It’s really all so simple when you understand the meme.  The US is always wrong and the US military in particular is evil, a global bully. By way of contrast the Taliban are noble, exuding a humanity few truly appreciate, apart from BBC presenter Lyse Doucet. I was relieved to read the BBC dutifully report that despite the atrocious desecration of some of these noble humanitarians by evil Marines the Taliban have said it will not stop their commitment to the peace process. Taliban – heroes. Marines = enemies of civilisation. Oddly enough, the BBC don’t seem to be that interested in the mutilations, the maimings, the decapitations and the murders which the Taliban impose on fellow Afghans. Desecration seems a one way street these days.


You know, I was very sorry to read of the tragic death of kidnapped UK aid worker Linda Norgove in Afghanistan. As you know, an attempted rescue was made but it ended in her death. What annoys me is the way in which the BBC are going after US forces on this now that it appears a US grenade used in the attempted rescue may have killed her. The BBC is coy about the fact that it was Islamic savages that kidnapped her, that it was Islamic savages who planned to kill her, and that responsibility for her death lies entirely with the Islamic savages concerned. The BBC meme is that US soldiers must always be in the wrong. Well, maybe the BBC want to go after the man in ultimate charge of US forces, Obama!