As Sue rightly points out, the BBC aren’t that bothered by the Hamas onslaught against Israel and that is understandable when you have such important issues to cover as…..a gay football player. Earlier this morning, on Today, they ran a 5 minute item on a Swedish football player who has declared he is gay. Naturally this caught the eye of the BBC and we got the usual 5 minutes bemoaning the homophobia rampant in the game. I was surprised that the BBC were intent to suggest that Hysen is the only gay that’s been in the game – surely this is wrong. Also, I’m not quite sure what the point of this item was other than some vague “isn’t it awful…”? I would have thought there were many more items worthy of coverage but then again the BBC knows better…

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  1. Natsman says:

    When I heard the riveting, heart-stopping news this morning that only one footballer had been found to be a homosexual, I turned the bloody radio off.  Who the f*ck gives a shit, anyway?  If they’re poofs, then they’re poofs.  I don’t like football, anyway, and I don’t give a stuff if ALL the poncey players who run around like little Lord Fauntleroy earning mega-bucks for looking pretty and kicking a lump of plastic about are as bent as arseholes, it’s of no interest to me.    
    And I’d like to start a movement to seize the word “gay” back for its proper use within the English language, please


  2. cjhartnett says:

    A typical BBC non-story. The Toady Show is full of such wadding in its waddling up to its 8am bulletin.
    The reporter was happy to report a homophobic hate crime exclusively to us whilst this fearless seeking of truth went on as he trudged through the ice over in Sweden-that rabid anti-gay nation we all dread!
    Al THAT turned out to be was someone saying that he`d not be going to watch the game as long as the gay player was there…what a terror eh?
    Why doesn`t the Beeb demand that all its glove puppets like Lineker come out (as it were!) and DEMAND That the BBCs sports broadcasting unit employ only gays-bit of positive discrimination surely!
    It really is about time that our anti homophobic beloved broadcaster in fact stopped paying to watch the homophobes kick a ball. There is a gay League somewhere I`m sure-and I for one will insist that the BBC stop using our money to promote such prejudice as that beastly Premier League.
    Handbags for goalposts! Let`s see the Beebs true colours in leading us to the gay Jerusalem-and Mecca after that with Evan and Graham in the vanguard…courage-it`s in their jeans innit bruv?


  3. Buggy says:

    Good old up to date BBC. This story was in the DT about two weeks ago.

    Maybe if the Beeboid sickos weren’t so busy having a collective orgasm over the thought of Japan having a giant nuclear explosion they’d have covered this one a bit earlier…….