Being Had by Has-beens

Hilarious edition of The Reunion radio 4 just now on the Brixton riots.
Discussion between some self-hating policemen, reformed rioters-done-good and Darcus Howe.
Nostalgia for the days when institutionally racist rozzers were outwitted by dem oppressed unemployed rastas, cruelly forced to smoke dope and have loud parties because of hopelessness, uselessness, and being targeted under racist stop’n’search. “Not because street crime was mainly perpetrated by blacks?” asked Sue MacGreg feebly. “We needed to be left alone/provided with jobs ” was the conclusion.
BBC blast-from-the-past Darcus Howe, spokesman for oppressed black communities, kept on and on about his fambley. As if we’ve forgotten all about his notorious spat with Joan Rivers over racism and his abandoned son.

Multiculturalism. Appease it or lookout.

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22 Responses to Being Had by Has-beens

  1. Abandon Ship! says:

    Didn’t find it hilarious I’m afraid, rather had to switch it off due to rising blood pressure.

    I thought the days of such hackneyed, PC, cliche-ridden bleeding heart liberal nonsense was behind us, even for the BBC.

    Those of us who are not Rastas and who lived in the Brixton area in the early 1980’s can tell a different story, one the BBC would not like to hear and would never broadcast.

    For instance the nasty racist abuse I got from those jolly Rastas whilst running a road race through Brixton.


  2. ed lancey says:

    Is the half-witted Darcus Howe still blaming whitey for giving him prostate cancer ?


  3. Span Ows says:

    Darcus at least realises the problem with black gangs, Asian gangs, gang rapes etc and isn’t scared to say who does it or the colour of their skin…of course he’s allowed to say these things because of the colour of his skin.

    This show will be part of several in the BBCs warm-up to their hoped-for massive street riots in London this weekend when various marches converge.


  4. jarwill101 says:

    A lot of blacks in 1970s Brixton wanted to turn it into Trenchtown-upon-Thames; with all the associated violent criminal activity. As soon as anybody objected to their lawless, selfish, destructive, infantile behaviour, they were tarred ‘racist’. What utter bullshit. Many of the blacks I bumped into, not all, used their race as a provocative blade: a blade to intimidate. The clear message was – You owe us big time, Whitey; so leave us alone to do what we do. My problem was that I didn’t buy into white guilt, or loathing my own white race. A vicious criminal deserves severe punishment – whatever his colour.
    When people like Darcus Howe start mouthing off, ask him one question: ‘Can you direct me to The Museum of Black Scientific Achievement?’


  5. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Care here that making a valid point doesn’t slip into casual racism.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Bupendra, I have always believed that a person’s character is the important thing, not their skin colour. The quality of the human being.
      The black men i refer to were racists who had no interest in progressing beyond racial battle lines. I met them with an attitude of open-mindedness & friendship. With them it didn’t work. with others it did.
      My last paragraph contains a phrase I used to an aggressive man who blamed white people for all the ills of the world. It was used to cut a pointless argument dead.


    • sue says:

      You Darcus, me Joan? 😉


  6. Scoobywho says:

    When the first white British national said, tounge in cheek “only whites can be racist”, he was thinking of Darcus Howe at the time.


  7. john says:

    Well Sue, I did warn everyone last weekend that this “celebration” was coming to a BBC airwave near you.
    Nice balance didn’t you think ?
    Four and a half left – half right.


  8. Abandon Ship! says:

    Remember Tim Flannery, Austraian Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming cheerleader being given swooning approval by Andrew Marr on Start the week at the beginning of last week?

    Well here he is being interviewed by Andrew Bolt; no swooning here.


  9. Mohammed Lovespigs says:

    My favourite bit was when the rioter was complaining that he EVEN got arrested for simply posessing drugs!


  10. Marky says:

    Yeah right, stop’n’search was all about stopping and searching blacks. I must have been black on and around 81 and not noticed it ’cause I was searched more times than I can remember, but they never caught me… The police in those days would stop’n’search anyone in the high risk categories and being the only goth in the village, spent most weekends drunk and stoned (probably caught wandering around at in the wee hours) that would be me. The same thing happened to many of my druggy mates at the time from neighbouring villages, I can only conclude it was because they were white. Charlie says ‘get over it BBC’.


  11. Marky says:

    “Not because street crime was mainly perpetrated by blacks?” I wouldn’t say mainly but to a high degree. If you wanted drugs in High Wycombe in the 80’s and were mad enough to take the risk in that end of town, you would go to The Red Cross Knight. It was only by pure coincidence that it was a Rasta pub and even more of a coincidence that the people mostly happened to be non-white. The racist police only raided the place because they were black.


