Anti-Semitism Discovered In the Muslim Community: Shocker!

Douglas Murray’s blog post in the Spectator caught my eye yesterday, in which he points out a must-read article in the HuffingtonPost by Mehdi Hasan. No, really:

The Sorry Truth Is That the Virus of Anti-Semitism Has Infected the British Muslim Community

Hasan felt compelled for some reason to speak out against Lord Ahmed’s rant about how a Jewish conspiracy caused his conviction for killing someone while driving and texting at the same time.

To claim that your jail sentence for dangerous driving is the result of a Jewish plot is bigoted and stupid. The peer has since been suspended from the Labour Party and forced to stand down as a trustee of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation. I’m not sure how many “Jewish friends” he has left – if, that is, he had any to begin with.

Full disclosure: I know Lord Ahmed and have defended him in the past. In 2007, he flew out to Sudan to help free the schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons from the clutches of the odious Islamist regime in Khartoum. In 2009, an Appeal Court judge noted how the peer had “risked his life trying to flag down other vehicles to stop them colliding with… his car”. He is not a latter-day Goebbels. But herein lies the problem. There are thousands of Lord Ahmeds out there: mild-mannered and well-integrated British Muslims who nevertheless harbour deeply anti-Semitic views.

No kidding.

The truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected members of the British Muslim community, both young and old. No, the on-going Israel-Palestine conflict hasn’t helped matters. But this goes beyond the Middle East. How else to explain why British Pakistanis are so often the most ardent advocates of anti-Semitic conspiracies, even though there are so few Jews living in Pakistan?

The fact that a visceral hatred of Jews and conspiracy-mongering is rife within the Mohammedan communities around the world is old news to people here, and surely it’s not a stunning revelation to Hasan, either. The real question is, what will the BBC do about this?

To be honest, I’ve always been reluctant to write a column such as this. To accuse my fellow Muslims of being soft on the scourge of anti-Semitism isn’t easy; I feel as if I am ‘dobbing in’ the community, telling tales to the non-Muslim teacher. Nor do I particularly want to assist the English Defence League in its relentless campaign to demonise all Muslims, everywhere, as extremists and bigots.

We aren’t. And we’re not all anti-Semites. But, as a community, we do have a ‘Jewish problem’. There is no point pretending otherwise.

So it’s not news to Hasan after all. He’s been aware of it for a very long time. How about the BBC? We all remember how they leapt to support Baroness Warsi when she lamented that Islamophobia had “passed the dinner table test” in Britain. They made sure to do a Have Your Say on it. The World Service audience got their own Have Your Say, asking who was responsible for Islamophobia. I don’t need to reel out a laundry list of all the news reports, radio shows, and drama programming the BBC has produced in the last few years trying to encourage people to accept Islam, and even welcome it. More recently, in keeping with the BBC’s remit to foster social cohesion, they promoted the national “Wear a Hijab Day”, to encourage girls of all races and religions to spend the day embracing this aspect of Mohammedan culture, to learn how “the other” lives and so bring communities closer together. Some of us joked at the time that we wouldn’t be holding our breath for the BBC to do a “Wear a Yarmulke” day. But now it seems like this would be the perfect opportunity for them to use the special, unique powers and influence of the BBC to take a stand against the anti-Jewish sentiment that has equally passed the dinner table test in Britain. And it’s not just at the dinner parties Mehdi Hasan goes to, either.

Hasan seems to be aware that the Palestinian situation is not necessarily the sole reason for the hatred of Jews amongst his co-religionists. He may not know just how far back it goes (before the creation of Israel, in fact), and one has to equally wonder if anyone at the BBC shares his awareness. Only time will tell. I don’t think Hasan’s purpose here is to delve into the history of anti-Semitism in the Muslim World or anything like that, so there’s no problem with him not going into it. However, the BBC does do history and background, when it suits them, so there’s no excuse for them not to get into it in detail.

If the BBC doesn’t respond to this with even a fraction of the energy with which they’ve attacked the problem of Islamophobia, it will be a clear failure of their Charter-bound duty. Whether or not it’s evidence of a similar epidemic of anti-Jewish sentiment at the BBC remains to be seen.

