Anyone catch the easy ride afforded to Nicola Sturgeon during this interview on the BBC? Note how Evan Davies gets lippy to start with, is given a verbal slap by the not so lovely Nicola, and then allows her to trot out one economic inanity after another without serious challenge. SNP delusionalism is given free vent without so much as a demur murmur.

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4 Responses to FISHY BUSINESS

  1. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Alec Salmond’s (sp?) mini-me.

    Amazing how Scots politicians can routinely trumpet the phrase ‘balanced budget’ without the BBC droid ever mentioning the words, ‘Barnett’, and, ‘Formula’. 

    ‘Independence’, in the eyes of intellectual pygmies such as Sturgeon is being allowed to choose whether to suck the teat of the English taxpayer or the teat of the EC.

    ‘Independence’, as in not being dependent on anyone or anything else?  Naaah.  Don’t be silly.  I can see this so why can’t Evan.

    Evan’s level is asking Dragons’ Den ‘contestants’ how disappointed they are at not being given £350,000 for 5% of their electric shoe-brushing company. 

    Even the wise cobbler should not look above his last.


  2. Demon1001 says:

    Could a sturgeon be a mini-me of a salmon?  Just wondering… 😉


  3. Will says:

    Dame Nicky was having none of it on R5 after fragrant Nicola suggested that Mc Doom had mucked up. Nicky was straight in – “international matter, was Brown responsible for US, German economic difficulties, etc etc.”

    The BBC are not prepared to acknowledge that the deluded one claimed to have abolished boom & bust whilst running the economy as if there was to be a never ending boom. That he displayed typical cowardice in not being prepared to tax appropriate to his level of spending, dreaming that never ending growth would make the borrowing sustainable.


  4. sgc says:

    The SNP are one of the most dangerous political parties on the go and if they have their way will be the ruin of Scotland and I say that as a Scotsman! Not all Scots are fervent supporters of independance and in point of fact in these austere times it would be financial suicide to try and go it alone