OK, we are almost at the end of 2010 and the BBC has clocked up another year of seething bias, or, as they prefer to call it, professional impartiality so profound it is in their DNA. So, let me ask you what was YOUR biased moment of the year? There’s so much choice – not least their appalling coverage of the General Election. But the bit that turned MY stomach the most was their coverage of the Hate Flotilla incident back in late May. I ended up getting caught up in the media crossfire for my “audacious” comments defending Israel and I  was once again struck by the hatred the BBC has of Israel and their fawning over anti-Semitic scum. There were so many other incidents…what is your stand out memory from the passing year?

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  1. Martin says:

    So much beeboid crap to choose from. I’d say the election and the coverage of the “Tory cuts”. The BBC ignored WHY we have to have cuts, in fact this morning on Radio 5 Vicki Pollard was interviewing some Welsh mong (Union boss I think) who refused to accept the need to cut anything and simply thought we could keep on borrowing.

    Pollard didn’t really challenge him by poiting out that if we didn’t cut spending, the money markets would rack up the interest on money we borrow or simply refuse to lend us money, then we’d go bust and be forced to make even bigger cuts than planned now which are nothing like as big as the BBC would have people believe.

    This is just typical of the BBC of course.


    • DP111 says:

      Maybe we should have continued borrowing till we went bust. This would have been an ideal opportunity to bust the BBC as well – for good. There is a silver lining etc..


  2. Stuart says:

    For me, it would have to be the general election and everything that led up to it. Whilst being aggressively opinionated and questioning with the opposition, they let the previous administration get away with catastrophic mismanagement in several key areas, both socially and financially. It was left to other broadcasters and citizens like Mrs Duffy to ask the difficult questions.


  3. Ron Decline says:

    The most biased BBC coverage of the year has to go to the local BBC news program (Midlands Today) that spoke of nothing but Coalition Cuts for the months preceding Osbourne’s budget review. They weren’t even subtle about it – each program started with speculation about cuts, continued with interviews with interested parties worried about cuts and finished with a real cuts scare story. Appallingly delivered and ferociously partisan.

    Question Time has been heavily weighted to the Left this year although I must say that logging onto BBBC to watch it has made it one of the entertainment high points of the week for me. 


    • Sres says:

      That wasn’t just your local news, that was every local news, day after day of sob stories about public sector workers losing their jobs, how it will decimate and destroy them.

      Anyone seen Unison’s breakdown of the cost to the government for sacking just one public sector worker?


  4. Martin says:

    Can we have a poll for the biggest beeboid tosser of the year? I know there are a lot to choose from

    Dame Nikki
    Rat Face

    I don’t know if someone can set up a poll where we can choose our BBC twat of the year.

    Any others for the list of noms?


  5. Millie Tant says:

    Hard to choose a moment from among so many instances of Beeboid Bias. What is striking is the blatancy of it. There is a two-pronged approach by the Beeboids to their party political bias. One is the sheer blatant anti-Tory and anti-Coalition bias both during the election and afterwards – their constant monotonous pushing of the theme of “cuts”, as has been mentioned; their generally negative tone and narrative including gratuitous digs and slurs such as “Nasty Party”; their lack of proportionate Conservative / majority government party representation on news, panels and discussion programmes.

    The other side of it is their carrying on as if Labour were still the government, with their continuing over-promotion and over-representation of Labour views, events, policies and people. These include never-off-the-screen labourites like the thugs Campbell, Prescott, Livingstone, Mandelson, plus assorted journalists, economists, think tankers and quangocrats (and lefty and/ or anti-Coalition Libdems, Simon Hughes, Charles Kennedy, Ming Campbell).

    When the government changed, so also should there have been an obvious change in what was appearing and being heard on the Beeboid Corporation. Instead, we got even more of Labour and the likes of Campbell than when he was employed to spin for the Labour government.


  6. TheGeneral says:

    Yes I agree with all the above, but I would highlight in particular the analysis of the Leaders Debates. It seemed they were watching something different to me and were hailing Nick Clegg as the new prophet. Their attitude to Clegg has dramatically changed since he became deputy PM.
    What was all the nonsense about looking into the camera? Surely if a person asks you a question you address your answer directly to that person and the viewers through the camersa can look on. This is what Cameron did in the first debate.To turn away from the questioner just to ‘please’ the camera is rude.
    Sky coverage was just as bad. They had a so called ‘expert’ on body language saying Clegg looked into the camera more (not true) and that Cameron kept looking out of the corner of his eye which gave the impression of slyness. This was not true, I had recorded it and he did not do this once. I wrote to Sky and said how dare they lie in this manner and if they replay the first debate they would see it was not true that Cameron was looking out the side of his eye. They did not reply but the ‘expert’ did not knock Cameron in the subsequent analysis.