BBC DG: Olympic Coverage Is Too Patriotic, Must Now Support Other Nations

This was brought up in comments thread of  the “Nearly Back” post by Number 7, but I think it’s worthy of a full post itself and deserves discussion.

We are too focused on Team GB: Astonishing memo from ‘increasingly unhappy’ BBC boss over patriotic tone of news coverage

BBC chiefs have ordered their news teams to stop focusing so much on Team GB’s stunning Olympics success.

Director general Mark Thompson is said to be ‘increasingly unhappy’ with the patriotic tone of the news coverage of the Games.


TV and radio newsroom staff were astonished by an email sent yesterday, which told them to focus on the achievements of other nations as well as our own.

In the message, titled ‘An order from the DG’, director of news Helen Boaden wrote: ‘Mark Thompson is increasingly unhappy that we are focusing far too much on Team GB’s performance to the exclusion of all else.

‘This is also becoming a theme within the Press.

‘As editor in chief, he has issued a directive that this needs to change from today. So you need to get cracking on making that shift.’

What, no hugs? Seems like a strange directive for the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom. Especially considering the bit in the Charter about “bringing the UK to the world”. Assuming that the following bit about “bringing the world to the UK” is about news reporting and not jingoism in sports, that is. Even so, this raises some serious questions.

1. Does Thompson believe that in reality there are enough immigrants or communities of immigrant origin in the UK who would prefer to hear about their own country’s success that he is seriously directing staff to pay more attention to other countries? If so, doesn’t that betray the entire concept of a nation united by values and that the much-vaunted concept of multiculturalism is in fact divisive balkanization? Not enough British people living in Britain, then?

2. Is this revealing of a certain embarrassment at the top levels of the BBC about openly supporting British success in the face of non-white nations? I’m pretty sure Thompson isn’t concerned about so much attention being lavished on Usain Bolt for his two brief events rather than on US athlete Ashton Easton for winning gold and setting a world record in the decathlon, which used to bestow upon the winner the title, “World’s Greatest Athlete”. Nor is Thompson talking about giving more credit to the French.

3. Has the BBC’s lust for evil profits, global reach and dominance caused Mark Thompson to subsume the BBC’s ultimate remit – providing public service broadcasting for the license fee payers in the UK as the official State broadcaster – in favor of pandering to audiences in other nations where the BBC reaps or stands to gain commercial revenue?

4. Is Thompson simply the Panderer General?

5. What does this tell us about the line of defense we’re always fed that there is no top-down editorial directive at the BBC, that there are no memos handed down from on high giving editorial directions, that the BBC is too large and too disorganized for there to be an institutional bias of this kind? According a BBC insider the Mail quotes, this never happens:

‘We never get direct orders like this.

Except, we know they do. Maybe it’s just that there’s been no serious objection before when orders come down from on high about Global Warming or Islam, for example.

6. Does the shock amongst regular BBC staff signal at least some hope for the reformation of the BBC after all?

‘It is only natural that our viewers and listeners want to hear about Team GB’s successes. All the other countries celebrate their own medal winners.

‘It would be a shame if we had to water down our coverage to satisfy an abstract notion of fairness.’

Do they not feel, as Thompson seems to, that a significant amount of their audience in the UK is not British or proud of British achievement? Presumably it’s more than just the one or two disgruntled assistant producers who leaked this to the Mail. Or will this current patriotism vanish next week and it’ll be back to business as usual because the only time Beeboids approve of patriotism or nationalism by the English, British, or certain other countries is during sports tournaments?

As an outsider living in a country where the BBC is most definitely trying to increase influence, audience share, and evil profits, I find this very amusing as well as important.


A Biased BBC reader remarks on the all too obvious multicultural engineering that is going on in Newsround – the BBC children’s programme.

“I only noticed it because my kids watch it, but if you would care to google image “newsround presenters” you will see that the ratio of Black and Ethnics Minorities presenters to white presenters is just about the opposite of what the ratio is in the country as a whole, ie overwhelmingly BEM presenters. This is no coincidence I am sure but an attempt to push the multicultural agenda onto a generation of young minds.”

