BBC Sunday Morning Live
Does prison work? “No” says Rasta “Dr” Benjamin Zephaniah on Sunday Live. “No” says the Christina Rees the very opinionated lady from the General Synod. “Yes It could work” says Ian Collins. So, three panellists but two stating that Prison does not work. That’s the BBC vision of balance. This is how they operate – the majority view is traduced by careful manipulation and the liberal hand-wringing agenda is presented as somehow being “mainstream”. Zephaniah is never off the BBC, he’s another one of their stool pigeon favourites who can be relied upon to spout the drivel that they believe. Because he has dreadlocks, it is not possible to contradict him, obviously, since that might be….r-a-c-i-s-t.  Mind you, I did laugh when he stated, without irony apparently, that “not everyone can be a poet”.  Dr Ben then explained that he had to explain to Muslims that not all British people were on “a crusade” against them. This was his response to the news of the Yemeni attempted terror attempt on cargo planes. During a discussion on whether “Killing animals for Sport” is wrong, he somehow suggested that since slaves were once hunted for fun, and since he was a Vegan, he couldn’t even understand the issue. What a guy! No wonder the BBC can’t get enough of him.

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4 Responses to ASK DOCTOR BEN…

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Zephaniah is at best mediocre at what he does. bbc has been polluting Radio7 with his work recently, and it’s drivel. Probably no better than an A-level student could produce.


  2. Natsman says:

    How can prison not work?

    It fulfills the two most glaringly obvious functions – it’s a punishment (offering I suppose, some feeling of vengeance and justice for the victims), and it also removes the perpretrators from the public, thus ensuring (for the duration of their sentence, should it be fully served, which it invariably isn’t) that they commit no further mischief on society.

    But the liberal bleeding hearts are blind to that.


  3. Guest Who says:

    There is a sore temptation to arrange for the less salubrious locals to visit our Benj on a regular basis and ‘interpret’ the law with his stuff and lifestyle, then wait and see how long it may be before he finks porridge might be an option after all.

    I am still pondering how he got elevated to ‘the country’s favourite son’ status, by the fragrant Suze speed-reading the teleprompter.

    Don’t recall being asked, but then again forgot that what the BBC finks is the best makes it what the UK needs to understand is the best.


  4. jeff says:

    Jesus H Christ it was so bloody patronising. The BBC have found a black man who isn’t a footballer or an athlete and can utter a sentence without saying “Innit”, or “Know wot I mean?” and he’s treated as though he’s Dylan Thomas. It was skin crawlingly awful and Mr Z, so overwhelmed by his own inflated ego, didn’t even notice. One day, I’m sure, we’ll look back on crap like this and laugh!