I thought that this was a good catch by a B-BBC reader on one of our favourites, the pouting Barbara Plett.

Visit Barbara Plett’s statement in the fifth paragraph here to the effect that Middle East peace talks ended with “Israel’s refusal to reinstate a partial moratorium on construction”. I thought that Netanyahu had offered a three month extension but that the Palestinians had pulled-out (in addition to refusing to negotiate over the major part of the previous 10 month period). If I’m right, then it’s bad faith on the part of Plett and her employers as well as bad faith on the part of the Palestinians who had had no problems in negotiating with Olmert, irrespective of there being no freeze!

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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This BBC article from Dec. 31 makes it out to be the Palestinians who walked away from negotiations to pursue a “Plan B”, and the Israelis were hoping they would return to the table.  But none of that matters.  Israel is the only bad guy, the only cause for trouble, the only obstacle.


  2. Phil says:

    Plett’s probably crying her eyes out about this at home.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    Only the BBC could misrepresent reality like this. The settlement freeze was enacted on the demand of the ‘Palestinian’ authority who would not come to the negotiating table without the freeze. Israel was pressured into accepting the demand in the hopes that talks would start WRONG!

    The demand was a ploy of course, a typical ploy of those who dont want to negotiate and the bery last thing on earth the ‘Palestinians wish to do is negotiate a settlement of the settlement so to speak. Israel could make every concession and it would not be enough, the aim is not peace but to seek and exploit weakness which is further exploited in order for final victory to be gained.

    The ‘Palestinians’ seek to wreck and obstruct peace talks because peace is the very last thing they want or need, peace would be a disaster for them, no hatred and no revenge and no reason to plot and dream of fields of dead Jews and the remainder being pushed into the sea and yet despite all the evidence the BBC is determined to push the narrative that it is the Jews who are obstructing the peace talks.

    A festering wound is what the Arabs desire because it keeps the flames of hatred and revenge alive because whats the alternative for them? With no hatred and murder and death in their hearts they would have to build a peaceful life and propsperous nation at peace with its neighbours and if that happened the flaming desire for revenge would flicker and die.


  4. Anonymous says:

    This reader is correct. The Arabs refused to negotiate during most of the moratorium and then limited the meetings to once in two weeks till it expired. Then they demanded to renew the moratorium as a precondition to negotiations even though it didn’t bring them to the negotaition table when Israel did comply with their demand.  Netanyahoo said Israel will continue the moratorium if the Arabs will recognize Israel as a Jewish state, which they rejected because they want Israel to become another Arab Muslim state. But it’s all Israel’s fault.

    What they basically want is to get a state without a peace agreement. Then Israel will be forced to unilaterally withdraw and the Arabs will use the territory to amass rockets, missiles and other weapons like they did in Gaza. Then they will attack Israel using the excuse that Israel didn’t unilaterally take down all the settlements, didn’t expell all the Jews from east Jerusalem (the Jews of east Jerusalem were expelled by the Arabs in 1949, which is never mentioned in the media) and didn’t take the Arab refugees and “refugees” and the millions of their descendants (a result of the Arab war against Israel. Israel, howevere, did take and resettle a larger number of Jews that fled or were expelled from Arab countries, but that is never mentioned in the media either).

    The rockets and missiles from Judea and Samaria AKA the west bank, from Gaza and from Lebanon (by Hizaballah) will cover all of Israel, kill and maim many people and paralyze the Israeli economy, but of course the media will insist these daily attacks are nothing but a bit of a nuisance and that Israel deserves it because it didn’t expell all the Jews from east Jerusalem like the Arabs demand. Any action by Israel to stop the attacks – whether sanctions or a military operation – will be demonized. Nothing will be accepted but complete surrender of the Jews and turning Israel into an Arab-Muslim state because the Arabs only have 22 states and only control 14 million square kilometers of land, while Israel has this huge chunk of 20,000 square kilometers of mostly barren land, so the Arabs must have it because where are all these Arabs gonna live if not in Tel Aviv? It’s not like they conquered the entire Middle East or something.

    Do you know Arafat’s Phased Plan? The Phased Plan is that they will get whatever piece they can from “Palestine” and then use it to launch a war to get the rest. This plan was conceived long before the so-called “peace process” and the “peace process” was supposed to end all that, but in 1993, after signing the Oslo accords, Arafat told radio Monte Carlo it was part of the Phased Plan. So now you see it unfolding before your eyes with the full support of the fake “liberals” in the media and the “international community”.