I was on a BBC pilot programme the other week, it’s for the news series of Sunday Morning Live. At one point, the presenter alleged that multiculturalism was surely a good thing. I out her straight on that, to her evident chagrin. The prevailing wisdom at the BBC is that multiculturalism is a good thing and only bad fascists oppose this concept. As the Biased BBC reader points out, the BBC can use their power to instil this into young minds, as the Newround instance clearly demonstrates. Still, better than being “hideously white”…right?


Biased BBC contributor Alan observes;

“The BBC and their ilk are quick to denounce anyone who suggests one race or another may be better at somethings than other races. And yet here we are looking at a whole series of BBC programmes designed to thrill us with the prospect of being ‘mixed race’…..apparently not only are they more beautiful and successful but also more psychologically stable than non-mixed race people.

This is naturally yet another BBC attempt to engineer social change and people’s perceptions regardless of the realities….

“…most of all, the series tells an extraordinary tale of love, of couples coming together to fight prejudice and create a new society.’

 Is Lewis Hamilton successful as a racing driver because he is mixed race or because he is a good driver? It is bizarre to claim he is such a good driver because of a particular shade of skin.
Remind me, what colour was Schumacher? What colour are the Williams sisters? etc etc etc.

Here in a Guardian interview the BBC’s George Alagiah, who presents the programmes on mixed race, oddly refuses to talk about race…..presumably as with Islamic terrorism having nothing to do with Islam, mixed race people have nothing to do with race?….if so why are the BBC doing a whole raft of programmes on mixed…er…race people? Is there some other defining quality that is to be brought out by the programmes that separates them from us non-mixed heritage people?

 ‘You mention the Asian community’s reluctance to “marry out” in the programme. Is that protecting a community’s culture or racism?

I don’t know. I think you’d have to ask them.

In your book Home From Home, you argue that, owing to a lack of integration, too many immigrants are missing out on the experiences that you have enjoyed.

There’s much we can talk about in my book but I think we’re straying from the programme. I don’t think it’s got much to do with the mixed-race relationships.

Well it has insofar as mixed race relationships can be seen as a marker of integration.

Yes, but I certainly haven’t spoken about integration in the programmes. Do I think that in some sense there could be greater integration? Yes, but that’s about as much as I want to say really.

I sense there’s a sensitivity about the issue of race.

It’s exactly what I didn’t want to do, get into a discussion about race.’

George Alagiah probably represents the BBC view on race and Britain…in all his naivety and wishful thinking….’True there were ghettos – but the UK never accepted outright segregation. There were – and are – plenty of racists, but they’ve never been allowed to gain the foothold they did elsewhere.
Somehow – often by default rather than design – we have muddled through to where we are today, a country largely at ease with its rainbow people.’

Astonishing refusal to see life as most of us know it by Alagiah, the real Britain with Black and Asian only areas, Muslim communities that never see a non-Muslim, that don’t accept mixing of non-Muslims and Muslims, that don’t want anything to do with British culture and society…apart from the money and security that derives from that society.

Of course Alagiah comes from a BBC that has an ‘Asian Nework’….why? If they are ‘British’ why do they need an Asian network? Just because they have brown skin do they not like Radio 1 or radio 4? The Asian Network is a BBC ghetto that reinforces alienation and non-integration. “


Today is “A” level results day and the BBC was able to provide their usual unique coverage of this annual debasement of standards,tribute to the excellent unionised teaching profession. So many happy kids, of course,here is the BBC shot chosen to illustrate the scene at a typical English school.
Students in Crystal Palace, London, receive their results


Vintage morning on the BBC. Is it REALLY necessary for immigrants coming to England to learn English?

Give THIS interview a whirl if you dare. It concerns Rashida Chapti, who has lived here for six years (the basis of her residence is not discussed or considered) and whose husband cannot join her unless he learns our language. She is challenging the law as a breach of her human rights! Listen to the easy ride her risible story gets – apparently her husband, at 58, is just too old to learn a new language. It’s an intolerable burden that the wicked Coaliton is imposing!What a scam. My question is why is she here  The idea of wannabe immigrants being forced to assimilate into our British culture offends the multiculturalist elite (Am I allowed to even SAY that after Oslol?) in the BBC and the idea is being projected that expecting people coming to live in England to go to the bother of learning English is racist. Simple as that.