  7. Sres says:

    All of it


  8. Backwoodsman says:

    Yup, all of the above. However the most insideous example , Kate Humble , yet another bbc instant expert on the countryside, on a nature programme, stating that ‘magpies are not harmfull to songbirds.’
    This is so absolutely false and misleading that it can only be part of a deliberate policy to deceive the urban public into accepting the word of certain bbc approved bodies , with political ideals in line with the bbcs’, as the only orthodoxy. 
    “Songbird Survival Trust calls for Magpie Cull ”  I wonder how the “expert ” miss humble missed that !


  9. DCP says:

    The election and subsequent demonisation of the lib dems obviously gave the beeboids their biggest opportunity for spleen venting, but to me the biggest shame has been seeing the sickening indoctrination of Horrible Histories.

    As adults, we can discern the BBC’s meme quite easily and find the truth amidst the lies.  Kids instinctively trust and believe everything they see on the box.  That kind of attempted manipulation is just sick – if my name was Dawkins I might even liken it to child abuse.


  10. Pounce says:

    Well they do say a picture says a thousands words and how better than the bBC to supply an apt example of their bias at work on the last day of the year:


  11. Darren Washbrook says:

    The BBC are supposed to be, and repeatedly say they are….impartial.

    So my award for the worst example of BBC bias goes to the Question Time show trial of Nick Griffin.

    There was nothing impartial about that at all ! It was an out and out attack on a political party the likes of which this country has never seen organised by a media outlet…..and I had to bloody pay for it !


    • Moorlandhunter says:

      Notice that the BBBC went all hoity toity over Wikileaks, particularly over anything to do with the Tories, Israel or the US but fell strangely silent when one leak said that the USA knew McGuiness and Adams were top IRA men and knew about the IRA bank robberies…this item of news was not headline news, just relegated to NI web site.

      Imagine any other politician being exposed like this, the bBBC would have had an orgasm of indignation.





    • hippiepooter says:

      I’m completely in favour of BBC bias against Nazis.  They have a democratic duty to have it.  Unfortunately their bias is a left-wingo one, not a democratic one.  Extreme leftists like get reverential treatment.  They should be treated with near equal contempt, as with their Jihadist allies.


  12. davejan says:

    The liebore award for best slight of hand goes jointly to H.Harmen and D.Dumblebum for Question Time…
    The special award for pulling the wool over the general public for 13 years go to the ……..The BBC…what a surprise..
    The website thats a thorn in the BBC’s side goes to…..B-BBC,everyone keep up the work and we might just get the mainstream media to take note…..Happy new year….


  13. Charlie says:

    I remember Women’s Hour with 3 guests verbally  eviscerating Sarah Palin, 2 women and a bloke, not one good word to say about her.
    Contrasted with Women’s Hour a few months later singing the praises of Australia’s new Labour Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  No one can be that perfect. Knowing a few Australians, she isn’t.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was the “feminist” Diane Abbott, hauled on at every opportunity to dismiss any woman with the temerity to stand against The One.


  14. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC is seeing out the New Year with a couple ofarticles about how women  who are now allowed to wear the hijab in universities still bare the scars of not been allowed to wear it for over 20 years.  
    For some reason the bBC doesn’t bother mentioning how a lot of these women are forced to do so by male pressure and that in nearly every Islamic country going not wearing the Hijab gets you jailed if not killed. I mean its not as if the bBC don’t know about how bad women are treated in Turkey here is something they wrote in 2004:  
    “Violence is a concern frequently cited as one of the key problems by Western non-governmental organisations. A recent report by Amnesty International estimated that at least one third of Turkish women are victims of domestic violence in which they are “hit, raped and, in some cases, killed or forced to commit suicide”.  
    Honour killings – murders of women accused of bringing shame on the family by conducting illicit affairs – affect Turkish society as they do other Muslim cultures. But, as elsewhere, the true figure for these deaths is shrouded in mystery. “

    But then the bBC have always been biased in favour of the gay death cult.


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    In no particular order:

    BBC coverage of the UK general election, and how a coalition was a great thing until it involved the nasty Tories.

