This was posted a few days ago by B-BBC commentator Too True. “What do I think of the BBC today? I detect a speck of light in the darkness of that foul, propagandist, news-laundering organisation:  Just after 54 minutes into a 5 Live programme on anti-Semitism, we have this exchange:

 Nicky Campbell: Are you a Muslim Abdul?   

Abdul: Yes.   Nicky Campbell: You are properly horrified when there are Islamophobics attacks because of the atrocities committed by Muslims and Islamists, so why aren’t you similarly horrified when there are anti-Semitic attacks?   Abdul: If there are anti-Semitic attacks….   Yardina, Jewish Brit: There are!   Abdul: …first of all we do not condone, we do not accept from anybody…   Nicky Campbell: You seem to be looking for a justification by saying if Israel committed…   Abdul: …that’s not what I’m saying; there is suspicion obviously because the funding is coming from here, the funding is coming from America…   Nicky Campbell: Do you understand why there is suspicion from some people of Muslims in this country?   Abdul: …I appreciate that obviously… what the media portrays… that Al Qaeda is responsible…   Nicky Campbell: Why are you saying, “What the media portrays as Al Qaeda” if it’s not true? You don’t think Al Qaeda is responsible for atrocities?  

Fair play to Campbell on this occasion however I have to say that I think the only light I see is that of another left-wing train coming. One welcomes forensic examination of the Islamic mindset and I would like to see much more. But the overwhelming BBC meme is that ISLAM is a force for good, but perhaps with a few nutters within it (Just like Christianity, natch) and in that context I think this is a false dawn. 
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  1. Abandon Ship! says:

    Tiny chinks appear but they are quickly swallowed up by the mass of Islam apologia that the BBC expends much effort and energy on.

    BTW, just listen to the last caller as the show is cut off.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    You’re definitely playing ‘hard to get’ DV with my endorsements of Nicky C! 🙂

    Try this, compare and contrast the following BBC interviews with MB UK spokesman Kamal El-Habawy:-

    Interview 1

    I did a post after watching this ‘interview’ suggesting the questions that any decent interviewer should have put to him.

    Interview 2 (2hrs 09mins 30secs in)

    There followed afterwards, in my humble opinion, a superb phone-in on multi-culturalism.

    TrueToo was suprised by the vigour with which Nicky Campbell held the Muslim caller to account on anti-Semitism.  Having listened to NC for years it didn’t suprise me one bit.