As the BBC continues to push the threat of the vast Christian  right wing terror threat across Europe, it was interesting to also hear it also advance the other side of the coin on Today this morning. It seems that the correct response to the Oslo atrocity is to have MORE multiculturalism, MORE Immigration, more of the same dysfunctional elite left wing politics that had created the tensions that are manifest across many European countries. The BBC has been a champion of multiculturalism, it believes as a matter of faith that immigration is always a good thing, it sees Christianity as bad if not worse as Islam and this Oslo atrocity will now be used at proof that those who oppose the BBC’s views are akin to Brievik.


A guest post by Hippiepooter.

This is overdue but I think you’ll agree very worthwile covering. H/T to ‘Buggy’ for bringing this up in the Open Thread a couple of weeks ago.

Here is a BBC Online report 7th April that they headline thus:-

Blackpool children ‘safer than ever from grooming gangs’

When you compare it to the Blackpool Gazette story below, you may agree with me that it touches levels of Orwellian depravity that belong in a surreal horror movie. This is the Blackpool Gazette headline for the story:-

‘We hid nothing’ say sex case cops

Both stories stem from a paywalled report in The Times. Below is how both reports address the The Times as the source of the story.


A report in The Times said more than 60 girls in the resort were groomed for sex by a group of men.

The Times reported that an unpublished report by Blackpool Council recorded that more than 60 girls in the resort had been groomed for sex by a group of men connected with a cluster of town centre takeway restaurants.

Blackpool Gazette

Lancashire Police came under fire in a report by The Times which accused the force of ‘hiding a sex grooming scandal’ in Blackpool and ‘inhibiting’ further research by political correctness.

The Times article also connects to another missing Blackpool girl, Paige Chivers. […] Paige was just 15 when she disappeared in 2007. The report claims the teenager was also a “victim of sexual exploitation” but police say her disappearance remains a missing person inquiry and they are “keeping an open mind”.

You will be wearily unsurprised that the BBC report mentions nothing about Paige Chivers, nor the comments below by a retired senior detective featured in the Blackpool Gazette:-

Former Lancashire Det Supt Mick Gradwell, said police should, however, have a “more open debate”.

He said: “There is a lot of work going on with these operations (such as Awaken) but there is a reluctance to talk openly about the full facts.

I would suggest that all the BBC report was interested in was whitewashing how Lancashire Police had been whipped into submission by 25 odd years of BBC thought policing and the disaster that their ‘nationcidal’ promotion of multiculturalism has wrought upon us.

The mailonline also published a report on this the same day as the BBC, although they didn’t mention it had been prompted by what The Times ran. It carries more extensive comment from former Det Supt Mick Bradwell and draws yet more stark and chilling contrast to the take of the BBC.

While trying to find the Times report I found there’s plenty on this on BNP and EDL sites, but the views of racist neanderthals don’t interest me.

The Gramscian BBC and the BNP are twin sides of evil. They couldn’t live without each other.

From one of the areas of the BBC untainted by its Gramscian subversives, here is information on how to assist the Police with their inquiries over the missing Paige Chivers.

Being Had by Has-beens

Hilarious edition of The Reunion radio 4 just now on the Brixton riots.
Discussion between some self-hating policemen, reformed rioters-done-good and Darcus Howe.
Nostalgia for the days when institutionally racist rozzers were outwitted by dem oppressed unemployed rastas, cruelly forced to smoke dope and have loud parties because of hopelessness, uselessness, and being targeted under racist stop’n’search. “Not because street crime was mainly perpetrated by blacks?” asked Sue MacGreg feebly. “We needed to be left alone/provided with jobs ” was the conclusion.
BBC blast-from-the-past Darcus Howe, spokesman for oppressed black communities, kept on and on about his fambley. As if we’ve forgotten all about his notorious spat with Joan Rivers over racism and his abandoned son.

Multiculturalism. Appease it or lookout.