    Their coverage of the US mid-term election, every biased bit from Jan. 1 to Nov. 2, including Mardell traveling around the country with an Obamessiah Hope poster, Katty Kay’s partisan shouting on election night, and Matt Frei and Katty Kay’s ridiculously biased post-mortem segment.

    Franz Strasser’s dishonest series of reports on immigration in the US.

    The choreographed attacks on nasty Tory boodget coots, which were described as “ideological”, yet it was not permitted to describe Labour’s desires that way.

    The support for student anger during the riots over tuition fees, especially the first one, during which every critic was asked by a Beeboid if they at least understood the anger behind the violence, then blaming the police for the violence of the second protest. Also helping to push the message that 4 X 9000 = over 40,000, while doing everything possible to hide the information that the poorest students won’t have to pay anything, then blaming the Coalition for not explaining it properly.

    Robert Peston and Stephanie Flander’s horrible economic opinion-mongering, recommending more Keynesian borrowing and spending while refusing to acknowledge that the countries which moved early to cut spending were doing okay and the ones which followed their advice were in the sh!t.

    The continued refusal to mention Gordon Brown’s PFIs and the devastating effect they had on the economy and job situation.

    The biased twittering of so many Beeboids and edgy comedians who make a good living off the license fee.

    Helen Boaden’s declaration that impartiality is in their genes.

    The continued promotion of Warmsim (infecting all programming across the spectrum of BBC broadcasting, including Victorian Farm Christmas) and denial of reality, for example Richard Black declaring Cancun more of a success than Copenhagen while the organizers themselves thought Cancun was a failure.

    Giggling and blaming Spooner for Naughtie’s Freudian C/Hunt slip, then thinking it’s funny when Marr repeats it on purpose, then thinking it’s just fine that Naughtie apologized to his listeners but never to the person he actually insulted, as if that part wasn’t important.

    Mark Thompson’s admission of endemic Left/Liberal bias at the BBC and unintentional parody of that Monty Python sketch about cannibalism in the Royal Navy: “It used to be a problem, but we now have it relatively under control.”

    When that Pastor in Florida threatened to burn a Koran, the BBC kept trying to promote the idea that, as it was the end of Ramadan and Muslims had spent the last month deep in prayer and religious contemplation, it was perfectly understandable that they would want to kill people, and the Pastor was the one with dangerous thoughts.

    I’m sure there’s more but I can’t bear to keep thinking about it!


  16. Moorlandhunter says:

    The BBC is so biased that I no longer watch any of the news items except by accident and never now watch Question Time as it is nothing but a left wing support and spouting assembly for the ‘enraged’ left to express their views. It never ceases to amaze me how many lefties get on QT and rant, but then again that is the nature of being a lefty being loud, angry and enraged when everyone else is to blame for the events that happen except their beloved Labour party and its financial and political controllers, the Unions and the saps who voted for them. Just watch some of the Gordon era QT’s to see the dummies coming out to support Labour’s utter failures.

    As for BBC Countryfile it seems that the true nature of our countryside is glossed over and ignored or simply given bias presenting about the real concerns of TB in Badgers, pest foxes that need controlling or the total lack of coverage of country sports (unless it shows them in a bad light) that make vast sums of money for country dwellers and are practiced by hundreds of thousands of people. It presents the country side as just a play ground for weekend urbanites who think that they know best and country pursuits should be banned, yet the countryside they love has on the whole been shaped by country sports. Why else are there 200 to 300 year old woods in the huge grain fields of the UK, to make it look nice or as wildlife sanctuaries for rearing game birds and as cover for deer and wild game. I wish CF would address this, but it won’t, nor will BBC makers of Spring/Autumn watch admit that their footage was filmed on a shooting estate because of its prolific diversity of wildlife, all due to the fact that pest control has taken place on the land there for years thus giving the vast diversity of animal life the BBC love to show.



    • Ron Decline says:

      When QT starts again log on here and watch it with the rest of us like minded individuals. It’s real fun and I couldn’t watch it any other way these days.


  17. Umbongo says:

    David Preiser does his usual excellent job and covers the field comprehensively.

    As far as I’m concerned, the prize should be awarded for the consistency of BBC warmism bias over all channels of communication.  I don’t think there’s been a period of 24 hours or a report or analysis on any topic which has not in some way involved a sermonette on CAGW.


