I bring you this via the Libertarian Bulldog…

“The BBC has made available on its website a 54 minute recording of the discussion in Parliament about the quangos situation. The page is headlined:

Quango reform will cost jobs, warns Maude

No, really? Wow, who would have thought it.

I’m not watching the entire discussion so cannot say whether Frances Maude did or did not make such a warning. What I’m pretty sure of though is that he probably said something more interesting in his speech than the obvious. In fact the article quotes him saying:

For too long we have had quango pay spiralling out of control so that seven people in the Audit Commission are paid over £150,000 a year at a time when the average civil servant’s pay is £23,000.

Would it be too cynical to suggest that the publicly funded BBC didn’t want to bring too much attention to the positive sides of cutting government spending on non-government jobs?”

No, not cynical. 100% accurate
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  1. prpw says:

    Was there a balancing headline from the BBC suggesting any cost savings from reducing quangos would reduce the national deficit and help to get the economy more quickly back onto a path where it might be able to generate some wealth — and economically meaningful jobs — again in the future ?


  2. Martin says:

    A lot of ‘friends of the BBC’ work for these useless non job bodies. Not to mention the Grauniad will lose thousands in the loss of advertising revenue in the jobs section.

    But best of all the twat married to fatso Toynbee is losing his job. Rejoice at that news.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    The new labour mafia stuffed these quangos with their own supporters/supplicants/hangers on/groupies/allied spivs/friends’N’family for years.

    Its a perfect way of rewarding those within the ‘family’ and like the inbred bubble people they are they see nothing wrong in this practice. All aboard the gravy train comrades, it doesnt matter if you have no qualifications or experience or skills just as long as you are an in crowd one of the ‘family’ you scratch my back and….!
    People who dont know their arse from their elbow given high positions and a hundred fifty grand a year but who was in place to say STOP? What safety mechanism was put in place to stop the excess and wanton greed? Yeeeep! The Westminter vermin had no bevavioural limiter and thats why we saw the expenses scandal and stunningly hypocritical vermin like McShame MP stealing and robbing and embezzling hundreds of thousands while being treated as the font of wisdom and moral rectitude by the BBC.
    A greasy spiv on the make allowed a prime platform to lecture us all on tory morals while filling his boots, McShame allowed more airtime than any tory to preach his filthy ideology of socilaism while he happily defrauded the people he was preaching to. Of course the BBC are investigating the case with the same energy as they did(do) with Ashcroft I can imagine Panorama has a big expose in the works?
    The point is that the BBC knew of all the quangoid leeches years ago and they chose to remain silent.


    • Martin says:

      Well we know Toenails kept silent for years on Mc Twats bullying when he was Chancellor and PM, so god knows what else the BBC keep quiet on.