding that her captors aimed to “pass her further up the Taliban command chain to make her more inaccessible.”

    Instead the BBC go with an unsubstantiated quote from some unknown mullah. In large letters.
    “A local influential mullah said… Ms Norgrove would have been walking free today if the authorities had given the elders and the locals a chance. ”

    Bilal Sarwary BBC correspondent, Kabul

    They also miss this out:

    “NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in Brussels the alliance will wait for the final outcome of the investigation before commenting.

    “But whatever happened, I would like to stress that those who are responsible (for her death) of course are the captors,” Fogh Rasmussen said.”


  7. FunkyTeaPot says:

    I don’t think there is any problem with the BBC quaestioning the death of a UK citizen. There are two sides to this (only being trumpeted by the BBC, I will give you).

    The first is that brave soldiers put themselves in harms way to save someone who put herself in this situation. You put your head in the lions mouth you are going to get bitten in the end.

    The second is that the ever professional Delta Force were using fragmentation grenades in a hostage rescue! A former SAS soldier (on Sky I think) was incredulous at this. Stun grenades, flash-bangs yes, not frag grenades.

    There are questions that need answering, why didn’t Dave insist that the SAS do this? Why did he agree to the operation when Delta Force have shown no ability at it? Why were further lives risked at all, she knew what she was getting into.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    In the piece DV linked to I dont see overt anti-Americanism overall.  The comment of course by their ‘Diplomatic Correspondent” Nicholas Witchell was absolutely stupid and ignorant – which is surprising coming from this particular correspondent.  
    What I will note are the following two quotes:  

    The BBC:  
    ‘Three local staff were kidnapped with her when the two cars they were travelling in were ambushed. The staff were released unharmed last week.‘ 
    William Hague:  
    “Her colleagues were released on 2 October but at no stage was there any serious attempt made by those holding her.”  
    So to the BBC, the Afghan’s were Miss Norwood’s ‘staff’.  To HMG they were colleagues.  One can certainly see where the old colonial mentality is alive and kicking.  And what cackhanded reporting of the Foreign Secretary’s comment.  What the BBC misreported is he was saying the Taliban made no serious attempt to negotiate.  


    • David Vance says:


      It’s more the TV presentation – just seen the 10 news. BBC get to have a go at Cameron and the hated US military.


  9. Barking Spider says:

    It’s a great pity that the SAS weren’t sent in to rescue her – if they had been, she’d probably still be alive.


    • Martin says:

      You don’t know that, are you a beeboid by chance?


    • matthew rowe says:

      Given the military situation on the ground the fact this was in a american controlled area the chance of the S.A.S being able to get this done were slim maybe non exsistant ! the use of frag grenades are standard in this kind of operation i.e proper combat not telly fighting  and stun types work well in training but in close fighting  can have serious draw backs as well and as an officer my duty would be to my troops first and to use any weapon that helps protects them  !
      Also arent the S.A.S  maggies assasins as the BBC used to paint them ?


    • Grant says:

      I don’t think any of us know the full circumstances.


  10. Martin says:

    Paxman the walking human turd sneers to his guest that “Cameron was naive” in trusting the Americans special forces.

    Funny thing is if Bush had still been in power you know who the BBC would be blaming.


    • Demon1001 says:

      Particularly if Blair or Brown had been the PM.


    • Grant says:

      Whenever I need advice on the capability of any country’s special forces, I contact a BBC  “defence correspondent”.


  11. Tony_E says:

    If the reports that ‘Fragmentation Grenades’ were used by American Forces are true, then the damage to UK public confidence in the US troops will take a massive battering. The Americans are already more unpopular now than at any time since Suez amongst much of the UK public.

    The BBC are in the worst of all places for them. They desperately want to bash Cameron for giving the go ahead, but that complicitly attacks the Americans and their commander in chief. The use of grenades at least gives them the opportunity have legitimate question of tactics.

    For my part, if they did use such grenades they must have felt supremely confident that they knew where the hostage was. I fear there is going to be a lot more to this story than we have heard so far.


  12. Guest Who says:

    I fear there is going to be a lot more to this story than we have heard so far.

    Indeed. Very possibly. Which is why it may be incumbent on the BBC’s finest to stop taking their slant from minute one, and running with it no matter what.

    There are already many written BBC ‘reporter’ quotes on what they apparently ‘know’ what happened and, even ore remarkably, how various governments are feeling about it and will respond.

    That… is p*ss poor ‘opinion’ to suit a narrative… not reporting.