  12. Natsman says:

    Brixton was the beginning of the end for me. They hated us, and I never joined the job to involve myself in public disorder, or have different coloured “people” bay for my blood, with the certain knowledge that they”d kill me if they possibly could – they tried hard enough, with flaming petrol around my feet and shield.


    And as for “Sir” David Blackstock-effin’-McNee – what a useless plonker.  The rot in the Met took off when he was in charge, and descended even further later under that other Blair cretin (long after I’d gone).  The only decent Commissioners I served under were John Waldron and Robert Mark.  I wouldn’t give you tuppence for the rest.

    What an absolute shithole the UK turned out to be, and it went steadily downhill from that polnt for me. Glad I got out, and I’m staying out, too.


  13. Foxy Brown says:

    I wonder which family Darcus was referring to – he has seven kids by four women.

    BBC Delenda Est.


  14. PhilLaw says:

    But I hope we can still be rude to the Scots. They love it so, shrug it off with a grin they do.


  15. hippiepooter says:

    @ 20 mins, with the ex bobbies talking about relative police disarray, Sue MacGregor turns to Darcus Howe and asks “And yet Darcus it seems that the black community was suprisingly well organised from an early stage.  How did that happen?”      
    Suzie, you stupid, dumb tart.  It wasn’t the ‘black community’ that rioted, it was young black criminals and hangers on.  Only Gramscian lefties and the BNP would try to tar the entire black community as rioters.      
    To my disbelief, I’ve seen a couple of people here lament the departure of this dozy cow from TODAY as if she was some light of reason and impartiality.  She’s as big a lump of commie poo as Humphrys and Naughtie.      
    Look at the guests.  The two ex Police Officers were Guardianistas.  I’m sure we all know about Paddick’s leanings (political, political!). but here’s an Alex Beksley contribution to the Gruaniad here.  Then we had ‘Red Ted Knight’ and Darcus Howe.  Both Communists.  And to cap that, they had some tape of the Communist Linda Belios as well.  I’m suprised the programme didn’t finish with everyone singing The Red Flag.      
    I actually got arrested at the Brixton riot.  As a 16 year old anarchist it seemed only proper I went up there with some colleagues to join the mayhem.  I was an anarchist, but I believed in being objective.  I couldn’t help but have a gruding respect for the police conduct.  It was very restrained and British.  As much as one wanted to believe at the time that what I was part of was an oppressed people rising up against their oppressor, when my views changed I was only to glad to accept the fact that the overriding reason for the riots were out and out hooliganism.      
    Some time after in my anarchist career, I had a gentleman’s disagreement with the Sussex Constabulary – I popped down to the police compound to petrol bomb an unmarked police car that had been used in a drugs raid in premises I was living at – and got 3 years.  After my views changed during my time at one of Her Majesty’s Hotels, I remember being in conversation with a black geezer who’d been involved in the Brixton riots.  He spoke in terms of how it was an uprising of oppressed black people, I told him ‘crap, I got arrested there, it was out and out hooliganism’.  He said ‘Well, yeah.  Not the first night maybe, but after, yeah’.      
    If memory serves, and I believe it does, after Brixton and police pussyfooting in the wake of Scarman, street crime began to soar.  I remember when eventually there came a crackdown under the excellent Congdon if I recall correctly ‘the black community’ was relieved that the police had started doing its job again.      
    Something I would note though, I certainly dont discount that racism in the Police was a problem.  In the South Coast town where I used to live a half caste mate of mine used to get stopped in his car by the police about twice a week.  After the Brixton riots it stopped.
    Who says crime doesn’t pay?  😀


    • Bupendra Bhakta says:

      I arrive back at Heathrow early mornings from my bi-annual trip to North Pakistan / Hindu Kush doing the whole cousin’s wedding/ charity work/ sightseeing/ fact-finding/ training camp/ droid-spotting  thing and I usually arrive at about the same time as a BA from Jamaica.  There’s invariably a couple of sniffer dogs, a big queue, separated hand-luggage, and half a dozen passengers ‘under close control’.

      Invariably someone shouts out, ‘It’s cos we’re black innit’.

      ‘Nah, mate’, thinks I, ‘It’s cos you’re smuggling drugs innit’.

      ‘Thinks I’, rather than, ‘Shouts I’, you’ll notice.  Discretion is the better part of valour.


  16. Natsman says:

    Hippiepooter, you’re a VERY norty boy, and you’re nicked…