One of the worst characteristics bout BBC bias is the sheer scale of it and even as we watch or listen to one programme you can be sure there will be another one on the network that is equally reprehensible. A Biased BBC reader notes;

“I don’t know whetheryou listened to the regular Wednesday afternoon programme of ‘Thinking Aloud’ on BBC Radio 4 (Wed 16 March at 4pm – still on I-player). This was a specialprogramme devoted to the views of Stuart Hall who (in the words of the text onthe BBC web-site!) is (sic) “Britain’s leading cultural theorist”.What we actually know is that Stuart Hall has always been a voice of the’left’. He was the first editor of the ‘New Left Review’ and a contributor to’Marxism Today’ etc etc and a favourite of the Guardian. In what I guess shouldhave been a full-length interview on cultural trends or the culture of politicsin Britain we actually got a full political lecture from a particular ‘leftwing perspective’.

One section of the interview covers the current Government and Stuart Hall’sviews of it (quote) “Think of the nonsense about fairness which has goneon since the coalition got in”.. I would have thought as this show wasgiving voice to someone with a very particular ‘political’ view of Governmentand society the BBC’s Charter would have meant that a second person of similarstanding should have been allowed to air contrary or different views. But Iguess this is too much to expect!”

It is indeed. The BBC loves putting out this kind of leftist dross, tucked away all over the weekly schedule.

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9 Responses to THINKING ALOUD?

  1. james1070 says:

    His career has gone right down hill since the BBC cancelled It’s a Knockout.


  2. Abandon Ship! says:

    Thinking Aloud makes no attempt to be even handed. Week in, week out the listener is subjected to the sort of sociological nonsense that you might be subjected to if you attended a module on diversity at a former polytechnic.


  3. Chris Martin says:

    Unfortunately, James1070, it’s not THAT Stuart Hall!  If only it was – it might have been more amusing!  There is the other ‘academic’/’political’ Stuart Hall!


  4. wild says:

    “Britain’s leading cultural theorist” Excuse me while I piss my pants laughing.


  5. wild says:

    By the way everybody knows that any programme on the BBC which calls itself “Thinking Aloud” is going to be a slavish exercise in Leftist Newspeak. The BBC and thinking (never mind thinking aloud) is a contradiction in terms.


  6. George R says:

    Stuart Hall and Noam Chomsky are Marxist propagandists whom BBC-NUJ-Labour politically reveres. (Paxman at the feet of Chomsky on ‘Newsnight’ a couple of weeks ago was another  case in point.)


    • J J says:

      Chomsky is not technically a Marxist. He is from the libertarian socialist or anarchist wing of socialism I believe. The influence of the Frankfurt school and such people on him I’m not sure though.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Laurie Taylor is exactly the corduroy waving left liberal wet lettuce that had no brain to be a proper academic. He therefore developed a scouse accent in a posh register and found a football club to shack up with.This man is made for F.E at some college somewhere-but nof fit for the Beeb.
    That his son produces his rag tag show of Guardian hand wringing without challenge every Wednesday is a scandal-what hex does his family have on the sociology wing of Gramsci Polytechnics common room I wonder? The Beeb really needs a few intelligent types and not a rainbow coalition of nomarks that are all based on Libby Purvis in one shape or another.
    Red Laurie-Pink Laurie-take your pick…as long as the Frankfurt School is the Temple of choice in the end.