Today Is Also a Referendum On the Media.

Today, Nov. 2, the US is holding mid-term elections to choose who is going to represent them in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and selected State capitals. Judging from the wild-eyed Katty Kay in the video DB posted below, it’s also clearly the second-most important election in human history.

The main question on so many people’s minds since even before the BBC dared ask it is: Why are all these people motivated against the President and His Plan For Us?

BBC North America editor Mark Mardell believes that this is going to be a verdict on the President. He coyly poses it as a question, of course, but we all know what he’s thinking as this is the line he and all of his colleagues have been pushing for some time now. As we saw from the President’s audience with St. Jon Stewart, they wonder what more He could have done, why don’t we appreciate what He’s done for us, why the masses don’t understand how He’s already saved us. And of course, why do they hate the black man?

While the President should accept the brunt of the criticism (He may have been anointed elected with a mandate for “Change”, but it was obviously taken too far, and at the wrong time, not to mention the endless string of foreign policy errors), the Tea Party movement is as much a rebellion against Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, and the mainstream US media and assorted comedians and Hollywood types as it is against the President Himself.

We’ve all been through the economic arguments of why ObamaCare was the wrong massive debt increase at the wrong time, but Pelosi and Reid were more responsible for it than the President was. Contrary to what the BBC and their fellow travelers keep telling you, there are economists besides JournoLista Paul Krugman or David Blanchflower, and hundreds of them believe that both ObamaCare and all the excessive, debt-increasing spending plans of the Democrats are the wrong policy at the worst possible time. They’re also the ones who are going to let the Bush tax cuts expire at exactly the wrong time. So the Democrat-led Congress is on trial today as well.

Not only that, but the Republican Party is also being served notice today. Everyone talks about how the Tea Party movement is attacking the President and Democrats, but we’ve drawn blood from the Republican establishment first. In Alaska and Florida, for example, the incumbent Republicans lost the nomination when the people got fed up, and have unfortunately chosen to run as spoilers against the Tea Party-backed nominee instead. Many of the vox pops we hear from Tea Parties say that the excessive spending and debt began under Bush, and they’re just as sick of the Republican establishment who went along with it.

But in addition to the President and the political parties, there’s another element against which so many people are rebelling: the media. This includes edgy comedians and Hollywood dopes.
Watch this video and mark how much the statements you hear match what comes out of the mouths of Beeboids. Then you’ll know why we’re so angry, and what we’re really voting against today.

When Bill Maher says that we’re too stupid to be governed, he’s got it backwards. In reality, we’re too smart. If enough of us are, today’s election will reflect that.

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19 Responses to Today Is Also a Referendum On the Media.

  1. Martin says:

    Good one David. I don’t think many beeboids will be popping champers tonight.


  2. Gerald says:

    Just had my chip supper. The only paper to read while waiting for my order at the chip shop was the Daily Mirror.

    Lo and behold therein was a column by non other than the formmer BBC editor in America, good ole Justin.

    I will not rehearse his points other than to say nothing seems to have changed!

    In the BBC comments on the results the word to bear in mind at all times is SPECIOUS. It sums up perfectly what we are being fed by the BBC about the good old U. S. of A.


  3. hippiepooter says:

    What a spooky guy that Bill Maher is.  Tyranny waiting to happen, just like so many of his BBC counterparts.  
    We’re too dumb too be brainwashed is what he’s really saying without any sense of self-irony.


  4. dave s says:

    I suppose Thomas Jefferson is now one of the hate figures of the libbies. I am surprised the Declaration of Independence is not subject to the usual post modern marxist deconstruction they so favour.
    That the Tea Party draws much inspiration from him is a sure sign that they are right and true to the American tradition.


  5. D B says:

    From The Washington Examiner Election Day Liberal Media Spin Drinking Game comes this excellent explanation for the media obsession with Christine O’Donnell:

    Talking about Christine O’Donnell is very important therapy for liberals. First, it allows them to feel smarter than conservatives — O’Donnell says a lot of silly things, and is a conservative woman, both of which make her a prime target of smug liberal mockery. Also, this is a rare open seat Democrats will win. Combine those two points, and it gives liberal anchors a chance to say their favorite line: Republicans need to be moderate to win.
    Take a drink every time you hear her mentioned on the BBC tonight.