  18. Nick Darlington says:

    For me the most blatant bias involves Wikileaks and Climategate. Compare and contrast the coverage! Wall to wall minute by minute coverage of Wikileaks and the dubious Assange, in depth interviews with those ‘celebrities’ – some of whom didn’t even know him – queuing up to bail him out. Conversely how long did it take for the BBC to mention Climategate? Those emails were ‘stolen’ and so could not be detailed…Hmm. No balanced reporting there of anyone who could provide genuine substance, no follow up of the numerous whitewash ‘inquiries’. Not at all surprising that the Guardian was chosen as the UK outlet for Wikileaks… the only time I hear that paper mentioned is on the BBC by its staff and invited commentators…. need I say more? Apart from Happy New Year to all b-BBC folk. 


  19. wild says:

    The standout moment of bias from the BBC this year was when for a few hours of primetime television one evening in the days after the General Election (under an out of his depth anchorman Huw Edwards) the BBC became a cheerleader for a Lib-Lab coalition (anything to stop the Tories) on the grounds that the only people against such a coalition were the “Tory Press”.

    It was the most disgraceful example of political bias I have ever seen on the BBC.

    Right at the end of the programme, in the last few minutes, a steaming John Reid (from the Labour Party) told them to stop being so partisan and accept that the Labour Party had been defeated.


  20. Llew says:

    Even on the last day of 2010, the bias is still there….

    Yesterday we got Millibland’s New Year message, which of course was just a mini party political attacking the coalition or at least that was the bit the BBC news concentrated on. I certainly didn’t notice any balance from the coalition mentioned, what Millibland said went unchallenged.

    However for today’s message from David Cameron, the BBC just had to remind us what Millibland said yesterday, they just could not give him the same unchallenged coverage like they gave to Ed yesterday.

    That was on the TV news, but you can see the same bias on their website.

    Ed yesterday – 
    notice the “related stories” in the side bar – nothing from the coalition.

    DC’s message today – 
    notice the “related stories” sidebar – attacks from both Labour and the TUC.

    Unbiased? Fail.

    Happy New Year to everyone – 2011 will be the year I will throw something heavy at the TV screen, probably during Question Time.


  21. John Horne Tooke says:

    Not of this year – but the cowardly way that Harrabin gives into fanatics. Two people altering an  article on a topic that neither of them is qualified to write in the first place. I think this “smear” as the  old alchemist calls it should be highlighted on every occasion. Roger of course does not debate as can be seen here:


  22. Pounce says:

    The bBC and how it excuses the murderous nature of Islam:
    Explosion kills five outside Egyptian church
    An explosion outside a church in the north Egyptian city of Alexandria has left at least five dead, security officials and witnesses say…………..Witnesses said the Christians were chanting: “We sacrifice our souls and blood for the Cross,”

    Well I suppose that one way of legitimising   how Muslims can only be victims according to the bBC.


  23. sue says:

    Over the last year I’ve written almost one hundred posts with the tag ‘anti Israel’. I’m aware that it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and I’m grateful that you let me contribute here, rather than to a dedicated pro-Israel blog.  I try to reach the parts that other blogs do not.

    I think the BBC’s anti Israel – pro Islam bias is the most harmful. It may be less obvious than the ones others have picked out, but because while most people have access to alternative views on party politics, and to a lesser extent on AGW, the general BBC viewer is almost exclusively subjected to the BBC’s take on the Middle East, and will rely exclusively on it for their misinformation on the subject. Why would they suspect that they’re not being given a balanced overview?

    One-sided reporting does Israel a massive injustice, which has far reaching consequences for Jewish people, particularly those living outside Israel. Perhaps it’s of relatively limited importance if Jews are forced to choose between fleeing from the UK (or Europe) or dissociating themselves from Zionism.
    The problem with Islam, however, will affect everyone, and for that reason I’m nominating all the BBC’s reporting on Israel, with two exceptions. Jane Corbin’s Panorama about the Mavi Marmara, and another programme I heard on the BBC world service about Israel’s bees, or was it wine. They were the only ones that didn’t heap blame on Israel for everything under the sun.

    There are plenty of Israel Good news stories they could pass on, and I bet if any of these came from anywhere else, they’d be featured on the BBC.
     and finally:


  24. hippiepooter says:

    I was trying to find youtube of John Reid’s rebuke of the odious Huw Edwards for talking up a Lab-Libdem coalition but instead came upon this by B-BBC on youtube, which I think ranks as a classic though bog standard example of Labour bias:-


    • hippiepooter says:

      I might add would it not be good to have a link to the B-BBC account on youtube?


  25. Radio2LunchTimeLoather says:

    Biased news coverage? You need look no further than The Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2.