…on the BBC at least. A B-BBC reader writes…

On 5Live on Wednesday Victoria Derbyshire gave us a fine example of the BBC manufacturing a news story.

Riven Vincent. the mother of a disabled child who caught the headlines in January for her criticism of provision for respite care, was dragged into the studio by Derbyshire for an interview….she wasn’t a ‘current’ story in the news so….


This is an old story and it seems that VD intended solely to use Vincent as a vehicle to attack the Government. The summary of the inteview was that Riven Vincent has declared that she ‘no longer believes David Cameron is on the side of disabled children.’

This was then cut and pasted into 5Live News.


It wasn’t ‘news’…it was a regurgitated story from January in which Vincent said the same thing.

The conclusion has to be that this is the BBC casting around for ways to attack Cameron…this is the same 5Live that assiduously followed every anti-cuts protest and helpfully told us where and when they would be occurring.

Contrast the normal BBC reaction with the cuts which is to blame the Governemt as ‘savage and brutal’….when VD asked who was to blame, expecting ‘the government’ as the answer, what she got, to her dismay, was the callers blaming the councils. VD’s reaction was to say the councils must balance their budgets and make decisions that reflect tight budgets….isn’t that exactly what the Government is trying to do?

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  1. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Gameshow Nikki’s take on ‘coots’ was that,

    ‘more children will die as a result’.

    They’re good aren’t they.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    DV, did you listen to the VD show yourself?

    Personally I would give VD the benefit of the doubt.  I listen to her most mornings at work.  I find her on the whole to be very fair-minded and professional.

    I think ordinary members of the public will be very perplexed to see NC and VC held up as glaring examples of wanton BBC bias.

    There are BBC journalists like Humphrys, Paxman, Naughtie, Wark, Edwards, Bowen, Marr, Esler, Guerin etc with a proven track record of being screamingly bent.  NC and VD simply do not come anywhere near into this category and in my opinion it undermines accusations of bias against these aforementioned serial offenders if B-BBC places them there.


    • David vance says:

      No. I didn’t. This was sent in by a reader. I must take your advice and give her a listen one of these days. 😀


    • hippiepooter says:

      NB, If memory serves correctly, I think it emerged when Victoria Derbyshire had Riven Vincent on in January that VD faces the same sort of issues in her own family, or did.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Vicky Pollard, fair-minded and professional?  You’re lucky Martin isn’t around to hear you say that.


        • Craig says:

          You don’t think our Martin has been kidnapped by a sinister consortium of BBC employees, cocaine-snorters, frequenters of Hampstead Heath, rent-boys from Romania and supporters of a certain unpleasant chap who used to run the country despite not having (as Martin might say) the full compliment of eyes?


        • hippiepooter says:

          Wrong Vicky DV! Oh!  I mean DP!  🙂


    • stevefb says:

      I would give VD the benefit of the doubt

      I wouldn’t – VD is, along with both Dame Nikki and Bacon, one of the crowning turds in the soup bowl that is 5L. I’m subjected to her foaming bias every day at work. My lot is not a happy one…


  3. London Calling says:


    You can catch that just listening to the radio nowadays.

    Don’t they have a clinic for that? Or, perhaps due to the “cooots” its being closed down.


  4. gordon-bennett says:

    How many variations on “the tories are gassing kittens” can the beeb generate.

    My guess is 10,000 and counting.