  6. Samantha Vickers says:

    It looks like it will be as bad a night for the BBC as it is for President Obama.I think that the interview with Jon Stewart sank a ship which was struggling anyway.

    It is now the audacity without the hope…


  7. Barbara says:

    Very, very busy at the polls today.  My husband was 43rd this morning just after 7am, and by 4pm the turnout in my county was closing in on 45 percent of registered voters – that is very high for the off-year, especially as there will be a real rush as people come home from work and vote after dinner. 


  8. DJ says:

    Right on schedule, Al-Beeb announces that the story of the night is ‘US Congress Splits Between Parties’

    Yes, indeed, much like the key message on 7th June 1944 was that France was now split between armies.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC has an interesting relationship with the word ‘split’.

      I am still in fun, if pointless semantic discussions with them over the use of the term when trying to make out the 10:10 No Pressure comments even in such as the Graun were ‘split’ 50:50 as opposed to 100:1. 

      They are currently digging in (down?) on.. ‘at the time we looked’… when oddly the evolving story stealth edit system ‘to reflect new accuracy’ did not kick in.


  9. Dr A says:

    Heard Bunter Mardell ending his funeral oration for Obama by scolding America as being “not ready for Obama’s audacity”….

    Only in Beeboidland, Mardell. Now go enjoy your breakfast wake (and I am sure you and your 39748654974 grieving BBC colleagues will do just that).


  10. Spectator says:

    I watched Katty Kay and the BBC male presenter on BBC World News and it was frankly embarassing. Katty Kay seems in a permanent state of hysteria and SHOUTS at the camera and at the INTERVIEWEES all the time!  Moreover, when her male BBC co-presenter dares to speak she positively BRISTLES with the desire to shut him up so she can get back to dominating the entire process.  It was embarrassing as a Brit, to see eminent American political commentators and political experts being SHOUTED AT in this appalling manner.  What is this woman on?  ten cans of Red Bull?

    Both the British presenters also wore wierd poppy symbols, which to the Americans were probably a complete mystery.  When can we have some serious-minded political journalists on BBC who LISTEN to what their interviewees have to say, quietly, respectfully and without SCREAMING their own views and analysis at every opportunity.  How could Katty Kay ever rise to a senior position in the BBC ?  She wouldn’t have made it to researcher 20 years ago.


    • prpw says:

      I limited myself to only about 10 minutes of the coverage on BBC World because I prefer higher-quality news sources (which can do radical things like providing fresh, agenda-free information of value about the US months before dinosaurs such as the BBC) but I did manage to catch Matt Frei explaining that one of the reasons for the Democrats’ defeat was that Obama was just TOO smart and cerebral.

      Ornery folks just couldn’t fathom what a Utopia Obama had created in the US in the past 2 years according to Matty Boy  


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Yes, we’re too stupid to appreciate a President who visited all 57 states.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Katty is as partisan as they come.  She was openly advocating for specific Left policies and revealing her emotional committment to one side.  Matt Frei was scarcely better, but he didn’t shout and constantly interrupt everyone.

      But aside from Ted Koppel, I didn’t see any eminent US commentators on the BBC at all.  I did see a few JournoListas, though.


  11. John Anderson says:

    I could not face watching or listening to things on BBC – I followed Fox.  Fast moving,  an excellent BALANCED mix of commentators (eg Joe Trippi was really informative),  no glitches,  constant on-screen results ticker.

    But this morning I tuned in to a bit of the Today programme,  Caught Naughtie talking to Palin-hater Andrew Sullivan (of all people) and some other guy,  Naughtie gets in the witch jibe,  then I reached for the off switch.

    I find I am listening to about 2 hours total per week of Today.  Used to listen to all of it.


    • Will says:

      Then you would have missed Sullivan producing snorts of amusement from Naughtie when he stated that Dingy Harry’s re-election was no big deal as he had only beaten a crazy woman.


      • DJ says:

        As ever, you have to marvel at the sheer brass neck of the BBC’s constant whining about right-wing extremism, while they present nuts like Milky Loads as disinterested, middle of the road commentators.  
        Still, that does give me an excuse to link to the best Sullivan takedown ever:  


  12. John Anderson says:

    Best clip I saw all day – SanFranNan saying they were on track to keep a majority in the House :


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Pelosi promised to take her ball and go home if the Dems lost the House.  We’ll see if she’s more true to her word on this than she was when she said she would “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington.